EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Missionary intelligence - Mistake, Mistakes (error)

Missionary intelligence

Missionary intelligence, church grows in proportion to its 4BC 1148

Missionary letter, Missionary letters

Missionary letter, Missionary letters, pray before writing WM 162 See also Missionary correspondence

Missionary life

Missionary life, prayer needed in 1SM 116

Missionary line, Missionary lines

Missionary line, Missionary lines, children to whom God will give experience in CT 170

education in, home education should keep pace with CT 149

efforts in, must be more extensive LS 379; 6T 23

work in, Christian politeness should mark CT 398

needed to spread truth 2SM 158

Missionary meeting, Missionary meetings

Missionary meeting, Missionary meetings, church members should tell miss. experiences in 6T 436

dull and tedious, how to prevent 6T 436

how to conduct GW 210-1

live interest in, plan ways to kindle 6T 436

long sermons in, do not arouse interest in miss. work 6T 436

long sermons not best in GW 210; 6T 436

people should be taught in, how to do miss. work ChS 211; 6T 431

reports of miss. work needed weekly in 6T 436

young people’s See Young people’s missionary meeting

Missionary nurse

Missionary nurse See Nurse

Missionary offerings

Missionary offerings See Offering

Missionary operation, Missionary operations

Missionary operation, Missionary operations, efficiency given to, by imparting knowledge of Christ’s love MM 316

field for, not limited by caste or nationality FE 209; LS 337

lack of right kind of workers embarrasses CT 500

Missionary paper

Missionary paper, SDA, Signs of the Times is CW 110, 134

Missionary physician

Missionary physician See Physician

Missionary post, Missionary posts

Missionary post, Missionary posts, establish, at different points CS 39

Missionary purpose, Missionary purposes

Missionary purpose, Missionary purposes, church was organized by Christ for GW 464

teach children to earn money for AH 387-8

Missionary report, Missionary reports

Missionary report, Missionary reports, weekly, youth should bring to miss. meetings GW 210-1

Missionary service

Missionary service, push is needed in MH 497

spirituality in, unity Christ prayed for cannot exist without CS 47

Missionary society, Missionary societies

Missionary society, Missionary societies, machinery in, making much of FE 253

used by God to accomplish His work 5T 477

Missionary soil

Missionary soil, how to sow seeds of truth in LS 361

Missionary spirit

Missionary spirit, active, should characterize church members 5T 582

arouse and encourage 7T 148

awaken, as never before 5T 723

awakened in convert’s heart CSW 68

colporteurs should manifest CM 97-8

co-workers with God manifest CSW 66

cultivate, to work new localities Ev 47

declining among ministers and teachers 5T 88

declining since pioneer days 6T 420

dying, results in lack of deep religious fervor 5T 387

encourage, in children AH 384; CS 293; MYP 300

in schools CT 545-6

exercise of, win souls to truth by 6BC 1105

gospel work among wealthy calls for 6BC 1061

home, needed greatly in every line of work TM 207

home and school need CT 157

implanted in Solomon’s heart PK 71

in Negro church members, awaken 9T 199

is one of personal sacrifice 5T 386

lack of, in churches AH 33; 4T 156

lacking among SDA 3T 202

lost by SDA crowding into Battle Creek 8T 85-6

much more, needed in SS CSW 10

must not be extinguished 2SM 193

needed to take truth into new places LS 204-5

needs to take hold of souls of God’s people 9T 130

never took hold of people represented by Meroz ChS 36

not bestowed on ministers alone 5T 385-6

persons having, must make personal effort to win the wealthy MH 213

persons lacking, will not be registered in books of heaven as Christians ChS 86-7

should not labor in publishing work 2SM 196

real, exists in but few ChS 36

revival of, churches need 6T 29

rivalry crowds out 7T 173

self-sacrificing, lacking among ministers’ wives 1T 453

Solomon’s, spirit of commercialism supplanted PK 71

spirit of Christ is GC 70; 5T 385

strongest motives presented to arouse and keep alive, in human heart 8T 54

students should manifest FE 293

true 5T 385-9

broadens men’s thoughts FE 210

church-school teachers need to be filled with CT 151

college teachers should possess 5T 555

elevates, purifies, and ennobles FE 210

has deserted the churches 4T 156

is spirit of Christ 5T 385

Lord’s Prayer appreciated more fully as result of FE 210

physician should reveal 8T 180

SDA have too little 5T 387

time needed to develop FE 325

true Christian will possess 5T 386

Waldenses possessed GC 70

what arouses, in people 8T 147

will pass from house to house FE 208

Missionary success

Missionary success, proportionate to: self-denying, self-sacrificing efforts 6T 28

