EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Mistreatment - Money



praise God instead of indulging feelings of UL 132:5



message to; relationship known to Ellen White TSB 137


Mistrust, seeds of, sown under pretense of miss. work 2SM 70 See also Distrust

Misunderstanding, Misunderstandings

Misunderstanding, Misunderstandings, between church members, how to settle GW 498-502

censure and condemnation should be shunned in PP 519

Christ wished to avoid all occasion for DA 181

courtesy and forbearance needed in PP 519

simple, serious difficulties often arise from PP 519

See also Misapprehension


atmosphere of, by hunting and telling grievance OHC 239:5

avoid slight, which separate hearts OHC 178:5

brooding over and cultivating TDG 121:5

content with, while souls are deciding TDG 326:4

created by those gaining our confidence OHC 360:4

devil promotes; Christ wants us one with Him 3SM 352:1

disappear when God takes possession UL 281:4

divert from issue before us 3SM 20:1

divine Teacher seen by Ellen White called for no TDG 369:6

explanation could change, with others TDG 19:3

fellowship destroyed by dwelling on OHC 170:5

friends may show, when you are tried UL 109:2

God dishonored by making, apparent TDG 369:4

humiliation may prevent TDG 19:4

mean self needs to be crucified TDG 262:5

minimized, by study group after disappointment CET 193:2

neglecting consideration and forbearance causes OHC 237:3

not if children of the heavenly King TDG 262:2

peace of Christ in the heart prevents TDG 207:3

personal, obedience impossible with TDG 19:3

prayer and Scripture study needed for 3SM 166:1

repentance and conversion for those creating UL 188:2

resolved, with one you feel injured you TDG 121:4

seeds of, difficult to eradicate RC 277:3

settlement of,

by Christ’s love UL 59:5

Christ’s instructions for HP 292:2

covers multitude of sins TMK 181:3

duty; speaking without anger UL 106

sowing, among the believers as allies with Satan Mar 63:3

talking about,

less and unity to be studied RC 200:3

uniting in truth instead of UL 265:5

theories which cause 1MCP 43:3

truth not to be surrendered to prevent 1MCP 244:1

workers with Spirit of Jesus do not have 2MCP 428:1

See also Disagreement; Enmity; Friction; Quarreling; Schism; Strife


Misunderstood, Christ is acquainted with all that is MB 32


Mite, of humanity, baby as AH 264

Mite, Mites

Mite, Mites, accumulated, man’s accountability for good he might have done with CS 300

