The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Ms 10, 1850

December 24, 1850, Paris, Maine 1EGWLM 268.1

Utterances in Vision.1 1EGWLM 268.2

Portions of this manuscript are published in Arthur L. White, Ellen G. White: The Early Years, p. 201.

Utterances in vision, December 24, 1850. 1EGWLM 268.3

Great and holy. Walk carefully before Him. High and lifted up. Everything in perfect order. Know what thou doest. Must be so. Move in order, move in order. A meaning to everything. Yea how perfect, how beautiful, how lovely, is this order. 1EGWLM 268.4

Let them go, let them go.2 Souls are coming to the knowledge of the truth. The burden not on him alone (Bro. White).3 Look ye, let them go. They have not moved in God at all times.4 Encourage it not, for it will tend to destruction. There has been a stretching beyond. Look beyond the mortal. God will teach by His Word and Spirit. 1EGWLM 268.5

Hast thou had compassion? God suffered him to go where none had confidence in him. God loves him still, make him to hope and all will be well (H.S.G.).5 She must make thorough work (S.C.).6 Oh, how mighty, how glorious would Israel be if they would go according to the Word of God. Hast thou thought all was unadulterated? How liable is the enemy to work there? Does He frown upon His people, because they are jealous with a godly jealousy? What then? Truth, truth, present truth, the Word of God. Hold it before them. How beautiful to hold the Word of God. Thy ways are past finding out. He never erred in wisdom. 1EGWLM 268.6

Strive to lift the mind from self. Strive to let it dwell on high and lofty things. They need help. Souls who are honest need their prejudices torn away. What will stand the present position? Have that the whole burden of the message. First, second and third angels’ messages. They must yield. The force of it how mighty; it is the mighty truth. 1EGWLM 269.1

Oh, we thank Thee that we have received the truth. 1EGWLM 269.2

A poor, despised company, but how honored of God. Should one tarry that has the message? Fly, fly. Buckle the armor on.7 Do we expect to be free? Fight the good fight of faith. The Laodiceans will make a struggle. Will they [obtain] the victory? One will chase a thousand and two put ten thousand to flight. Coming to conclusions. They know not where they are. Lost in the fog. Terrible fear shall take hold of them. Anguish of spirit will seize them. Dare they admit that the door is shut? They said it was of the devil, a sin against the Holy Ghost. To admit it is against their own life. They shall die the death. Look ye at the pattern. Follow Him, meek and lowly. Shut your eyes to everything but the truth. 1EGWLM 269.3