wholehearted and consecrated effort TM 205

Missionary toil

Missionary toil, world is SDA field of 7T 12

Missionary tour

Missionary tour, first, of apostles DA 351

Missionary training

Missionary training CT 493-555

colporteur work provides, for youth CT 529

parents should give, to children CT 130

true education is MH 395

Missionary visit

Missionary visit See Visit

Missionary work

Missionary work 3T 202-211; 8T 56-61; 9T 30-42

1. Foreign

2. General (methods of)

3. Home

4. Home (methods of doing)

5. Kinds of

6. Results of

7. Miscellaneous

1. Foreign 8T 56-61

burden of, in many cases conferences in homeland must largely bear 9T 76

can be supported by SDA means CH 435

experience in home miss. work as preparation for CH 33

preparation for, by learning other languages 3T 204

promote, at camp meetings 6T 70

salutary influence of, on unbelievers GW 464

sanitarium income should help to finance 2SM 201

schools are to prepare students for FE 517

schools should interest youth in Ed 259

2. General (methods of) DA 151

conducting Bible classes 6T 433

distribution of literature CH 466

distribution of tracts and papers CM 21

doing errands for God WM 76

doing work that lies nearest 5T 406

faithful performance of: daily duties AH 35

home duties 7BC 940

giving Bible studies GW 192; 6T 433

giving counsel to persons in difficulty 6T 433

helping God’s poor 6T 271

holding aftermeetings Ev 151

introducing publications into families 4T 390

inviting people to gospel meetings ChS 130

practical, church members should be given instruction in 9T 117

people at camp meetings should be taught 9T 81

selling SDA publications CM 21

sending papers to inquirers 6T 433

simplest, should be devised and set in motion in churches 6T 433

teaching people science of healthful living 7T 113

treating the sick 6T 433

visiting people LS 274

visiting and ministering to sick and desponding 4T 75-6

writing letters to far-off friends 6T 433

3. Home 6T 421-39; 8T 56-61; 9T 30-42

all can do FE 273

best, done by taking care of your body MM 80

builders can do 9T 36

cannot be done by proxy 9T 41

care of widows and orphans is branch of, that should not be neglected CS 46-7

Christ puts words in minds of persons who do 9T 41

church members can do 8T 244-6

for neighbors 8T 196

for souls perishing in SDA homes 6T 427

in homes of people ChS 121

in neighborhoods 9T 35

while engaged in daily employment 9T 38-9

duty to do, in helping weaker brethren Ev 353

educational, proper selection and healthful preparation of foods should be included in 7T 55