from every source, carefully cherish 7T 295

let none withhold their, from God’s work 9T 131

put your, in bank of heaven WM 223

that soon run up into dollars CS 257

widow’s two AA 342; Ed 109; 2SG 250; 2SM 413; 2T 666-7; WM 203

given with willing heart CS 293-4

lesson from 3T 398; 9T 224

like tiny stream flowing through ages CS 178

See also Money

Miter, Miters

Miter, Miters, high priest’s, described PP 351

inscription on PP 351

linen, common priests wore PP 350

worn by priests, inscription on PK 584; 5T 469

Mixed multitude

Mixed multitude, accompanying Israel in Exodus, described PP 281

became careless, inattentive, and lawless at Mt. Sinai PP 315-6

chief movers in worship of golden calf PP 315-6, 324; 3SG 274, 283

clamoring of, for flesh food PP 377-9

complaining of, against Moses PP 377

consisted of: believing Egyptians 4aSG 15

Israelites intermarried with Egyptians 3SG 274

continually disposed to rebel PP 318; 3SG 276

corrupted with idolatry PP 408

dwelt in outskirts of camp PP 375

first to indulge murmuring and impatience PP 315-6

leavened Israel with idolatrous practices PP 408

murmuring of, against diet of manna PP 379

source of continual temptation and trouble PP 408


“Mizpah,” name of, signifies “watchtower” PP 194


Mizpeh, Samuel invested as judge at PP 590

Saul made king at PP 611


Mizpeh of Moab, David’s parents given asylum in 2BC 1018; PP 658


Moab, Ahaziah’s war with PK 207; 5T 191

ambassador sent to Zedekiah by PK 443

Amorites conquered part of PP 433

borders of, Israel camped on PP 438

destruction of, Balaam foretold PP 451

elders of, Balaam’s aid sought by PP 438-9

gods of, Balaam suggested grand festival in honor of PP 454

worshiped in east of Israel PP 557

heights of, seen from John the Baptist’s home DA 102

Israel passed to east of, on way to Canaan PP 433

Israel showed no hostility to PP 435

king of: David’s parents given asylum by 2BC 1018; PP 658

Israel oppressed by PP 545

Jeremiah warned 4T 169

King Saul’s war against PP 628

location of, east of Israel PP 557

east of Jordan DA 102; PP 471

long journey from, to Mesopotamia PP 439

mountain wall of, barren cliffs of PP 641

mountains of, light of dawn gilding DA 102

plains of, Israel encamped in 4aSG 43

refused to be changed 4BC 1159-60; SD 97

spiritual failure of 4BC 1160; SD 97

territory Amorites wrested from, Israel occupied PP 438

two kings of, Israel slew 4aSG 60; SR 177; 4T 158

women of, brought to Solomon PK 56

Israel led into sin by 5T 599


little spiritual progress made by, because not unsettled UL 170:2


Moab, Lot’s son PP 167-8, 433


Moabites, Balak a king of 4aSG 43

barred forever from congregation of Israel PK 669-70

cruelty and treachery of, toward Israel PK 669-70

David made, tributary PP 713

degraded and idolatrous PP 441, 443-4

devoted to licentious worship of Baal PP 449

enemies of God’s people PP 168

guilt of, not as great as Balaam’s PP 441

Israel feared by PP 438; 4aSG 43

Israel forbidden to dispossess PP 433

Lot’s descendants PP 167-8, 433

Midianites connected with, by nationality and religion PP 438

rebels against God PP 168

vile and idolatrous PP 168

Mob, Mobs

Mob, Mobs, angels protected Miller (Wm.) from EW 234; GC 337

angels rescued Lot from PP 159

attempt of, against Paul and Silas at Thessalonica AA 229-30

avoid stirring up passions of, in Southern States of USA Ev 400

Christ killed by prejudice of UL 40:4

ignorant and noisy, attacked Paul and Barnabas at Iconium AA 179

incited against Paul in Ephesus AA 292-5

infuriated, in time of trouble God’s people will have to flee from EW 56

Jewish, Paul arrested in temple at Jerusalem by AA 406-7

Paul stoned by, at Lystra AA 183-5

turned to Paul’s side at Corinth AA 253

Wesley (John) saved from, by angel in human form GC 258-9

wicked angels influence every UL 334:7

Mob spirit

Mob spirit against Paul and Silas in Philippi AA 213-4


Mockery, do not be diverted from God’s work by PK 659

toward people who differ with SDA, is out of place TM 108

See Ridicule

Mocking, Mockings

Mocking, Mockings, cruel, Jeremiah called upon to endure PK 420

Model, Models

Model, Models, Christ is man’s 3T 336; 5T 345

God’s people are to be, of correctness in all relations of life FE 419

world’s, SDA youth are not to be fashioned after CT 46

worldly, teachers who fix their eyes upon 6T 147

Model man

Model man, it does not become any person to look to himself as 5T 345

See also Christ


Moderation, essential in use of good food CG 391

level-headed, in gospel work 2SM 363

need of, in dealing with false prophets 2SM 92

See also Temperance


Modest, truly great men are invariably 4T 338


Modesty, barriers of female, results of breaking down AH 58

Bible teaches, in dress MH 287 See also Dress

characterizes Christian lady 4T 645

children should be taught, at home and SS CSW 46

cultivate, in speaking 2T 163

David’s, after he was anointed king PP 641

every step toward marriage alliance should be characterized by AH 50

false, do not be controlled by MYP 28

gem of, cherish 2T 458

girl who greatly lacked 2T 559

girl’s true, temptation that tends to uproot 2T 560

guards virtue 2T 458

is rare 2T 458

lack of, among girls 2T 481

is curse of our corrupt age 4T 96

lack of womanly, girls warned against 2T 460

maidenly, young girls who will lose their CH 294-5

ministers should strictly guard their TM 427

of demeanor, helps to protect young woman from perils Ed 248

humility of mind should be shown by CG 144

of deportment, SDA women urged to cherish 2T 459

one of child’s truest graces CG 145; CT 113

physicians should preserve, under all circumstances CH 364

sacrificed to god of fashion 1T 278

woman’s duty to keep her place in AH 331-2

young ministers should cultivate 3T 320

young women should be taught to act with 2T 459

See also Propriety


Daniel and his friends showed HP 261:3

dress indicates 3SM 242:2

godly woman dresses with OHC 273:2

grace of a child; happiness in firm discipline 1MCP 171:1

seldom seen HP 197:2

talking of qualifications does not show HP 185:4

working in, to give light to those around TDG 211:5


Modification of old life, Christian life is not DA 172

Moffat, Robert

Moffat, Robert, life of, students should study Ed 269


Moisture, spiritual, need of Ev 170; 6T 417


Mold, death-producing germs in MH 276


Mold, heavenly, persons who receive 5T 216

let no man put upon you his Ev 630

one, characters are not formed in FE 277

perfect Christian, soul that gradually settles into WM 307

worldly, persons uniting with world receive 5T 216


Christ’s, should replace our own HP 155:3

divine, relationship with God must be right to receive TMK 165:2

everyone needs, after the divine similitude TDG 112:5

Molech (Moloch)

Molech (Moloch)

1. Ammonite god

2. Modern

1. Ammonite god PK 57

apostate Jews made children pass through fire to CG 277

Canaanites offered children to 5T 320

Solomon erected shrine to 2BC 1039; PK 57

2. Modern

children should not be sacrificed to 2BC 1039; CG 181

fashion as WM 161

Molehill, Molehills

Molehill, Molehills, become mountains under Satan’s magnifying glass 5T 95

magnified by Satan into mountains 3T 59

magnifying, into mountains of difficulty 6BC 1100; CH 297; 3T 56; 4T 611

Mollusk, Mollusks

Mollusk, Mollusks, man has not descended from Ed 130; PP 45

Moment, Moments

Moment, Moments, every: is of highest value 4T 306

of your time belongs to God COL 342

regarded by Christ as precious COL 342

few, frittered away here and there COL 343

freighted with eternal consequences COL 343; ML 115

golden, need of doing things at 3T 497

granted to men, are but few 9T 117

let, be treasured COL 343

not one, can be recalled COL 342

one brief, Christ does not forget us for MH 488

record of wasted, must be met in judgment 4T 453

spare, ways to use COL 343-4

unguarded, Moses was surprised into sin in PP 479

See also Time

Moment’s notice

Moment’s notice, stand ready for service at COL 343

Monarch, Monarchs

Monarch, Monarchs, absolute, Israel’s king was not to be PP 611

earthly, are as dust of balance FE 481

Eastern, crimes tolerated in PP 717

enthroned, God watches over ML 291

world’s greatest, Nebuchadnezzar was PK 480

See also King; Ruler

Monarchical government, Monarchical governments

Monarchical government, Monarchical governments, American people have looked down upon 1T 258

