The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Ms 5, 1853

July 1853, n.p. 1EGWLM 382.1

Extract From a Vision Regarding James White. 1EGWLM 382.2

Previously unpublished. 1EGWLM 382.3

James White's depression, summer 1853. 1EGWLM 382.4

I saw that James [James Springer White] has been sinking since he returned home. He looked on the dark side too much, looked at appearances too much, and did not trust so fully in God as he should.1 I saw that God's ways are not as our ways, that He works in a mysterious way His wonders to perform; that although James was worn from his journey, yet God had upheld him on the journey, and he was better when he returned than when he went to Michigan,2 and had he remained at home his health would have sunk beneath sickness, and now at the present time he would have been more feeble than he now is. I saw that he must have faith and look up. I saw that the Lord had raised him up help so that he could have a change of mental labor, and talk the truth.3 I saw that trials caused by some affected James's courage and health, and he had looked at it as though the Lord had dealt hard with him, when He was dealing in mercy and compassion. 1EGWLM 382.5