experience in, as preparation for foreign work CH 33

failure to do, results of 9T 39

faith is strengthened by doing 9T 39

farmers can do 9T 36

financiers can do 9T 36

genuine, causing people to awake as from dream MM 332; 9T 38

God is waiting for men to do, in large cities FE 366

home missionaries must enter TM 346

how to do 9T 41

at bedside of the sick 6T 428-9

at neighbor’s fireside 6T 428-9

in home circle 6T 428-9

how women can do 6T 118; WM 75, 147

hundreds should be doing, where now there is one 9T 42

in home, strangely neglected CSW 44

instruction in, camp meeting not place for 6T 44-5

should be given in home churches 6T 44-5

intelligent women may do much in WM 160

labor in, disinterestedly, lovingly, and patiently 9T 41

men prepared by, to fill positions of trust and influence 6T 432

money lent or given cannot accomplish 9T 41

parents can do, in home COL 195-6; 9T 37

persons skilled in crafts can do 9T 36

personal benefits derived from doing 9T 42

prayer in MYP 217

preaching alone will not move church members to take part in 9T 117

promises to persons who do 9T 39

reveals ability or inability for service in wider field 6T 428

reward that awaits persons who faithfully do 8T 196-7

schools are to prepare students for FE 517

seed sown in, Christ waters 9T 41

sermons cannot do 9T 41

SDA have perfect right to ask wealthy men to help in MM 329

show no impatience in 9T 41

some youth are fitted to do CT 526; 9T 78

success of foreign missions ensures advance in GW 465; 6T 27

talents developed by 6T 432

test of, at home and in neighborhood 6T 428

true, how parents can do COL 195-6

Philip and Nathanael as examples of 6T 428

utter not one unkind word in 9T 41

whole families ought to be engaged in 9T 40-2

women are to do 9T 36

women modest and intelligent are needed in Ev 466

4. Home (methods of doing) 9T 128-30

caring for the sick 6T 118

children are to do, by errands for the less fortunate 9T 37

colporteur work 9T 34

expressing sympathy for persons in need 9T 30

fervent prayers 6T 276

inviting neighbors to your home 6T 276

lending books to neighbors 9T 35

living helpful and unselfish life 9T 30

only by personal effort 9T 41

people attending camp meetings should be taught 9T 81

praying with: families 6T 118

people 9T 41

reading and explaining God’s word to families 6T 118

reading Scriptures to: neighbors 6T 276

people WM 76

relieving temporal needs of the sick 6T 118

showing little attentions to others 9T 30

singing simple songs 6T 276

sympathizing with people 9T 41

talking with people 9T 41

teaching people how to cultivate soil FE 324

teaching the poor: how to cook 9T 36-7

how to do home nursing 9T 37

how to make and mend clothes 9T 37

to properly care for homes 9T 37

telling people how you found Christ 9T 38

visiting the sick and suffering 9T 36

visiting with: neighbors 6T 276

people 9T 41

women can do: as efficient cooks 9T 36-7

as nurses 9T 36-7

as seamstresses 9T 36-7

that ministers cannot do Ev 466; WM 147

5. Kinds of

among neighbors 7T 11

Australian school’s, in neighborhood and in nearby settlements CT 549

children’s most important AH 296

effective, how church members can do 8T 245

first, is to be done in home circle SD 252

first and highest and most acceptable, that student can do MM 80

God will not accept, done by person scheming to advantage himself 4T 351

greater, active young ministers can arouse churches to 3T 204-5

highest, that can be done MYP 217; 9T 41; WM 73-4

house-to-house: needs to be done 8T 82; 9T 38; WM 70

singing of simplest songs helps in ML 238

young men need to do ML 220

in all lands, ministers should promote GW 451

publishing houses have part to play in 7T 145

in new fields Ev 248

in old soldiers’ homes WM 339

in orphans’ homes WM 339

in Southern States of USA Ev 400-1

call for ChS 218

great need for all kinds of 9T 200

med. work as, of highest order TM 27

misdirected 4T 138

mother’s most important CG 163

noblest, management and instruction of children is 6T 205

religious training of youth is CT 168

objectionable, Satan sets in motion 7BC 940

Philip’s, for Ethiopian eunuch 8T 57-8

pioneer: students should be prepared for Ev 518

training that prepares youth for CT 526-7

valuable experience that youth may obtain as training for 9T 78-9

practical: camp meetings afford opportunities for teaching believers how to do 9T 81-2