Israel’s, Samuel’s presentation of basic principles of PP 611

tyranny of, institution of slavery is thousand times worse than 1T 258-9


Monarchy, Israel’s, need of maintaining basic principle of PP 621

Israel’s demand for, in Samuel’s time PP 603

universal (world-wide), builders of Tower of Babel planned PP 119; 8T 213

Monastery, Monasteries

Monastery, Monasteries, Christ gives no sanction to shutting one’s self up in GC 570

do not shut yourself away in 4T 626

efforts to persuade Zwingli (Ulric) to enter GC 172

Monastic order

Monastic order

Christ would have been excluded from every TDG 249:4


Monasticism, evils of GC 82-4 See also Friar; Monk

Monastic order, Monastic orders

Monastic order, Monastic orders, Christ would have been excluded from GW 335

pious men labored in vain to reform GC 84

prescribed rules of, Christ would have overstepped GW 335

See also Monk

Monastic system

Monastic system, abolition of, Wycliffe (John) advocated GC 84

Monetary schemes

Monetary schemes, speculation in, warning against TM 336



1. Acquisition of

2. Attitudes toward

3. God’s

4. Love for (or of)

5. Use of (denominational)

6. Use of (personal)

7. Miscellaneous

1. Acquisition of TM 335

absorbs men’s minds 6T 31

acquired by: any semblance of dishonesty, God does not want 4T 353

selfish transactions is unacceptable to God as offering CS 145

acquiring, through satanic delusions AA 213

alluring prospects of increased, fast and easily 2T 665

ambition for, dangers attending 1T 476-8

better to lose, than to gain a few shillings by sharp practice 3BC 1158

Bible condemns no man for having, if he acquires it honestly 6T 452-3

borrowed, building churches with CS 261

borrowing AH 374

at high rate of interest PK 647-8

how children acquire habits of FE 151-2

may be necessary to start new schools 6T 207

on interest to pay heavy taxes PK 646-8

that is self-deceiving practice CM 96

to relieve pressing necessity CM 96; CS 255

when, may be proper for God’s work CS 278

See also Borrowing

children can earn, in many ways AH 387

Christians are safe in, only as God directs TM 335

collections of, in evangelistic meetings Ev 127

coming easy to youth will not be valued AH 387

danger in getting, without God’s grace 2T 240

desire to gain, is absorbing passion today PK 650

difficult to obtain TM 210

do not be delicate in asking for, for evangelism in London Ev 416

do not lift yourself up when God entrusts you with TM 286

do not obtain, by touching or sanctioning any unclean practice TM 277

do not sell your soul for 7BC 950

eager desire to get, increases with acquisition of it 5T 259

person who had AH 375

God will open way for SDA to obtain, from outside sources TM 210

gotten by oppressing hireling, adversity and affliction will scatter 2T 159

Greeks who sought to make, by fair means or foul AA 349

hope of increased, how souls are destroyed in 4T 617

how SDA could have more, for gospel work Ev 90

how to raise, for gospel work AA 338

made by liquor traffic, is stained with blood and cursed MH 340

man who was devoted to sole object of 2T 237

man whose absorbing passion was 3T 244

many people divorce themselves from God for sake of 5T 428

mental and physical health sacrificed to gain 1T 478

methods of acquiring CS 141-6

mind narrowed and dwarfed by accumulation of 3T 385

minister should give dated receipt for, that he receives GW 141

more easily man obtains, less thankfulness he feels AH 375

most, question with Christians should not be how to earn LS 292

must be earned by labor 6T 452

no need for urging or begging, from God’s people 5T 285

obsession to get 5T 261, 275

obtained by overreaching in business, bears God’s curse 1T 537

God does not want 4T 353

obtained by transgression of His law, God will not accept 5T 360; Te 99-100

only safe position Christian can occupy and still make 2T 240

parental duty that is more important than acquiring AH 21

passion of some SDA to accumulate 3T 385

person who acquires more, than sufficient for his real needs AH 372

possession of, does not raise any man one jot in favor with God 1T 536

professed Christians violating God’s law for sake of CS 214

questionable methods of raising, for religious purposes COL 54; GC 387; 4T 392; 9T 91; WM 289-92

