Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Committees of Counsel

In counseling for the advancement of the work no one individual is to be in controlling power, a voice for the whole, unless it is evident to all that the counsel given is the right one. All methods and plans are to be carefully considered so that all may become intelligent in regard to their relative merits and decide which one will be best to be followed in the missionary work that is to be done in the fields that open before us. It will be well not only to consider the fields to which duty seems to call us, but the difficulties that will be encountered. Committees of counsel, as far as possible, should let the people understand their plans, that the judgment of the church may sustain their efforts. Many of the church members are prudent, and have many other excellent qualities of mind. It is proper that their wisdom should be exercised, that others may become aroused in reference to the great questions to be considered. Many may be awakened to the fact that they should have deeper insight into the work of God. TM 216.1

Some are convinced that they are far behind in their knowledge of the message, but God will help those who earnestly seek Him for wisdom. None ever seek His mercy seat in vain. We should earnestly seek wisdom from above, realizing that souls are perishing for the word of life and that the kingdom of Christ is to be extended. Men and women of noble minds will yet be added to the number of those of whom it is said, “Ye have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you, ... that ye should go and bring forth fruit.” TM 216.2