education should prepare students for FE 517

periodical articles needed to incite believers to 7T 157

students should be educated in WM 106

pretense of, done from house to house 2SM 70

self-sacrificing, talents of believers should be employed in Ev 266

students’ CT 545-55

successful, how to do MYP 197-8

sacrifice essential to TM 179

systematic, church members should engage in WM 182

true (genuine): always begins with people nearest you 7T 146

church members called to do CH 546; MM 242, 332

copy Christ’s methods of ministry in 6T 230

Negroes need 9T 210

spiritual health brought to church by TM 205-6

that causes people to awake as from dream 9T 38

true and unselfish, love of God in heart is to be seen in WM 297

vigilant: in no case neglect 4T 602

success in God’s work depends on 4T 602

women should not become weary of ChS 29

wide-awake, neglected places need 8T 218

wise, church members should do Ev 113

world-wide, should command SDA influence and support ChS 221

youth’s most important SD 254

6. Results of

backsliding church members reclaimed LS 188

church furnished sure foundation GW 464

church membership increased TM 206

earnest, churches revived by ChS 121

elevating and uplifting to both worker and persons helped 6T 189

erring church members reclaimed LS 188

in home and neighborhood Ev 355

keeps strong Christian strong LS 188

living faith demonstrated 4T 386

many persons will save their souls 5T 390

spiritual powers made more vigorous 5T 387

strength given to church LS 188

stimulus found in GW 198; 5T 387

students can find exercise 2SM 322

tonic found in GW 198; 5T 387

zeal and gladness of church is increased TM 206

7. Miscellaneous

able women needed in Ev 472

all believers can act a part in 5T 129

all members of family should be interested in ChS 207

angels help church members in doing MYP 217

angels wait to co-operate with church members in 9T 129

bands for doing, youth should form MYP 197

believers from humbler walks of life can do AA 105-6

believers need experience in 9T 120

best ways and means of, carefully consider CH 33

best ways of reaching people in, invent Ev 443

books are to be used in CW 112; LS 217

books (large) written by EGW are to be used in Ev 451-2

books used by EGW in LS 47-8

See also Books

burden of, should be distributed among church members 6T 435

business relations provide opportunities for FE 213

calls of, money that should be invested in answering CS 290

carry forward, for saving souls CS 71

children should be taught to do 6T 435

children should be trained in, at home CT 130; MYP 225

children should save pennies for AH 388; 9T 130-1

Christ as child did, in home AH 290

Christ embraced world in 8T 204

Christ left perfect example in CH 319

Christ promises to guide His followers in doing WM 98

church leaders should enlist children and youth in 6T 435-6

church members need to be awakened to WM 96

church members should be educated to do 6T 435

church members should be taught in missionary meeting how to do 6T 431

church members should do Ev 381; 3T 61; 6T 296

among neighbors 3T 61; 8T 196

in cities 7T 20

in nearby towns 3T 61

in their own families LS 274-5

in their own neighborhoods LS 274-5

church members who do, promises to 6T 433

churches can do, for the helpless and suffering 6T 85

churches everywhere should show deep interest in 4T 390

churches should be more active in TM 207

churches should educate youth for CT 69

churches should help to train youth for 5T 556

churches should teach older persons to do 5T 556

city missions should give training in GW 75

cities where camp meetings are held need 6T 36

colporteur work is 6T 317; TM 318

colporteur work is best preparation for other lines of 6T 330

colporteur work is most blessed CM 20

companies of church members should be formed for doing Ev 115

consecrated women’s, for children Ev 460

correct manner of speaking needed in CT 247

crisis in, is upon SDA 8T 76

danger of making, too mechanical, intricate, and complicated 4T 600-4

days for, Sundays and holidays as CT 551; 9T 232-3; WM 76

different lines of: God calls His people to take up WM 73

needed in cities CD 274

neglected Ev 466

schools should train youth for CM 30-1; Ev 23-4

should be done on Sunday CT 551; 9T 233; WM 76

youth should be quickly prepared for 8T 230

youth should be taught to do GW 210

do: for all people contacted Ev 396

for your friends Ev 113

in connection with your temporal business 8T 77

in spirit of Christ TM 336

in your church CS 189-90

in your neighborhood CS 189-90; DA 141

in town where you live DA 141

do faithfully, that lies nearest DA 822

do not be: discouraged in WM 107-8

rash and impulsive in 4T 68

do not let self appear in LS 285

do not wait for every obstacle to be removed in order to do MH 156

does not consist merely of preaching Ev 265

domestic relations provide opportunities for FE 213

done without compensation MM 247

earnest prayer needed in LS 275

economize in use of means in order to have something for CS 300; MYP 300

education for, important branch of CH 536

education needed for GW 73-80; 4T 602

educational work as, of highest order TM 27

elevated character of, be careful to maintain GW 462

keep up LS 303

experiences in, should be told by church members at missionary meeting 6T 436

expert bookkeepers needed in all branches of 5T 553

extend, over as much ground as possible 3T 210

families engaging in Ev 636

farmers can do MH 193; 9T 36

field for, wherever there is need and suffering WM 35

freewill offerings given for, as proof of love to God and men CS 52

funds devoted to, should not be diverted CS 166

funds for, providentially supplied TM 217

gift of song needed in MYP 217

gospel work for last days is CH 300; Ev 631

in special sense 7T 52

great talents or high position not needed in order to do LS 274

home cares do not excuse women from WM 165

how church school can do, of highest order CT 157

how EGW earned money for, at age of 12 AH 384; CS 292-3; MYP 299-300

how SDA publications can help in CW 112

how students can do 2SM 323-4

how to begin, in newly opened foreign fields MM 330

how to do MH 156-7; 9T 41

in your neighborhood MH 152

how to enlarge, a hundredfold 5T 205

how to help do, for poor families in cities MH 192

how to inspire church members to do 9T 117-8

how to turn people to Christ in CH 435

human efforts are to be united with the divine in 8T 73

hundreds might be doing, where now there is one ChS 28

increased activity in, danger accompanying ChS 98