raised for gospel work by sale of houses and lands AA 70

raising of, carried to extremes 3T 511

that leaves bad impression on minds 3T 511

Roman guard who sold their integrity for DA 782

single pursuit of, do not narrow life to Te 140

solicit, from higher classes for temperance work MH 211

from men of means in world for God’s work TM 197, 202-3

some people sell their souls for 5T 133

some people will not sacrifice principle to obtain Ev 564

soul bartered for 4T 53

soul sold for 2T 242

when there will be no occasion for urging or begging for 5T 285

woman whose faith and simple trust in God waned with her accumulation of 2T 280

youth seek to acquire, without labor GC 387

2. Attitudes toward

aged persons’: attitudes toward 1T 423-4

idol 1T 423

appreciate, for good it will do in advancing God’s cause 3T 399

for good it will do in relieving your wants and those of others 3T 399

caring more for, than for upbuilding Christ’s kingdom TM 474

claims of conscience and duty as related to LS 302

conscience alive would report, that is squandered SD 264

converted souls will consecrate, to God’s work AA 140

could not purchase or flatter Christ to consent to wrong ML 74

desire to accumulate, deceitfulness of 2T 268-88

do not let, become god SD 56

erroneous belief that, makes the man SD 236

erroneous idea that, can confer happiness without God AH 372

will make sons gentlemen CT 273

false ideas that, increases moral worth FE 314

god of the foolish of earth is 2T 42

greed for, youth fall into dishonest practices as result of MH 171

happiness cannot be secured by Ev 556

hoarded by aged persons with miserly care 1T 423

hoarded from greed for gain 4T 79

how to correctly evaluate and appreciate 3T 399

is constant test of affections AH 372

is power from worldly point of view 4T 138

lovers of, minister’s duty to reprove 5T 258-63

man cannot keep God’s law and love 3T 130

man who worshiped 2T 237; 3T 544

man’s love to God and man is tested by COL 351

many people live as though, were chief object of their creation FE 233-4

never esteem, above salvation of souls 9T 57-8

not always wise to delay investment in God’s work until all needed, is in hand 9T 271-2

peace of Christ cannot be bought by 4T 559

peace of soul cannot be bought with SC 49

people who have no, for charity Ed 246-7

people who love, more than their Saviour CS 123

people who show that, is their god CS 214; 2T 238

persons to whom, becomes god CS 223; 1T 483; 2T 240, 656; 3T 479, 544

has more value than souls for whom Christ died 2T 284

persons who seek to accumulate, without experiencing peace and rest 3T 385

power of, persons who delight in 1T 483

regard, as gift from God to do His work 6T 214

as means by which to do good 3T 548

as yours only in trust SD 234

regarded as power among foolish of earth 2T 42

rich people’s desire to hoard PK 651

Satan would have men care more for, than for God’s cause EW 266

Satan’s plan to make possessors of, drunk with cares of life EW 266; TM 474

selfishly retained, will be cast to moles and bats Ev 63

some people have thought, was burden of SDA message 3T 510

terrible god 2T 238

things that children should be taught re AH 387

think of the good you might do with CS 111

unwillingness to invest much, in God’s cause 3T 208

value, as means of advancing gospel work AA 71

wanted to aid Christ’s work, men shrink from duty of giving CS 21

wealthy men of world are willing to give, for schools and sanitariums CS 188

what is, in comparison with one soul? CS 153

worship of, marks many professed Christians as idolaters and apostates CS 223

worshiping, danger of 3T 550

3. God’s

better to cut down expenses than to use 9T 247

careless and too free use of, warning against EW 93

do not use, for secular purposes 9T 247

to settle your debts CS 92-3

expend, with economy Ev 85, 126

in hands of wealthy men of world WM 281

judicious use of, qualification needed to make 1T 678

power to use and disperse, must not be left to judgment of any one man MM 165

selfish use of, men will have to account for 6T 385

sinfulness of wasting, on fancied wants AH 383; CS 300

spent by many people to make appearance after world’s customs FE 311

spent for tobacco MH 329-30

squandered by expending it for needless things 3T 386

squandering, man’s accountability for 3T 401

unfaithful stewards of 2T 658

use made of, men must render account for AA 340

use of, danger of becoming careless and reckless in 4T 299

wasted in hurtful indulgences 3T 401

wealthy men who hold, in trust MM 329

you handle, as steward of His grace CS 111

See also Offering; Tithe

4. Love for (or of)

among Sabbathkeepers 1T 140

Ananias and Sapphira as example of CS 314

became ruling power in Judas Iscariot CS 220; 4T 487

becomes ruling power in some professed Christians CS 214

becoming prominent in many ministers 2T 619

blinds vision 1T 479

cannot dwell with love of Christ in same heart CS 157

cultivation of, warning against CS 209

denounced as root of all evil CS 139

eats out vitals of God’s people 2T 657

few people realize strength of CS 150

freezes deep and hard into men’s souls 3T 547

golden chain that binds many to Satan SC 44

greatest crimes perpetrated through 4T 489

health and life sacrificed for 1T 478

how man’s vision can be obscured by 5T 280

inordinate, warning against 3T 112-3, 243-51

influence of, over mind is almost paralyzing CS 150

is snare 2T 227

Judas Iscariot did not give up his DA 717

leads men to violate conscience 5T 360; Te 99-100

leads many people to bury God’s means in world 5T 151

led Judas Iscariot to ruin 5BC 1101-2

lies at root of nearly all crimes 3T 121

love for brethren and God’s cause should be stronger than AA 71

love for Christ should take place of CS 27

love of God far exceeds CS 157

man who was intoxicated with 3T 544

man whose soul was corrupted by 3T 244

must be overcome 5T 340

overruled scruples of Jews DA 155

prevents people from discerning their obligations to God and neighbors 1T 479

prompts acquisition of earthly treasure CS 142

rich young ruler renounced immortal life for CS 211

root of all evil is AA 366; COL 56; MH 212; PK 650; 1T 479, 696; 3T 121, 244; 6T 453

