Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


Chapter 43—Use of Individual Judgment

[Special Testimonies, Series A 6:61-65 (1896).]

Orebro, Sweden,

October 28, 1885

Dear Brethren ----- and -----,

My prayer is that the Lord may be with you in great power during the coming conference. Some may be absent that you might wish were present; but Jesus is your helper. I sincerely hope and pray that those who bear responsibilities in Michigan, New England, Ohio, Indiana, and other states will take broader views of the work than they have done. I hope Michigan will take a step in advance. I feel to regret the fact that there is such a dearth of breadth of mind and of far-seeing ability. Workers should be educated and trained for the fields of labor. We need missionaries everywhere. We need men and women who will give themselves without reserve to the work of God, bringing many sons and daughters to God. TM 301.1