The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Lt 31, 1859

February 21, 1859, Battle Creek, Michigan 1EGWLM 666.1

Letter to
Stephen and Almira Pierce.1
1EGWLM 666.2

Previously unpublished.

Letter requesting Stephen and Almira Pierce to submit material for Ellen White's autobiography. 1EGWLM 666.3

Dear Brother and Sister Pierce:

I can write but a few lines, and will come right to the point. I am getting out a book and relating a little of my experience. If you could give me a little [of] the particulars of your wife's state when she was despairing, and when she attended the Wolcott meeting, please give fully the effect of the vision upon her—the influence of them.2 1EGWLM 666.4

We are all as well as usual now. The Lord has wrought for us. Father and Mother White are living with us.3 They have embraced the Sabbath4 and are coming right along into all the present truth. The Lord has truly wrought for us, and we will praise His dear name. 1EGWLM 666.5

The church here seem to be rising. I feel more anxious desire for holiness and an entire conformity to the will of God than ever before. I want my ways right in the sight of God. 1EGWLM 667.1

Dear Sister Pierce, you must not be discouraged. Trust in God. His watchful eye is over you; His ear is ever open to your cry. If the clouds envelope [sic] you, don't be discouraged. Call to mind the lovingkindness of God, and then believe He will not leave you to sink. His own strong arm will be reached down and lift your head above the cloud and reveal to you His own lovely face and fill you with earnest desire for His image to be reflected in you. 1EGWLM 667.2

Don't distrust God for a moment. His lovingkindness changeth not. The very weakest saint can glorify God. Gird about you every piece of the armor and fight manfully the battle of the Lord. 1EGWLM 667.3

Much love to all your family. Your dear children—I hope they are subjects of grace and are striving for an imperishable crown. 1EGWLM 667.4

In much love. 1EGWLM 667.5