The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Ms 7, 1854

[Circa June 1854],1 n.p. 1EGWLM 430.1

A Vision Concerning the Children of the Jackson [Michigan] Church. 1EGWLM 430.2

Previously unpublished. 1EGWLM 430.3

Proper discipline of children as it relates to their salvation. 1EGWLM 430.4

I saw that the destroying angel was to slay utterly old and young, men and women, and little children. I then saw that if the Advent parents would have their children saved in the time of trouble from the destroying sword they must take care of them now.2 They must subdue their passions and correct their wrongs faithfully and with vigilance, [and] suffer not a wrong in them for a moment. I saw that the parents, many of them who believe the present truth, will see their children cut down before their eyes because they have been so tender of their children. They have not used the rod as they should,3 and their evil propensities have been indulged, and God cannot save them because He cannot cover iniquity.4 I saw that the parents stood in the place of God to their children. God had intrusted them to the parents’ care and they would have to render an account if they had been unfaithful of their trust. 1EGWLM 430.5

I saw that every time the parents suffered their children to go unpunished after they had manifested anger or given way to their evil tempers, the sin was set down to the parents’ account and they would have to answer for it, for the parents are generally much more to blame than the children, who are wicked and wrong because the parents neglect their duty. I saw that parents must arouse themselves on this point and do their duty. 1EGWLM 431.1

I saw that parents trust to the Lord that which God has enjoined upon them. Often they ask God to bless their children, when they stand directly in their children's way. They must first do their duty to their children—correct their tempers, their disobedience and wrongs, and then pray with them and for them for God to do His part and change the heart and bless the children, because they have done what they could do for them. 1EGWLM 431.2