roots out love for God and humanity 3T 127

ruin of Judas Iscariot was 4T 41-2

ruling passion in Jewish age was CS 142; MB 88-9

ruling passion of lives of many people is 3T 398

Satan ensnares men through 3T 480

selfish, is root of all evil 6T 453

sordid, man whose powers were perverted and debased by 3T 126-7

strong, Judas Iscariot naturally had DA 716

that disgusts 2T 240

warnings against 1T 476; 2T 183

when truth triumphed over AA 289

world made den of thieves by PK 651

5. Use of (denominational)

adding building to building absorbs, needed to build up God’s work elsewhere 8T 48

do not invest much, in illustrating books CW 167

expensive outlay of, must be avoided in evangelism Ev 139

furnish, for establishing institutions in foreign fields 6T 25, 28

given for God’s cause: do not appropriate for personal use GW 141

used unwisely to pile up large buildings in Battle Creek TM 289

unwise use made of EW 93-5

invest, in evangelistic work Ev 62-3; WM 266

large amount of, no gospel worker should absorb Ev 89

large sums of: should not be spent in building up God’s work in one place 8T 215

what to do when, are given to God’s work Ev 89

make, in institutions go as far as possible CS 267

minister who used, with prodigality Ev 88-9

needless and extravagant spending of, warning against TM 179

shun, in city evangelism Ev 85

too much: invested in few places in God’s work 7T 283

spent by conf. presidents in traveling TM 323

spent in transporting gospel workers from one place to another TM 380

unwise use of, by men of strong temperament CS 276

use: to bring competent persons into miss. field 5T 390

wisely in evangelizing cities Ev 42

6. Use of (personal)

abstracting and using, before earning it is snare AH 392

all should learn economy in CS 292; MYP 300

be careful not to spend, unwisely CG 134

blessing for him who gives, to spread gospel MB 90

careless, in holiday amusements CS 249

devotion to dress absorbs, needed for works of mercy and benevolence MYP 360

do not lavish, on persons who do not need it CS 37; MM 176

do not needlessly or lavishly spend, for gratifying pride or ambition 4T 571

do not spend: extravagantly AH 367-8

for needless articles WM 267

for show MH 287

for that which is unnecessary CS 249

for unprofitable reading CT 133

simply for display CS 249

to gratify ambition MH 287

to gratify love of display TM 179

to gratify pride CG 134-5; MH 287; TM 179

to suit fancy CG 134-5

do not spend large amount of, on self 1SM 86

on self for sake of appearance 9T 56

do not squander: on vanity, pride, or selfishness WM 269

that you possess SD 234

do not use: for selfish purposes CT 148

to gratify self 7T 295

to support people in idleness 7BC 912; CS 165

do not waste: by buying unnecessary things AH 383; 9T 55

for needless indulgences LS 214

duty of SDA to invest, in God’s work 4T 18

economy in outlay of, is excellent branch of Christian wisdom 4T 571

erroneous ideas re use of, youth exposed to dangers because of 6T 214

exercise wisdom in spending AH 368

extravagant spending of: cut off 9T 55

for selfish gratification dishonors God 8T 118-9

in large cities 9T 12

Solomon’s ML 167

few people spend, as God has directed 8T 151

frittered away for amusements FE 422; MH 364

give every jot and tittle of, that we can spare AH 370

great amount of, spent on dress which should be returned to Giver 4T 631

guard against spending, for that which is not bread CG 134

guidance in spending, look to God for MH 208

how EGW learned to spend, when 12 years old AH 384

how many professed Christians bury their, in earth 3T 398

how SDA lose, in poor investments 5T 154

immense sum of, squandered yearly for tobacco and strong drink Te 272

swallowed up by pride, fashion, and appetite MYP 311

improvident or unwise use of, becomes snare to user AH 372

invest, in welfare work MH 287; 9T 53

invested in God’s cause: gives more elevated and permanent enjoyment 4T 78-9

is safe 4T 79

invested in God’s work, will bring rich returns 9T 49

invested in patent rights, heavy losses of Ev 62 See also Patent right

investment of: for advancement of work in mission fields 5T 733

in lands CS 45, 238; 9T 57-8

in pub. houses 4T 596

in SDA institutions 5T 530-1

in uncertain business enterprises CS 242-4

must be risked in gospel work Ev 62-3; WM 266

large amount of, spent for needless luxuries 4T 18

large sums of, spent for self-indulgence MYP 311

lavish or careless use of, Christ does not sanction COL 352

lay aside some, for the needy poor 4T 511

lay by, for need in sickness 2SM 329

laying, on altar is not sufficient 3T 404

learn to know when to spare and when to spend AH 379

learn to spend, carefully AH 376

lend: at low rate of interest to help institutions get out of debt 9T 71

for advancement of God’s work 9T 58

without interest to help institutions get out of debt 9T 71

lending: to dishonest borrowers 2T 676

to SDA institutions CS 238

to the poor without security or usury PK 650

without interest to needy brethren PP 532

loaned or given, cannot do needed personal work GW 188

majority of people invest, where it will yield greatest profits 3T 398

men invest, in that which they think brings greatest profit 3T 208

in that which they value most 3T 208

men of higher classes will give, to God’s work MH 216

management of, looseness in CM 95-6

many people purchase idols with, that should go to God’s house CS 288

many people robbed of, by investment in worldly speculations 4T 596

misspent for photographs 2SM 317

misuse of: by children FE 151-2

during holidays FE 321

for hurtful indulgences Ev 531

in publishing and circulating error TM 43-4

rich fool’s COL 256

that brings eternal loss CS 86

warning against 8T 51; WM 270-1

world is filled with evil practices by CS 224

much: slips through youth’s fingers CS 293

spent for dress that should be spent to help the needy MYP 313

spent in self-pleasing and self-gratification AH 368

wasted on candies AH 388

wasted on needless articles AH 388

wasted on ruffles and fancy dress AH 388

wasted on useless household articles AH 388

multitudes spend, for that which is not bread ML 157

needless adornment steals, to gratify pride and display WM 166

needless spending of: in giving holiday presents MYP 311

on dress AH 383

not best to supply students with much FE 301

not needed for your support, should be appropriated to God’s cause while you are still alive 5T 155

