The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Numerical Index of Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts

File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Lt 1, 1845Dec. 20Enoch Jacobs85
Ms 1, 1845c. 1859Refiled as Ms 9, 1859 
Ms 2, 1845c. 1859Refiled as Ms 10, 1859 
Lt 1, 1846Feb. 15Enoch Jacobs96
Ms 1, 1846Apr. 6“To the Little Remnant Scattered Abroad.” Broadside.101
Lt 1, 1847Apr. 7Joseph Bates “A Vision.” Broadside.112
Lt 2, 1847Apr. 21Eli Curtis118
Lt 3, 1847July 13Joseph Bates124
Lt 4, 1847Aug. 25Elvira Hastings133
Lt 1, 1848May 29Refiled as Lt 8, 1849171
Lt 2, 1848Dec. 18“Scattered Remnant”138
Ms 1, 1848Nov. 18, 19Utterances During Visions134
Lt 1, 1849Jan. 25A James White letter containing Ellen White's visions included in Lt 2, 1848, Ms 2, 1849, and Ms 3, 1849 
Lt 2, 1849c. Mar. 6Elvira Hastings154
Lt 3, 1849Apr. 21Same letter as Lt 5, 1849 
Lt 4, 1849Mar. 22Leonard and Elvira Hastings158
Lt 5, 1849Apr. 21Leonard and Elvira Hastings164
File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Lt 6, 1849Mar. 22Same letter as Lt 4, 1849 
Lt 7, 1849Sept.Gilbert and Deborah Collins186
Lt 8, 1849May 29Leonard and Elvira Hastings171
Ms 1, 1849Mar. 24The Open and Shut Door160
Ms 2, 1849Jan. 17The Sealing140
Ms 3, 1849Jan. 18Our Duty in View of the Time of Trouble145
Ms 4, 1849Jan. 31“To Those Who Are Receiving the Seal of the Living God.” Broadside.147
Ms 5, 1849Sept. 23Remarks in Vision181
Ms 6, 1849June 30Synopsis of E. G. White's Vision177
Ms 7, 1849Mar. 11Affliction of Sr. Hastings156
(Only even numbers were assigned for letters, through Lt 30.)
Lt 2, 1850undatedRefiled as Lt 7, 1849 
Lt 4, 1850Feb. 18Philip and Nancy Collins197
Lt 6, 1850May 18Refiled as Lt 10, 1851 
Lt 8, 1850Aug. 4Harriet Hastings211
Lt 10, 1850Mar. 18Leonard Hastings199
Lt 12, 1850Aug. 15Stockbridge and Louisa Howland215
Lt 14, 1850Sept. 1Prudence Bates232
Lt 16, 1850Feb. 18An extract from Lt 4, 1850 
Lt 18, 1850Jan. 11Leonard and Elvira Hastings190
Lt 20, 1850Jan. 3A James White letter 
Lt 22, 1850Jan. 10A James White letter 
Lt 24, 1850Jan. 11Same letter as Lt 18, 1850 
Lt 26, 1850Nov. 1Reuben and Belinda Loveland248
Lt 28, 1850Nov. 27Church in Br. Hastings’ House252
Lt 30, 1850Dec. 13Reuben and Belinda Loveland263
Lt 31, 1850Dec.Mary Nichols261
Ms 1, 1850Apr. 15Unauthenticated; see Appendix A 
Ms 2, 1850Jan. 9The Need for The Present Truth188
Ms 3, 1850Mar. 11Refiled as Ms 7, 1849 
Ms 4, 1850Jan. 28A Copy of E. G. White's Vision192
Ms 5, 1850July 29A Vision the Lord Gave Me203
Ms 5a, 1850JulyTo the Church in Your Place208
Ms 6, 1850Aug. 22A Dream220
Ms 7, 1850Aug. 24A Vision the Lord Gave Me222
File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Ms 7a, 1850Aug. 24A Vision the Lord Gave Me228
Ms 8, 1850Aug. 24Unauthenticated; see Appendix A 
Ms 9, 1850Oct. 23Unauthenticated; see Appendix A 
Ms 10, 1850Dec. 24Utterances in Vision268
Ms 11, 1850Dec. 25Vision at Paris, Maine270
Ms 12, 1850undatedAn extract found in Ms 15, 1850 
Ms 13, 1850Aug. 24Extracts from Ms 7, 1850 
Ms 14, 1850Sept.A Vision the Lord Gave Me236
Ms 15, 1850Oct. 23A Vision Given on October 23, 1850242
Ms 16, 1850July 29Refiled as Ms 5, 1850 
Lt 1, 1851Oct. 19Chandler and Eliza Preston305
Lt 2, 1851undatedRefiled as Lt 15, 1857 
Lt 3, 1851Aug. 11Harriet Hastings299
Lt 4, 1851July 21Abram and Caroline Dodge292
Lt 5, 1851Dec. 14Robert Barnes317
Lt 6, 1851Apr. 1Reuben and Belinda Loveland274
Lt 7, 1851July 27Leonard and Harriet Hastings296
Lt 8, 1851Nov. 12Stockbridge and Louisa Howland308
Lt 9, 1851Dec. 21Abram and Caroline Dodge319
Lt 10, 1851May 18Samuel Rhodes282
Ms 1, 1851June 21Time Setting286
Ms 1a, 1851June 29Unauthenticated; see Appendix A 
Ms 2, 1851June 23Testimony Regarding Company at Camden288
Ms 2a, 1851June 23Testimony Regarding Company at Camden290
Ms 3, 1851Apr. 27Unauthenticated; see Appendix A 
Ms 4, 1851——Unassigned 
Ms 5, 1851May 18Opposition to the Sabbath277
Ms 6, 1851——Unassigned 
Ms 7, 1851June 21Same manuscript as Ms 1, 1851 
Ms 8, 1851——Unassigned 
Ms 9, 18511851Testimony to Believers at Paris, Maine284
(Only even numbers were assigned for letters.)
