The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Ms 5, 1849

September 23, 1849, Topsham, Maine1 1EGWLM 181.4

Remarks in Vision. 1EGWLM 181.5

Previously unpublished. 1EGWLM 181.6

An entreaty to live fully for God in view of the impending crisis. Carried in vision to another planet. 1EGWLM 181.7

Beautiful and glorious, lovely, lovely, lovely.2 Haughtiness must come down, pride must fall.3 Holy, holy, holy, holy. Who shall be able to stand? He that hath clean hands and a pure heart: to those who take Him for the Man of their counsel there is salvation. Who hath directed the mind of the Lord, or being His counselor hath taught Him? In infinite wisdom He hath established the Sabbath in Eden. Behold ye, be careful how ye treat the Sabbath of the Lord your God. It is holy, it is holy to the Lord. 1EGWLM 181.8

Everything must be sacrificed this side of the (loosing) [of] the four winds.4 Should anything be considered too dear to sacrifice for God? Behold ye, can ye not see them just ready to let go? Speed thee, hide, beneath the covering.5 The mind is perplexed. The mind is troubled. Break away (her parents6 and others). 1EGWLM 182.1

That seal7 must be implanted in a clear mind. It is so engrossed there is no place for the seal. Who hath the image of the lovely Jesus? Holy God have mercy, have mercy upon Thy Zion.8 Heal them, heal them. Watch them carefully, have everything done this side of the standing up of Michael.9 Those that now get established get fully established not to falter. 1EGWLM 182.2

Do ye see those men?—1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (pointing to angels who were waiting to write on their rolls the names of those established, and those separated from us). Do you not see those bloody men with their weapons coming on as soon as the last name is enrolled?10 Do ye not see the pestilence wasting at noonday? Look ye, look ye, some have been leaning, and they have leaned too long, presumed when the commandments of God were plain in His Word they have leaned on something else. Beware, they have presumed on the mercy of God. God save, closing up, closing up, closing up, closing up. But two things—heaven or hell, life or death, now, now. 1EGWLM 182.3

Behold ye, pleading that blood and after that work is finished. He will hold out no longer. Girds His sword upon His thigh and rides forth for the deliverance of the captive, the destroying angels! Then there will be no buying or selling. He will spread a table in the wilderness faithful just and true. It's the life of the saints they are after, they have not got the seal, it is something else, it's the mark of the beast,11 and his image. They cry, they agonize. (Who? those who were right once, then they all join with the others, the wicked.) It's too late, too late. Every idle word put a watch before thee. 1EGWLM 183.1

(Putting the Bible on Augusta Stowell [Harriet Augusta Stowell]): Study it, study it, take it, believe it, walk out on it, the Word of God, faith, the Book of books, the all-seeing eye! Tremble before the Lord of hosts. Look ye, the mind has been filled, it has been engrossed with trash. Cast it off, bear it away. Walk carefully before thy God. Keep thine eye steady upon thy God, faith, faith, faith, faith, faith. Take it as the man of thy counsel, take it as a hammer, a fire it will consume the dross, it will consume the tin, too much trash, cast it out. 1EGWLM 183.2

(Taking the large Bible containing the apocrypha12): Pure and undefiled, a part of it is consumed, holy, holy, walk carefully, tempted. The Word of God, take it (Marion Stowell [Marion Concordia Stowell]13), bind it long upon thine heart, pure and unadulterated. How lovely, how lovely, how lovely. My blood, My blood, My blood. O the children of disobedience, reproved, reproved. Thy word, Thy word, Thy word, a part of it is burned unadulterated, a part of the hidden book, a part of it is burned (the apocrypha). 1EGWLM 183.3

Those that shall despitefully tread [treat?] that remnant would think that they are doing God service. Why? because they are led captive by Satan at his will. Hidden book, it is cast out. Bind it to the heart (4 times) bind it, bind it, bind it, (laying the Bible on Oswell Stowell [Lewis Oswald Stowell]14) let not its pages be closed, read it carefully. Snares will beset on every side, take the strait truth, bind it to the heart (3 times), let everything be cast out.15 1EGWLM 183.4

It is the youth (here and other places). Critical place. Satan is tempting them, if they go back, if they give up there is, will be no more hope. They have received the knowledge of the truth. Souls hither and thither are hungry, Oh how they would eat the truth. Fly swiftly. It is of God, lay aside the idols, can ye not see it? He is well pleased in giving up the idols (tobacco &c) and calling upon Him. Cut loose from everything that hinders thy progress, too late to be entangled, the Jubilee16 is coming. 1EGWLM 184.1

God's people are a tried people. Been trials, large blocks to get over. He is frowning; that's why the wheels could not go.17 Some are breaking the holy commandments. Since the door was shut18 those that broke them are in an awful place. After the light shone upon the Sabbath those that have received it and cast it away, there is no hope for them. The condemnation was great for breaking the nine commandments. 1EGWLM 184.2

(Out of vision she said, But when the light comes on the fourth it would be greater if rejected.) 1EGWLM 184.3

Press together, press together, how much? to lay down thy life for one another. Money nor nothing should be spared, live for God. Keep the mouth, keep the mouth, light, trifling, wicked conversation. Satan tempts thee, need much grace to stand. Keep thy finger on thy mouth, too apt to speak, lacking in faith, He loves thee (Sister Curtis [Mercy A. Curtis]19). Take it as the man of thy counsel, let not thy mouth be closed (Henry Nichols [Henry O. Nichols]). (Not in vision said, He believes the promises are for every one else but for him.) Glory, the rich reward, the rich reward, glory. 1EGWLM 184.4

Going to another place or planet. 1EGWLM 185.1

Majestic, lovely and beautiful, they know the redeemed in that dark spot (this earth) that they shall soon behold them. Hallelujah, lovely as in the garden of Eden of all sizes, as they pass around by the gates they behold their image.20 They meet every Sabbath holy unto the Lord. It was not there they had never changed it. How could it be? The Pope changed it. 1EGWLM 185.2

Lovely and majestic person (Christ) comes unto this place. How holy, how holy, holy, how beautiful is His countenance. They can embrace Him. Hallelujah, hallelujah. Beautiful and lovely, brighter than the sun at noonday. Behold put it in the most holy place, in heaven those two lovely angels looking down into the commandments and the golden pot of manna. If Israel had kept them there they would have been as strong as an army with banners. Jerusalem would have stood until now if they had not broken them. Oh, let me remain;21 go forth quickly. When the law is sealed up and closed with His disciples then He will let go. Drop the curtain, I cannot see it. I cannot behold it, save, save, save, O God have pity, have mercy, save, O save. 1EGWLM 185.3