The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Lt 6, 1859

September 15, 1859, Dartmouth, Massachusetts 1EGWLM 703.1

Letter to
William Clarence White.
1EGWLM 703.2

Portions of this letter are published in Ellen G. White, Manuscript Releases, vol. 3, p. 120.

A letter to her son Willie, age 5. 1EGWLM 703.3

Dear little Willie:

Have you received the letters I have written to you?1 1EGWLM 703.4

I will tell you what I saw last Wednesday. The fire companies were out with red caps and red uniforms; the officers had plumes in their caps. Then I saw in an alley, looking out at the firemen, a poor deformed lame man. He was sitting in a little carriage and what do you think was drawing him! It was not a dog or horse, but a goat, harnessed up just like a little horse. I thought, if Willie had seen this it would have pleased him so much. Only think, a goat drawing a wagon with a man in it. 1EGWLM 703.5

Willie, I am now visiting where there are two little boys, not as large as you are, and two little girl babies. The little boys and girls are cousins.2 They are very pretty little children. You would love to play with them if you were here. 1EGWLM 703.6

We hope little Willie is well and happy. We believe you are trying to be a good, sweet little boy. You must try hard to be good. Don't please Satan by giving way to wrong temper, but remember, he that ruleth his spirit is greater than he that taketh a city.3 1EGWLM 703.7

How glad we should be to see our dear little Willie again and hear his [sweet] voice. We love you very much, Willie, and want you to be good and pleasant and lovely. Then everyone will love you. 1EGWLM 704.1

You must tell Grandpa and Grandma4 that we do not forget them but often think of them and speak of them to our friends. You must try, Willie, to make Grandpa and Grandma happy. Don't grieve them by being noisy and rude, but be quiet and mild, gentle, then they will love you. Mind Jenny [Jane Fraser]5 and try to please her. Be a sweet little boy. 1EGWLM 704.2

From your mother. 1EGWLM 704.3