Lt 2, 1852June 2Brethren and Sisters in Jackson328
File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Lt 4, 1852Oct. 25Dear Friends334
Ms 1, 1852Mar. 18The Nations325
Ms 2, 1852Mar. 14Extracts From a Vision at Ballston, New York322
Ms 3, 1852——Unassigned 
Ms 4, 1852Sept.Extract Regarding the Latter Rain332
Lt 1, 1853June 2Refiled as Ms 1, 1853 
Lt 2, 1853May 26Anna White349
Lt 3, 1853June 29Church in Jackson365
Lt 4, 1853June 30Alfred and Adeline Pearsall370
Lt 5, 1853July 5Abram and Caroline Dodge377
Lt 6, 1853Aug. 3Abram and Caroline Dodge383
Lt 7, 1853Aug. 24Cyrenius and Louisa Smith387
Lt 8, 1853undatedRefiled as Lt 7, 1854 
Lt 9, 1853Dec. 5Sister Kellogg394
Lt 10, 1853MayMary Chase342
Lt 11, 1853Dec. 3Brother Pierce390
Ms 1, 1853June 2A Vision Given at Jackson352
Ms 2, 1853Mar. 1The Character God Requires in Ministers340
Ms 3, 1853July 2Vision for Commandment Keepers372
Ms 4, 1853July 2Extract From a Vision Given at Rochester375
Ms 5, 1853JulyExtract From a Vision Regarding James White382
Lt 1, 1854Mar. 10Harriet Stevens421
Lt 2, 1854Apr. 11Brother and Sister Pierce423
Lt 3, 1854July 12Alfred and Adaline Pearsall432
Lt 4, 1854Oct. 12Refiled as Lt 30, 1859 
Lt 5, 1854Dec. 16Brethren and Sisters442
Lt 6, 1854WinterMary Loughborough446
Lt 7, 1854JulyJohn and Mary Loughborough434
Lt 8, 1854c. JulyBrethren and Sisters at Bedford438
Ms 1, 1854Feb. 12Reproof for Adultery and Neglect of Children399
Ms 2, 1854Feb. 12Extract found in Ms 3, 1854 
Ms 3, 1854Feb. 12Testimony for Churches in New York State408
Ms 4, 1854AprilTestimony425
File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Ms 5, 1854JuneVision Given at Sylvan, Michigan427
Ms 6, 1854Feb. 19Courtesy and Kindness417
Ms 7, 1854c. JuneVision Concerning the Children of the Jackson Church430
Lt 1, 1855Aug. 26John Andrews451
Lt 2, 1855AugustHarriet Stevens458
Ms 1, 1855c. 1855Fragments462
Ms 2, 1855Aug. 26Vision at Paris, Maine454
Ms 3, 1855May 5Fragments449
Lt 1, 1856July 15Stockbridge and Louisa Howland490
Lt 2, 1856July 12Refiled as Lt 14, 1857 
Lt 2a, 1856Jan. 24Brother and Sister Loveland478
Lt 3, 1856Jan. 30Refiled as Lt 12, 1857 
Lt 4, 1856Dec. 24Friends at Home501
Lt 5, 1856Dec. 24Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 40, 41 
Lt 6, 1856c. 1856Merritt Cornell, Dan Palmer, John Preston Kellogg503
Lt 7, 1856c. 1860Refiled as Lt 20, 1860 
Lt 8, 1856Jan. 21Harriet Stevens471
Lt 9, 1856Jan. 1Elsie Below467
Lt 10, 1856c. JanuaryDavid Lamson482
Lt 11, 1856AprilCharles and Rachel Ann Sperry772
Ms 1, 1856Dec. 9Vision Given at Round Grove, Illinois495
Ms 2, 1856c. May 27Testimony for David Arnold, Alexander Ross, et al.486
Lt 1, 1857Jan. 28Anthony and Achsah Burwell509
Lt 2, 1857Oct. 21Anthony Burwell542
Lt 3, 1857Oct. 8Uriah and Harriet Smith531
Lt 4, 1857Dec. 3Refiled as Lt 11, 1853 
Lt 5, 1857Nov. 22Elon Everts545
Lt 6, 1857Oct. 8Uriah Smith534