increases in spite of unfaithfulness in tithing by some believers TM 205

investment of means in, with best results LS 217

is good work 4T 603

is to shine brighter and brighter Ev 20

knowledge of different languages is helpful in CT 518; FE 187

labor and responsibility of, youth should share in 6T 435

labor for youth is, of highest order GW 207

lack of money hinders 8T 51

lack of right kind of workers embarrasses Ev 475-6

let your light shine forth in, in your neighborhood ChS 169

literature in, church members should devote themselves more to use of ChS 147

little things in, importance of doing 6T 432-3

many branches of, neglected WM 147

many people will do, if urged to do so 5T 390

many persons of real ability do not know how to do 6T 432

ministers are not to do all, alone 6T 435

ministers must promote WM 139

ministers should instruct church in DA 825

ministers should set pace in 3T 204-5

ministers should teach people how to do 5T 256

most important, training workers to preach gospel is CSW 86

mothers who long to do AH 244-7; FE 158

mothers’ duty re AH 246

moving too slowly in England Ev 414-5

much, is to be done 4T 600

must be done: everywhere and anywhere for Christ 5T 386

for needy SDA 6T 270

for the erring 5T 346

in every institution MM 182; 7T 146

in many unpromising places 9T 130

must extend until it belts world Ev 19

must not flag 5T 129

need of: in Australia LS 209

in California LS 209

in church schools CG 310

in cities CD 274; 2SM 360; 7T 20; 8T 71

in home AH 290; ML 221; 4T 137

in Oregon LS 209

in unworked cities 8T 82

need of more, among neighbors and friends WM 73-4

needed to carry truth to: foreign countries ChS 180

people around us ChS 180

Negro believers should do, among Negroes of Southern States of USA 9T 199

new converts should be educated to do AA 105

new territory should be annexed by Ev 19

no believer excused from doing 5T 129

no excuse for not doing more, at Sanitarium, Calif. CH 286

not dull and uninteresting drudgery 9T 118

nurse may do, by selling relief books 9T 83-4

nurse’s opportunities for CH 388

nurses should do Ev 393

offerings should be put into treasury for MYP 306

old church members should be educated for ML 238

pamphlets used by JW and EGW in LS 361-2 See also Pamphlet

papers are to be circulated in LS 217 See also Paper; Periodical

parents’ duty to train children for CT 130

people need to be prepared to do 4T 601

periodicals as aids in doing CW 112

persons engaged in LS 302-3

persons of different vocations who should be prepared to do ChS 25

persons who cannot give personal effort to, duty of 5T 732

persons who would lessen interest in, warning to 5T 479

persons without moral power to control their appetites and passions need Ev 265

personal, hundred times more active workers needed in MM 332

many ways in which all believers can do 6T 433

personal effort in, ministers should encourage 9T 124

needed for relatives, friends, and neighbors DA 141

personal labor for people who abuse their health is included in Ev 265

plans and methods for, carefully consider TM 216

poor and uneducated believers can do DA 640

publications should be used by church members in CH 466; 3T 61

publishing house workers should be encouraged to do 7T 148

right use of voice needed in CT 247

SS is important branch of 5T 389

sanitarium’s opportunities for 4T 557

for patients 4T 554

sanitariums are to do CH 212

sanitariums must provide trained workers for CH 211

Satan’s agents sow seed of mistrust and suspicion under pretense of 2SM 70

scheming to buy and sell while doing, makes poor combination 4T 350

schools should fit youth for CT 149; FE 368

schools should give students time for doing CT 545

schools should interest students in Ed 269

schools’ failure to teach students things needed to fit them for CT 389

self-sacrifice required by MH 154

set forms and mechanical rules in, cautions re 4T 602

SDA do not do twentieth part of good they might accomplish in TM 195

SDA far behind in, in some respects TM 195

Signs of the Times can be of help in CW 112

small companies for, church members should be organized into 7T 21-2

sowing beside all waters in MYP 217-8

stamp of, all branches of God’s work must bear 2SM 178

students fitting for, help to pay expenses of 5T 733

students gain rich experience in, by selling relief books 9T 83-4

students of school at Loma Linda, Calif., should do MM 82

students sent into, need experience in cultivation of soil and in manual labor FE 512

students should be encouraged to do CT 545-6; MM 82

in surrounding towns and villages CT 547

students should do, in school itself CT 552

students to whom, becomes less and less desirable CT 415; FE 356

subject of, ministers frequently neglect Ev 256, 343

subscriptions to assist in, obligation to fulfill 5T 153

success in, blessings of all-round education will bring CT 531

Christ’s grace gives 6T 436

Sunday should be devoted to, when Sunday laws are enforced CT 551; 9T 232-3, 237-8

support, with your means Ev 250

support of, tithes and offerings are to be used for CS 71

sweets of, many people do not taste 2T 22

systematic labor needed in ChS 75

take up, in your neighborhood AH 488; MH 152

next to you TM 265

teach believers best way of approaching individuals and families in 4T 391

teach people in miss. meeting how to do ChS 211

teachers should be trained for 6T 136

thousands of laymen in, how Christ will use Ed 269-71

time given to amusements should be spent in FE 290

too many people doing, while neglecting their own households SD 252

too much machinery in planning and executing, caution against 4T 600-4

too much time should not be spent fitting people for 6T 331

tract society (Book and Bible House) secretaries should personally do 8T 76

tracts are to be circulated in LS 217

tracts used by EGW in LS 47-8

See also Tracts

training of apostles for Ev 109

undertaken frequently by persons unprepared 3T 116

uneducated and unknown believers can do DA 640

uneducated persons can do 6T 433

urgent inducements should be made for people to engage in FE 488

use of literature in CH 466; ChS 145-54

value of dollar rightly used in TM 179

various branches of, schools should prepare youth quickly for CM 30-1; CT 493; FE 489

weekly reports of, should be made at miss. meeting 6T 436

well-organized effort needed to get church to do 6T 435

when great results will follow LS 275

when doing, approach people in simplicity, sincerity, and humility WM 91

when NT plans are more closely followed in, more successful will be results 3T 210

