Selected Messages Book 2


“Do Not Exact a High Salary”

I would be very pleased to see and converse with you. I have an intense desire that you shall copy the pattern given in the Word of God. . . . 2SM 201.1

Dr. W, I entreat of you that you do not exact a high salary. If you do this, others will follow your example; and if this is allowed, we shall soon find that the sanitarium income will all be absorbed for the payment of salaries, and that there will be none to carry on the missionary work to be done in foreign countries. 2SM 201.2

I write you this because I understand that whereof I am speaking. The Lord is testing His people. My husband and I have passed over this ground, and because we did not ask a high wage, but were willing to work in self-denial and self-sacrifice, the Lord blessed us with His rich grace. If you will pursue a course of self-denial, you will be an example to others that will be a blessing to the work. In your work in _____, the most effective sermon you preached was when you lived the principles of the truth in your own family and revealed your earnest devotion to the work. I know what I am talking about when I say this. 2SM 201.3

There should be more equality between the wage of the minister and the physician than there has been. Our ministers are expected to set an example of liberality to the church members, and their salary should be such that they can make many donations.—Letter 372, 1907. 2SM 201.4