Lt 7, 1857JanuaryRefiled as Lt 10, 1856 
Lt 8, 1857July 19Samuel Rhodes523
Lt 9, 1857OctoberSylsbre Rumery538
File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Lt 10, 1857JanuarySame as Lt 10, 1856 
Lt 11, 1857Dec. 24Same as Lt 5, 1856 
Lt 12, 1857Jan. 30Harriet Stevens512
Lt 13, 1857Jan. 24Refiled as Lt 2a, 1856 
Lt 14, 1857July 12Elon Everts521
Lt 15, 1857c. 1857Stephen Pierce550
Ms 1, 1857JuneLack of Appreciation of the Ministry517
Ms 2, 1857July 24Testimony for the Church in Central New York526
Lt 1, 1858Mar. 3Mary Loughborough556
Lt 2, 1858c. MarchAzmon Woodruff563
Lt 3, 1858Mar. 2Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 42-44 
Ms 1, 1858JuneRefiled as Ms 7, 1854 
Ms 2, 1858Dec. 27Testimony Regarding the Work in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts567
Ms 3, 1858c. 1858Testimony for John and Mary Loughborough575
Lt 1, 1859c. 1859Brother T.754
Lt 1a, 1859Jan. 4Leonard, Sarah, and Emma Hastings662
Lt 2, 1859June 21John Byington672
Lt 3, 1859Sept. 1Robert and Eunice Harmon688
Lt 4, 1859Sept. 2William Peabody691
Lt 5, 1859Sept. 6Henry White695
Lt 6, 1859Sept. 15W. C. White703
Lt 7, 1859Sept. 24William, Bruce, and Andrew Graham710
Lt 8, 1859Sept. 15Jane Fraser705
Lt 9, 1859Sept. 6W. C. White701
Lt 10, 1859SeptemberW. C. White727
Lt 11, 1859Oct. 15J. Edson White739
Lt 12, 1859Nov. 22Refiled as Lt 5, 1857 
Lt 13, 1859Jan. 5Friends664
Lt 14, 1859Oct. 22 ?W. C. White (missing) 
Lt 15, 1859c. 1859Brother and Sister M.756
Lt 16, 1859Oct. 28Samuel Rhodes741
Lt 17, 1859Oct. 28Friends at Roosevelt746
Lt 18, 1859Apr. 14John Naramore668
File NumberDateAddressee/TitlePage
Lt 19, 1859Oct. 4Mary Ann Chamberlain729
Lt 20, 1859c. Sept. 24Lewis Bean722
Lt 21, 1859c. Sept. 24D. T. Evans725
Lt 22, 1859Oct. 10Daniel Phillips733
Lt 23, 1859Sept. 20Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 47, 48 
Lt 24, 1859Sept. 20Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 48, 49 
Lt 25, 1859Oct. 4Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 50, 51 
Lt 26, 1859Oct. 30Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 53-56 
Lt 27, 1859c. 1859William Peabody758
Lt 28, 1859c. June/JulyJohn Byington676
Lt 29, 1859Sept. 15Copied from An Appeal to the Youth, pp. 65, 66 
Lt 30, 1859Oct. 12Friends735
Lt 31, 1859Feb. 21Stephen and Almira Pierce666
Lt 32, 1859July 9Cyrenius and Louisa Smith683
Ms 1, 1859Sept. 24Proof of the Call to the Ministry714
Ms 1a, 1859c. Sept. 24The cause in Vermont719
Ms 2, 1859Jan. 1Diary579
Ms 3, 18591859Vision for James White751
Ms 4, 1859c. JulyThe Case of Sister Cranson686
Ms 5, 1859Jan.-Mar.Diary581
Ms 5a, 1859DecemberCopied from The Good Samaritan, December 1859, pp. 5, 6, 8 
Ms 6, 1859Apr.-JuneDiary616
Ms 7, 1859July-Sept.Diary637
Ms 8, 1859Oct.-Nov.Diary651
Ms 9, 1859c. 1859Early Experiences in Meeting Fanaticism761
Ms 10, 1859c. 1859Early Experiences in Meeting Fanaticism767