not one cent of, should be unjustly appropriated to your own use 3T 25

not rightly used, has little value 2T 227

now is time to use, for God 6T 450

people use, to make world a hell Ev 530

person who did not know how to use, economically AH 375

persons who bury, in temporal possessions CS 97

persons who lack good judgment in CS 293; MYP 300

persons who spend, for selfish purposes COL 371

picture-idols consume 1SM 92

place, in God’s treasury to spread truth CS 39

proper and improper 6T 451

prudent spending of, economy means AH 378

question to ask when spending, for goods WM 267

restrain unchristian inclination to spend, for self-gratification CS 268

right use of: Wesley (John) quoted re GC 385

students should learn, by using it Ed 239

youth need to learn 6T 214

sacrificed for display and self-indulgence GC 487

save: as offering to God ChS 29

by little acts of self-denial for miss. work 9T 131

for emergency AH 395-6; 2SM 329

in order to give COL 352

to send papers and tracts to friends ChS 29

saved for the needy by denying self of useless ornaments 4T 644-5

science of handling, some people seem to have no idea of MM 130

self-denial required to provide, needed to care for poor believers who are sick or suffering 4T 511

selfish spending of, God cannot bless men in CS 111

sin of spending, for needless and hurtful indulgences GC 475

Solomon selfishly absorbed, in ambitious projects PK 55

spend, for books that enlighten mind 2SM 318; 4T 391

spend as little, as possible upon self 9T 131

spending of: for selfish gratification CS 135

for story magazines CT 133

in small amounts for needless things FE 152

parents should be example to children in FE 151-2

to send men to Jerusalem TM 345-6

spent for: bicycles, dress, and other needless things must be accounted for TM 398

coffee is worse than wasted CD 402, 422, 430; CH 442

delicacies when needed for home comforts and conveniences AH 379

education that was worse than lost FE 365

expensive furniture MH 207

flesh food is worse than wasted CD 402, 430

gifts CS 260

hurtful indulgences MH 207

luxurious and unwholesome food MH 207

pictures is needed to support missionaries MYP 317

ribbons, ruffles, and trimmings while inward work of heart is neglected 4T 391

selfish gratification should be invested in God’s cause AH 367

selfish pleasures MH 207

selfish purposes while souls die without knowledge of Christ CS 51

stimulants and narcotics is misappropriated and must be accounted for Te 66

strong drink would educate youth drifting into ignorance and crime Te 272

tea is worse than wasted CD 402, 422, 430; CH 442

that which is not needed is perverted from its proper use AH 375; FE 152

useless delicacies AH 379

to make appearance after world’s customs LS 351

spent for liquor, tell intemperate man of good that could be done with MM 268

spent for needless things: if God’s treasury were to receive CS 295

is needed for God’s work 9T 55

must be accounted for TM 398

pleas for 9T 55

spent for tobacco: is worse than wasted MH 330

recorded in books of heaven Te 66

tell tobacco user of good that could be done with MM 268

while inward work of heart is neglected 4T 391

spent lavishly for self-gratification AA 75

spent needlessly for: amusement CS 134-5; SD 264; 3T 401

dress means less means for helping the needy 4T 645-6

squandered by women serving modern fashions 4T 642

squandered by youth for photographs of themselves 1T 500

squandered in: betting FE 312

horse racing FE 312

squandering of: as God’s stewards men must account for 1T 691

deprives the poor of needed food and clothing CS 299

for luxuries deprives the poor of needed help AH 370

students’ lavish use of, condemned 5T 89

students’ use of, do not prescribe by law limiting 5T 89

supplying youth with, caution re 6T 214

things God’s people can do with 4T 571

tied up by investment in earthly treasures 3T 386

too much, spent for pictures 2SM 320

training children how to use AH 386-90

ungrateful excuses given for not investing, in God’s cause 3T 386

unnecessary use of, God is robbed by COL 352

unwarranted spending of, on games for amusement 2SM 322

unwise giving of, to God’s cause EW 93-5

unwise spending of, for photographs MYP 316

use: economically COL 352

for God’s honor and glory COL 351

to advance Christ’s work CS 35

to advance God’s cause 2T 227; 4T 53

to bless others 4T 53

to bless the needy 2T 227

to do good 2T 227

wisely CT 148

with fidelity in God’s service CS 139

use made of: angels record your 2T 279

men must render account to God for CG 134; COL 351; CS 37; EW 50, 94-5; 1T 195; 3T 385-6; 4T 408; 5T 382; 7T 295; 8T 51

