Testimonies for the Church, vol. 7


Items of Experience

The editors of our papers need the co-operation of our laborers in the field and of our people far and near. In our papers should be found communications from the workers in all parts of the world—articles giving living experiences. We do not need romance; but in the daily life there are real experiences that, if told in short articles and in simple words, would be more fascinating than romance, while at the same time they would be an invaluable aid to Christian experience and to practical missionary work. We want truth, solid truth, from consecrated men, women, and youth. 7T 157.1

You who love God, whose minds are stored with precious items of experience, and with the living realities of eternal life, kindle the flame of love and light in the hearts of God's people. Help them to deal with the problems of life. 7T 157.2

The articles that go to thousands of readers should show purity, elevation, and sanctification of body, soul, and spirit on the part of the writers. The pen should be used, under the control of the Holy Spirit, as a means of sowing seed unto eternal life. Let the space in our papers be occupied with matter of real worth. Crowd in subjects weighty with eternal interests. God calls us into the mount to talk with Him, and when by faith we behold Him who is invisible, our words will be indeed a savor of life unto life. 7T 157.3