where to do TM 123

EGW did, in her youth LS 47-8

in 1844 LS 60

EGW’s experiences in Ev 447-55

wide field for, before colporteur ChS 134

will grow as second coming of Christ nears CT 532

women can do in, what ministers cannot WM 147

women encouraged to do WM 75, 165

by visiting mothers and children in homes Ev 459

in homes of people 9T 128-9

young church members should be educated for ML 238

young people called to do ChS 30

youth are our hope for FE 320

youth called by God to do MYP 217

youth can do, by selling Christ’s Object Lessons CT 526

by selling Ministry of Healing CT 526

youth should be trained to do AH 509; GW 210

youth unfitted for, by attending worldly schools CT 374

See Work, missionaries

Missionary worker, Missionary workers

Missionary worker, Missionary workers, active, every church member should become ChS 62

all, should hide themselves in Christ LS 285

children can be, in home and church MYP 225

children can run little errands as AH 486

Christ is pattern for MM 194

church must be bound up in sympathy with CS 47

companies of students should be trained as CH 541-2

corps of organized and well-disciplined, needed in every city ChS 72

efforts of, church members must support CS 47-8

God promises to prepare way before 6T 434

humblest, keep hands off 5T 462

hundred, needed where now there is one MM 249

lesson for, on how to meet prejudice Ev 446

life of, there must be no duplicity or crookedness in CH 35

manner of speaking by, reform needed in CT 247

means needed by, God promises to provide 6T 434

minister’s wife as Ev 467-8

must learn to economize GW 458

need to: be on guard against Satan’s attacks 5T 426

labor to make God’s work self-sustaining GW 458-9

possess deep interest in men’s souls 5T 387

opportunity to become, humble men hitherto in obscurity must be given CH 539

persons who are, are God’s helping hand WM 109

publications distributed by, have exerted influence GC 612

self-importance in, danger of GW 78

students should be taught to become CT 310

true, will not colonize 8T 215

true politeness must be cultivated by 4T 392

women needed as ChS 28

See also Mission worker

Missionary zeal

Missionary zeal, early Christian, in time of persecution AA 106

fire of, should be kindled in Northern Europe Ev 419

God marks SDA, for work in foreign countries GW 466

lethargy fatal to 5T 187

need of being inspired with CH 32

true, rally workers who possess CH 510; 8T 148; 9T 118; TM 254

See also Zeal

Mission field, Mission fields

Mission field, Mission fields, all can aid missionary work in, by gifts and prayers 6T 29

believers in, must be trained to give means for God’s work 7T 170

Christian families needed to take truth into CS 55

cities near SDA sanitariums and schools should be regarded as 9T 80

colporteur work prepares youth for gospel work in CT 526-7

different methods of labor are necessary to meet people’s needs in GW 468

do not favor one, at expense of another GW 458

God will teach believers in, to produce health foods CD 272

gospel work in: economy needed in GW 458-63

funds greatly needed for 6T 445; 8T 33

push forward CT 165

tithes and offerings should be used to support GW 455

well considered plans needed to accomplish GW 461

when SDA may lay down their burden for GW 470

EGW cheered by reports of LS 420

gospel workers for: educational institutions must train CT 524; 9T 76

how to supply CS 39

publishing houses must train 7T 147

schools should train GW 75

young people should be trained as 3T 206

gospel workers in: essential qualifications of GW 469

money is needed to support 5T 369

money SDA spend for expensive furnishings and personal adornments is needed by 9T 54

only safety for GW 469

persons who should not criticize TM 201-2

remember 2SM 183

should reach higher standard 8T 87

unselfish equality needed in dealing with GW 455

gospel workers needed in TM 43

gospel workers sent to, practical training is needed by CT 534

health principles should be presented with gospel message in 6T 290

home should contribute to God’s work in GW 466

how to meet unforeseen circumstances in GW 461

in evangelizing, do not neglect foreigners in America 8T 36

instruction re preparation of simple health foods should be given in CD 275, 470

interesting experiences from, reported in Review and Herald CW 109

joy because there are men who will enter LS 302

liberality in sustaining, churches and homes should show GW 466

miss. zeal for His work in, God marks GW 466

money is needed to enter 5T 563

more gospel workers needed in 5T 391

mother has, in home circle AH 245

must be entered 5T 563

needs of, churches are called to unselfish action in meeting CS 38-9

remember WM 187

Negroes of Southern States of USA as 9T 225

new, how to begin miss. work in MM 330

100 gospel workers now needed in, where there is one FE 488; 8T 229

parents have great, in home 9T 37

physicians for, young men should be trained as CT 473

plea for help for 6T 445-53

publishing houses in 7T 169-70

work in, may have to begin on small scale 7T 169

publishing houses needed at various points in 7T 145

Riverside, Redlands, and San Bernardino, Calif., as FE 520-1

SDA, world is LS 336-7

some persons laboring in, can teach truth through interpreter FE 537

Southern States of USA as 9T 225-6

when it is better to die from hard work in 2SM 221

where SDA work is largely developed, selfish ambition of leaders in GW 455-6

why gospel work has been slow in some GW 462

youth preparing to enter, must sense greatness of work CT 501

zeal, resolution, and faith indispensable in GW 469

See also Missions

Mission home

Mission home, needed to prepare workers in every line of gospel work Ev 110

Mission school

Mission school See School

Mission station, Mission stations

Mission station, Mission stations, establishment of, Isaiah’s prophecies fulfilled by PK 375

