The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Lt 9, 1859

September 6, 1859,1 Somerville, Massachusetts 1EGWLM 701.1

Letter to
William Clarence White.
1EGWLM 701.2

Portions of this letter are published in Ellen G. White, Manuscript Releases, vol. 3, p. 121.

A letter to her son Willie, age 5. 1EGWLM 701.3

Dear little Willie:2

We are at Brother Folsom's [Paul Folsom].3 You remember, Willie, it is where they make candy.4 We are trying to get rested up for the meeting next Sabbath. 1EGWLM 701.4

As we were riding from Springfield [Massachusetts] to Berlin [Connecticut], there were three children in the [railroad] cars. One was a little boy about your age. He was dressed very prettily. I think his hair curled, but although he looked handsome, he was not so, for he did not behave well. He disturbed those who sat near him by his loud, sharp voice, contending and plaguing his sisters until they had no peace. They told him they should tell his mother but he did not seem to care, and he behaved so rudely that we were all glad when he got off the cars. I thought then how badly I should feel if my little Willie was so disagreeable. 1EGWLM 701.5

Now, Willie, that badly-behaved boy with pretty clothes did not make people love him. His pretty face did not make them love him. His behavior made those who had the care of him ashamed of him, and all seemed pleased to get rid of the troublesome boy. 1EGWLM 702.1

If Willie acts well, if he is gentle, kind, and obedient, father and mother will love him and all good people will love him.5 1EGWLM 702.2

Willie, I must tell you about Margaret's [Margaret Folsom]6 cats. She has two cats just alike, just of a bigness. They are just the color of a rat, Maltese color. Sister Folsom takes a piece of meat and holds it up to her shoulder and the kitties will give a spring and climb to the top of her shoulder for the meat and then get down and eat it. These kitties are good, faithful kitties. They catch great big rats. They don't eat them, but bite off their heads and leave them. 1EGWLM 702.3

Willie, we had a ride in the horse car again.7 You remember them! 1EGWLM 702.4

Tell Grandpa and Grandmother8 that we have not forgotten them. We hope they are well. You must try to make them happy. They love you very much. Do just as Jenny [Jane Fraser]9 would have you, my own dear boy. 1EGWLM 702.5

From your affectionate mother. 1EGWLM 702.6

Here is a peppermint, Willie. 1EGWLM 702.7