The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Ms 2a, 1851

June 23, 1851, Camden, N.Y. 1EGWLM 290.1

Testimony Regarding the Company at Camden, N.Y. (Variant of Ms 2, 1851.) 1EGWLM 290.2

Previously unpublished. 1EGWLM 290.3

Vision concerning a lack of sympathy for Elmira Preston and Brother and Sister Prior among the Camden, New York, members. 1EGWLM 290.4

The Lord showed me the company in Camden [New York]. I saw that Sister Elmira1 Preston [Almira Preston] was a child of God, and that the band had been very wrong and had not stood in the light of God's countenance. I saw that the destiny of a soul should never hang on dreams or impressions, [and] that these two things have governed the band much. 1EGWLM 290.5

I saw that Sister E. Preston was in the midst of perfect darkness [with] none to help or encourage her, and [that] her being in the midst of wicked influences had weakened and discouraged her. When she came among them, then was the time for the brethren to strengthen and pray for her and to call down the blessings of God upon her, and to try in every way that they could to encourage her. But instead of that they had pushed her off into the jaws of the lion because she did not appear to be as strong as others. 1EGWLM 290.6

I saw that God loved her and frowned upon the course of the band. [I saw] that if God bore no more with them than they had borne of some of their number, He would long since have withdrawn His mercy from them and left them wholly to themselves.2 I saw that if Sister E. Preston would be humble and hold fast her faith before God, that would keep her, and among all her trials bring her off victorious.3 1EGWLM 290.7

I then saw Brother and Sister Prior [Edward and Georgianna Prior],4 that God had not left them. Their brethren cutting them off had driven them to distraction and despair, and they had yielded the Sabbath on this ground [and felt] that it would be of no value for them to keep it, for all their endeavors to get into the kingdom would be useless. 1EGWLM 290.8

I was pointed back and saw that Brother and Sister Prior had been wrong, that bitter words had often passed between them, and that they must get the victory over every wrong word and action and be united with each other, bear with each other, and try to help each other along to the kingdom; then they could have strength. I saw that they must be very humble before the Lord and pray much to Him for grace. When they felt wrong they must not talk but go to God and pray for strength and grace to overcome. 1EGWLM 291.1

I saw that they had suffered much bodily and mentally since the band cut them off. I saw [that] unless the band were more careful and strengthened the weak among them, God would give them to feel, as they have caused others to feel, what it is to be lost or left of God, without a hope. I saw [that] if the band had done wrong willfully, God would have withdrawn His Spirit from them. I saw that they had erred greatly in judgment and had not stood in the light of God. If they had, they would not have moved so wrongly, for it was an awful thing to reject one of God's children. 1EGWLM 291.2

In love. 1EGWLM 291.3