Mission training school

Mission training school See School

Mission work

Mission work, economy in GW 458-63

loss instead of gain resulting from GW 461

in foreign lands, should not be restricted by narrow plans GW 461

New York City needs Ev 385-6

planning for, do not leave to one man the GW 458

progress of, present before friends and neighbors CS 191

time and means lost in GW 458

Mission worker

Mission worker, who is traitor of worst type GW 365-6

See also Missionary worker

Mississippi River

Mississippi River 2SG 218; 2T 569

Missouri, U.S.A.

Missouri, U.S.A. LS 240; 4T 305

Misstatement, Misstatements

Misstatement, Misstatements, habit of much talking leads to 2T 186

injurious, should be taken back MB 59

See also Misrepresentation

Misstep, Missteps

Misstep, Missteps, Christ does not forsake men if in ignorance they make COL 173; MH 249

many people make one, to their eternal ruin 2SM 169

single, may turn current of life in wrong direction 5T 398

See also Step

Mist, Mists

Mist, Mists, Christian plunged into MYP 388

earth was watered by, before Flood PP 96-7; 3SG 68-9; SR 66

men adept in casting 4T 327

rise from ocean’s bosom to fall in showers on earth DA 21

See also Dew

Mistake, Mistakes (error)

Mistake, Mistakes (error), be ready to correct your CH 244

be willing to see and confess your 2T 638

befogged persons suppose that others are in TM 294-5

brethren who make, do not forsake 6T 463-4

show compassion for 6T 455

burden bearer’s, caution re censure of MH 484

Christ did not refuse to work for souls who made WM 86

Christ does not cut off His people because of their CSW 172

Christ does not forsake men when they make, in ignorance GW 263; MH 249

Christ’s patient admonition convinced Simon the leper of his DA 567-8

circumstances under which Satan arrays before men their PK 174

committed through ignorance, thoughtlessness, or weakness 5T 605

conquered becomes steppingstone to better and higher things Ed 296

correct your, daily ML 277

danger of committing great, is small where religious principle governs 2T 129

deal with other people’s, as you expect God to deal with yours 3T 93

do not be discouraged because of your SC 64; 1SM 337

do not think you are excluded from God’s service because you make MYP 226

do not watch other people to expose their CH 451

dwelling on your own, result of SC 116

enemies of God’s law will triumph over His people’s EW 70

fact that gospel workers make, is no reason for thinking them unfit to be caretakers TM 304

