The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Lt 4, 1849

March 22, 1849,1 Topsham, Maine 1EGWLM 158.1

Letter to
Leonard and Elvira Hastings.2
1EGWLM 158.2

Portions of this letter are published in Arthur L. White, Ellen G. White: The Early Years, p. 159.

An account of the Whites’ return journey after visiting the Hastingses in New Ipswich, New Hampshire. 1EGWLM 158.3

Dear Brother and Sister Hastings:

I can write but little now as I am weak, but the Lord is very good to poor unworthy me. While riding in the stage Wednesday I thought I should have to stop at a private house and go no farther,3 but James [James Springer White] and I united in faith together that God would give me strength and suddenly I felt a visible change for the better, and arrived here without accident or harm.4 Praise the name of the Lord. Yesterday I was unable to sit up; today am free from pain, though weak. My faith is strong in God. I am ready to go anywhere He shall send me, knowing He will give me strength. 1EGWLM 158.4

Keep up good courage, my dear Brother and Sister. God is your helper. A few more days here in toil and then we shall be free. Time is short; let us hold fast unto the end. Pray for poor me. Excuse my [not] writing more; my side pains me much; I cannot write. 1EGWLM 158.5

E. W.

[Note added in James White's handwriting:] 1EGWLM 159.1

Ellen says, “Do give my love to the children.” Her side is so lame she cannot write a word more, “and sign my name,” so here it is. 1EGWLM 159.2

E. G. White

Picture: Leonard Hastings