shows whether possessor loves God supremely and neighbor as himself COL 351

will be scrutinized in judgment GC 487

use of AH 367-8

used to gratify pride and ambition becomes curse AH 372

used too often to gratify taste and inclination CS 268

used unnecessarily, deprives spender of opportunity to do good COL 352

uses Christians should make of COL 351

using, for selfish purposes dishonors God CS 261

value and use of, how to teach youth Ed 239

vast sums of, spent for alcoholic liquors Te 66

wasted on: expensive houses MH 207

luxuries for perverted appetite CH 24; 3T 164; Te 227

needless things should be spent in circulating truth-filled literature CS 295

superfluities of dress CH 24; 3T 164; Te 227

ways in which people waste Ev 344-5

ways in which some people are tempted to bury CS 314

ways of saving, to help the poor and needy MH 207

ways of using, no time now to invent CG 135

ways to spend, Satan will suggest many CS 298

wealthy men invest little, in God’s cause 3T 386

what to consider when spending WM 187

what to do when tempted to spend, for knickknacks AH 382-3

when men will cheerfully invest, in God’s cause 3T 208

worse than thrown away on holidays MYP 311

7. Miscellaneous

all, belongs to God COL 351

all of earth’s, cannot buy God’s blessing 4T 84

cannot ensure man a single victory 4T 84

appeal for, for evangelistic work Ev 62-3

avails nothing at death Te 140

calls for, there will be many 5T 563

to liquidate indebtedness in gospel work TM 297-8

cannot be: accepted as ransom for sin 1T 537

carried into next life COL 266

capital of strength is of more value than 2T 432

Christ claims every man’s, as His own 3T 385-6

Christ purchased your, on cross of Calvary 7T 159

Christian’s object in life is of greater value than 3T 522

church’s, must not be used to support people in idleness 7BC 912

complaint that God’s servants are continually calling for, what to do re 5T 275

consecrated to religious purposes must not be used for personal purposes when believer is in strait place 9T 247

defense for the oppressed COL 351

denominational, must not be largely employed in establishing sanitariums, food factories, food stores, and restaurants FE 488-9

devoted to religious purposes, Christ condemned misuse of DA 614

do not forget that you handle your Lord’s 2T 279

donations of: cannot take place of personal service for God COL 343; 6T 275-6

Christ requires more of men than COL 343

not enough to do miss. work ChS 35

duty of husband and wife re AH 378

entrusted to men by God: belongs to Him 3T 164

for relieving the suffering and needy WM 268

must be carefully husbanded MYP 319

should be used for conversion of souls CS 223

to be spent in God’s service SD 234

entrusted to you for special purpose should be placed promptly where it belongs GW 141

evangelism in cities will cost Ev 39

every overplus of, pleads for the poor and needy WM 269

excellent gift from God 4T 571

exchange of, in temple DA 155, 589

free gift of grace cannot be bought with FE 457

gift entrusted to man by God CS 139; 6T 214; Te 272

gifts of, from Gentile churches for cause in Judea AA 390

given to God by testamentary bequests is often lost 5T 155

God calls for you as well as your SD 263

God is not dependent on men for 6T 261

God’s eye takes cognizance of all, devoted to His cause 2T 519

God’s work does not need, so much as faith graced with humility CW 108

great surplus of, in SDA ranks 3T 208

has great value because it can do great good COL 351

has little value aside from opportunity of doing good 2T 227

has power 1T 536; 2T 277

home missions are in great need of CS 89

how Satan seeks to divert, into harmful channels TM 56

how to make the most? LS 292

in banks, persons who have 7T 56

in God’s treasury, warning not to tamper with CS 106

is curse when not tithed 9T 53

know just what, you can call your own AH 379

knowledge of Christ cannot be bought with SD 233

left to children, frequently becomes root of bitterness 3T 121

lent to men by God: as His stewards EW 50; 3T 120

in trust AH 367

to devote to good works 3T 549

to use in sending truth to fellow men 3T 208

man whose little, was snare to him 2T 227-8

men do not need much, for self-gratification MYP 301-2

men entrusted with, are on trial TM 286

men of, will aid in financing city evangelism Ev 87

will heed God’s warning message Ev 560

men who have lost, are not in greatest danger Ev 561

many little sums of, amount to much 9T 55

means of preaching gospel to the poor MH 287

millions in, one soul saved is more valuable than 2T 246

when one earnest worker in God’s vineyard is worth more than SD 263

more, needed for evangelizing cities LS 418-9

need not always be on hand in order to advance God’s work 9T 270-1

needed for: answering Macedonian cry 5T 732

building churches TM 43

erecting church-school building CG 315-7

establishing schools to train missionary workers TM 43

evangelistic work in large cities Ev 34

evangelizing cities Ev 75

gospel work all over world 9T 52

gospel work among Negroes 9T 216

strong and solid evangelistic work in cities Ev 42

needed treasure CG 134; CS 37; MM 176; 6T 451

not given to men to glorify self COL 351

not invested in God’s cause: accumulates no interest in bank of heaven 9T 131

will perish 9T 131

not most important thing needed in God’s work CW 108

not necessarily a curse AH 372

not needed for your actual wants, God’s cause demands CSW 67

not needed so much as faith graced with humility in God’s work 1SM 118

not plentiful, though truth must be spread by it CS 39

not prize that is before God’s people ML 340

not root of all evil CS 138; MH 212

operation of sanitariums costs 4T 510-1

parents blessed with abundance of, generally train children to life of idleness and self-indulgence SD 236

