Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Avoid Extravagance

In the line of furniture, do not purchase one article merely to make a show. Get things that will be useful, and that will bear handling. Educate the people to practice self-denial. Let it be considered that every dollar may represent a soul, for someone might be brought to a knowledge of the truth through the use of that dollar in the missionary work. We may have very nice taste, and enjoy that which is beautiful and artistic; but had not Christ the very finest, purest, holiest taste? His home was heaven, yet He denied Himself; humiliation marked all His life, from the manger to Calvary. In the beginning of the work, we must not reproduce the very things that the Lord has condemned in America, the needless, extravagant expenditure of money to gratify pride and love of display. Let everything of this order be scrupulously shunned. TM 179.1