The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Lt 1a, 1859

January 4, 1859, Battle Creek, Michigan 1EGWLM 662.1

Letter to
Leonard W. Hastings, Sarah Amelia Hastings, and Emma A. Hastings.1
1EGWLM 662.2

Previously unpublished.

Letter requesting the Hastings family to submit material for Ellen White's autobiography. 1EGWLM 662.3

Dear Brother Hastings, Amelia, and Emma:

I sit down to write a few lines and make a request of you to sit down together and talk over what you have witnessed of our experience. If there is anything of importance you can think of, write it all out, especially the events of our first visit to your place. 1EGWLM 662.4

The Lord's healing Sister Hastings [Elvira Hastings],2 and the work done for the little one, please write all the particulars. This will help us much, for we are about to get out a book upon my experience.3 Brother Nichols [Otis Nichols]4 has promised to write out the particular events that occurred under his observation. If this testimony comes from others, it will have effect, much more, than if we should write it ourselves. May the Lord help you in this matter. 1EGWLM 662.5

In love, 1EGWLM 663.1

Ellen G. White

Write it all out, and send on as soon as possible. 1EGWLM 663.2