The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Lt 2, 1849

[Circa March 6,1 1849, Fairhaven, Massachusetts] 1EGWLM 154.1

Letter to
Elvira Hastings.2
1EGWLM 154.2

Previously unpublished. 1EGWLM 154.3

Letter to a friend, Elvira Hastings, in which Ellen White gives details of her impending visit together with news of progress of the movement in Connecticut and Massachusetts. 1EGWLM 154.4

Dear Sister Hastings:

We feel it to be duty to visit you before we return to Maine.3 We shall take the first train of cars Friday for Townsend [Massachusetts].4 Your husband, if he pleases, will meet us at the depot. 1EGWLM 154.5

Brother Bates [Joseph Bates] and Brother Gurney [Heman S. Gurney] returned from Connecticut last week.5 Their testimony is that the work of God is going forward there. The saints are setting their hearts in order for the coming of the Lord, and moving forward in union and love as they have not for years. Praise the name of the Lord! My prayer is, Lord, carry on Thy work among Thy people until all discord shall be removed and the hearts of Thy people shall be knit together by high and holy ties. 1EGWLM 154.6

We have had some powerful seasons here of late. Sabbath and Sunday God moved in mighty power and there was a breaking down before God. There had been wrongs and hard feelings between some of the little company here.6 God in His mercy gave me a vision of the state of things and showed me that there must be a tearing down and building up. They felt the power of the message and those that were wrong confessed their wrong, were forgiven, and we had a melting time. God's people are preparing and getting ready for the seal of the living God. Brethren Bates and Gurney are strong in God and the power of His might. 1EGWLM 155.1

I must close and get this in the office to go out in today's mail. Keep up good courage. Lean wholly upon God. He will not leave or forsake us. Love to your husband. 1EGWLM 155.2

Your sister in haste. 1EGWLM 155.3