Messages to Young People


Chapter 58—The Youth Called to Be Laborers

There are many Christian youth that can do a good work if they will learn lessons in the school of Christ from the great Teacher. Even though pastors, evangelists, and teachers should neglect the seeking of the lost, let not the children and youth neglect to be doers of the word.... MYP 197.1

Let young men, and women, and children go to work in the name of Jesus. Let them unite together upon some plan and order of action. Cannot you form a band of workers, and have set times to pray together and ask the Lord to give you His grace, and put forth united action? You should consult with men who love and fear God, and who have experience in the work, that under the movings of the Spirit of God you may form plans and develop methods by which you may work in earnest and for certain results. The Lord will help those who will use their God-intrusted capabilities to His name's glory. Will our young men and young women who believe the truth become living missionaries?... MYP 197.2