The Ellen G. White Letters and Manuscripts: Volume 1


Ms 4, 1853

July 2, 1853, Rochester, New York 1EGWLM 375.1

Extract From a Vision Given at Rochester, July 2, 1853.1 1EGWLM 375.2

Previously unpublished. 1EGWLM 375.3

On public evangelism: benefits of working two and two; need to enter new areas. 1EGWLM 375.4

I saw that it was now time for the brethren to move out wherever there was an opening and God would go before them and would open the hearts of some to hear. New places must be entered, and when new places are entered, it would be well to go two and two so as to hold up the hands of each other, whenever they can consistently and not neglect other places.2 I saw that the brethren must not go over and over through the same field of labor, but must be hunting out souls in new places, setting the truth before those who are not now enlightened as to our present position.3 1EGWLM 375.5

Picture: Rochester, New York, City Directory (1853-1854), listing James White's home address on Monroe Street. Courtesy of the Reynolds Library, Rochester, New York.