Testimonies for the Church, vol. 4


Visit to Texas

Thursday we went to Brother McDearman's at Grand Prairie. Here our daughter met her parents, brother, and sister, who had all been brought near to the door of death by the fever which prevailed in the state during the past season. We took great pleasure in ministering to the wants of this afflicted family, who had in years past liberally assisted us in our affliction. 4T 305.1

We left them, somewhat improved in health, to attend the Plano camp meeting. This meeting was held November 12-19. The weather was fine at the commencement; but it soon began to rain, and this, with high winds, prevented a general attendance from the surrounding country. Here we were happy to meet our old friends, Elder R. M. Kilgore and wife. And we were highly pleased to find a large and intelligent body of brethren on the ground. Whatever prejudices have existed here against people from the North, nothing of the kind appeared among these dear brethren and sisters. 4T 305.2

My testimony was never received more readily and heartily than by this people. I became deeply interested in the work in the great State of Texas. It has ever been Satan's object to preoccupy every important field; and probably he has never been more busily employed at the introduction of the truth in any state than he has been in Texas. This is the best evidence to my mind that there is a great work to be done here. 4T 305.3