fatal, of supposing that work of soul-saving depends on minister alone AA 110

fellow workers’, your duty re Ev 633

God bears with His people’s 5T 96

God does not give up His people because of their 1SM 350

God does not forsake His people because they make 4BC 1184

God may permit you to make small, to keep you from making larger ones WM 152

God never makes 8T 185

God will leave you to, if you plan according to your own ideas DA 369

gospel worker who fears he will make, duty of 3T 14

gospel worker who made, in relying on JW to tell him what to do 3T 495

gospel workers who make: how to treat 7T 277-9; TM 304

have had to overcome them LS 305

in zeal to advance God’s cause 7T 278

should be given chance to correct them TM 300

grave, how to keep from making 8T 171

why youth make CT 223

grieve Christ’s heart CH 559

grievous, well-meaning persons often make 5T 695

habitual, corrected only by earnest struggles 4T 485-6

how Satan would have you view your MB 115

how to turn, into victory COL 332

if you have committed, confess it EW 103

it is always humiliating to have your, pointed out MH 166

little, love is not quick to mark 4T 256

loyal gospel workers’ 7T 278-9

made by Pharisees, thousands today are making DA 280

made in erecting buildings, should serve as admonitions for future 7T 92-3

made in God’s cause as result of lack of experience LS 246

man reluctant to frankly acknowledge that he had made 2T 388

men in positions of responsibility who will make LS 246

men may make, when clothed with Christ’s righteousness MYP 338; 1SM 360

meek and lowly people make TM 129

no man can of himself understand his own COL 159

of brethren, persons who feed upon ChS 107

should not be made common property 9T 222

one, leads to another 5T 298

other people’s: attitude that you should take toward SC 121

darkness brought into your soul by dwelling upon 4T 135

do not build yourself up on 5T 333

do not dwell upon 3T 98

do not make your disobedience to God less sinful 2T 394-5

heart imbued with love is filled with sorrow over 5T 169

learn wisdom from PK 228

persons who make it their business to exaggerate CH 298

show mercy and forbearance toward 5T 279

warning to persons who live on 5T 286

will not cover yours 3T 458

your duty re CT 154

past: are to be beacons of warning COL 332

do not dwell upon your 3T 96-7

do not shun burdens and responsibilities because of LS 194; 3T 14, 495

should teach and instruct LS 194; 3T 14

with God’s help you may rise above MH 516

people who make, God is patient toward 4T 362

people who seek God’s aid will be strengthened to correct their PP 633

person so unfortunate as to make, do not censure 6T 455

person who makes, how to treat MH 494-5

persons discouraged because of their SC 64

persons whose life has been 2T 522

Satan exploits, of God’s people 2SM 397

Satan tries to take advantage of people’s 1T 323

Satan watches for, in lives of Christians CH 559

self-love results in many 5T 12-3

sincere and devoted gospel worker’s, how to deal with 3T 92-3

strength to overcome, Christ’s grace provides 3T 183

student’s, how teacher should deal with Ed 280

tell God about your MYP 97

terrible, living only for this world is 3T 458

that parents make 3T 121

true affection overlooks many MYP 450

truth will convict men of their 4T 362

turn your defeat into victory if you make 7T 244

unconfessed, stand registered in heaven 4T 241

what to do if you have made COL 332; FE 249

in Christian living 1SM 337

what to do if you see somebody making Ev 637

when, that are natural result of blindness of mind are no longer sins of ignorance or errors of judgment 5T 436

why men make, in their conclusions 7BC 929

wisest of people make 2BC 1004; 2SM 169

wrong habits of eating and drinking lead to, in thought and action CH 67

you can never return to rectify or repair 6BC 1081; SD 185; 3T 531; 4T 623

you cannot afford to make, in spiritual matters, 1SM 98

you cannot put away your, in your own strength 2T 88

you make greatest, if you neglect communion with God CH 424

you will often have to weep because of your SC 64

young ministers’, older ministers’ duty re Ev 685-6

youth will make many CT 269

See also Blunder; Defect; Failure; Fault


all make,

and fall into sin, but may be restored TMK 238:2

even experienced people FLB 134:2; HP 290:4

avoided in Christ RC 130:5, 159:2

believe Jesus forgives UL 132:2

better to speak less of others’ 3SM 347

censure for, dishonors God HP 182:4

condemnation for, unnecessary to be always under 2MCP 534:5; OHC 83:2

correction of, accepted by workers accounted faithful RY 32:2

dealing with those who make, by Gal. 6:1 UL 122:4

discouragement unnecessary when making HP 124:3

entreaty invoked by Ellen White as youth’s past, set before her 1MCP 301:3

exposing fellow workers’, is worse than the mistakes 3SM 345:2

fatal, many influenced to, by those who have erred OHC 243:2

feeling free from, but far from faultless TDG 21:2

forgiveness for, UL 142:6

by asking when made in human weakness TDG 39:4

glossed over by those with unjust business dealings TDG 343:5

go to erring one making, alone, with pleasant words TDG 332:3

God will not leave us in; we have an Advocate 3SM 192:3

help those troubled by HP 295:2

Jacob was afflicted by, and dispirited TDG 323:2

learning from, HP 28:5

when reproof acknowledged TMK 239:5


contemplate the love of Jesus rather than TDG 300:3

deal with, according to plan in Scripture TDG 157:3

fear to dwell on and talk of OHC 246:2

just be glad your own are not revealed TMK 186:3

Satan unsettles those who see TMK 268:2


that God may be glorified UL 116:6

to save from larger ones HP 124:3; TSB 50:0; UL 132:3

remember own, when tempted to speak against erring VSS 152:1

repeated unless weakness is remembered in fear 2MCP 728:2

reproof not appropriate for those discouraged from OHC 295:4

result from lack of humility UL 95:5

Satan begs to destroy those with, whom he has deceived TDG 226:2

scars from, here and blots on heavenly record OHC 227:2

seemingly unimportant, appear grievous when revealed by God TMK 237:3

sin not to be covered by revealing others’ UL 157:6

talk less of others’ UL 298:5

tend to your own, not to others’ UL 117:2

unaffordable where eternal interests are concerned TMK 203:3

unwillful, drawn away by temptation to make TDG 38:3

victories from FLB 118:3

worker making, not cast off by Christ, but strengthened RC 242:4

working brain constantly is 2MCP 507:3

See also Defects; Erring; Error