pieces of, Jewish wife’s marriage portion usually consisted of COL 193

placed in men’s hands to carry forward gospel work 3T 117

pledged to God must be paid 4T 470

pledges of, for Health Institute 1T 689

for publication of books 1T 689

political strife over, do not take part in TM 335

principles more valuable in business than Ed 137

purchase, paid by Christ for men’s souls 2SM 343

ransom, used for support of temple DA 155

restrict your wants when, is scarce 7T 206

Satan has diverted, into wrong channels TM 397

Satan seeks to tie up TM 43

schemes and plans for absorbing, Satan devises 8T 52

sense in which, is valuable 2T 227

some institutions can manage with far less, than others 7T 207

some people manage with far less, than others 7T 207

soon will depreciate in value very suddenly Ev 63; WM 266

spending, look to God for guidance in MH 208

subject of, aged persons insane upon 1T 424

man who was insane on 2T 237

sufficient to give people influence with others 1T 536

surplus, duty of wealthy parents re disposal of 3T 121

sways mighty influence 1T 536

talent given to man by God COL 352; FE 82

talent of, man’s responsibility to God for use made of GW 330; 2T 285

use of COL 351-2

time is CS 288

transportation of, in apostolic times 6BC 1104

truly converted persons are called to do work that requires 6T 447

trust from God MH 287

unbelievers’, is God’s WM 279

unused, will condemn possessor in judgment day COL 352

valuable when rightly used AH 372

value of: as compared with that of even one soul CS 153; 2T 664

children should be taught AH 388

how parents can best teach children 3T 399

students should learn Ed 221

wherein lies COL 351

when, becomes tyrant AH 372

when lacking, walk out by faith in gospel work 1SM 88

wife should have, to use as her own AH 378

will never do more good for God’s cause than now 4T 81

without personal effort, does little to win souls SD 263

woman whose most dangerous foe was 2T 278

worth no more than sand unless put to right use COL 351; 4T 53

your: belongs to God CS 37, 72; 2T 280, 654; 6T 450; 9T 132

can mean souls brought to knowledge of truth 7T 92

God has claim upon WM 148

is not your own AH 367

stamped with God’s image and superscription CS 28; WM 269

See also Cent; Coin; Currency; Dime; Dollar; Fund; Income; Means; Nickel; Penny; Shekel; Shilling; Wealth


ability to earn, a gift of God,

lent in trust FW 20:2

not to exalt self UL 126:4

accountability for TMK 220:4

acquiring, blessed for those willing to invest for God OHC 194:5

advantage not taken of weakness in order to gain 2MCP 438:2; TDG 337:3

appeal for, is appropriate RY 98:0

blessing when used,

by God’s stewards; loving it is wrong TDG 280:5

by those sensing stewardship OHC 192:2

buried in property UL 113:2

carrying, into next life impossible UL 45:2

changers of, driven from God’s institutions UL 362:5

character development from the right use of RC 269:6


did not have, to pay tax TMK 47:4

gives more, when we return FLB 245:7

may be confessed in expenditure of OHC 192:3

constant stream of, should flow into the treasury UL 113:4

continually needed for the cause of God RC 268:6

control over, lost by delayed stewardship RY 95:1

counsel to withhold, reject UL 92:2

danger in wrong use of UL 29:3

disciples of Christ not offered, to follow Him SW 10:2

diversion of,

from the Southern field SW 88f, 94:2

to please self TDG 97:4

earned, God’s property; we are accountable LHU 128:4

Ellen White,

depended on God to send; she did what she could 2MCP 493:1

spent, to have things of nature in sight TDG 331:5

enemy’s ranks receiving, ruining ones you seek to please TDG 85:4


to God’s people; wealth may be a snare TDG 349:2

to humans to help others and to honor Christ TDG 68:4

evangelism requires much; joy in heaven TDG 365:5

extra, less fortunate to be relieved by HP 243:2

extravagant use of, church members to refrain from TDG 349:6

faithfulness in giving, by one who loves God HP 304:4

fashion used by Satan do divert OHC 272:3

food (rich) is a waste of 3SM 274:3

given to glorify God; we need to see love and glory of God TDG 86:2

given to show God’s spirit by helping others TMK 113:4


claims a portion of, as He has blessed us HP 303:3

owns our,

spending it on needless articles RC 266:5

work with Jesus in disbursing it TDG 349:4

God’s, used to follow after world’s customs HP 167:4

haggling over, as bigots before unbelievers 2MCP 436:2

help for those without UL 247:4

inability to obtain, honestly means God didn’t intend it for us OHC 193:5

influence of Jesus’ love may be exerted without OHC 260:4

interest in houses and dress instead of in souls use TDG 86:2

inventory taken by God of, which He lends TDG 8:3; TMK 220:3


for Christ before we cannot buy or sell Mar 183:5

in giving last message; treasure lent by the Lord TDG 152:4

to advance the work UL 92:2

Judas had heart only for, and being greatest TDG 189:4

judgment in using large amounts of TDG 38:3

judgments on professing Christians who serve; (mammon) TDG 162:4

lack of, often according to God’s plan UL 362:5


by God to be returned for His cause when needed FW 20:2

for God’s glory RY 95:1


is entrusted treasure as is much UL 29:2

with blessing of God extends farther OHC 196:2

lost in investments UL 93:5

love of,

broad way allows TMK 304:2

cannot dwell in the heart loving Jesus HP 301:3

Christ frequently rebuked RY 95:2

Judas chose to cultivate, instead of transformation OHC 287:2

wrong when life considered less important TDG 280:5


absorbed in HP 346:2

(gained) at loss of saving power of truth UL 93:4

is world’s policy HP 300:3

speculators’ desire, fast UL 21:4

marriage happiness requires unselfishness with LYL 22:0

mind intoxicated by large amounts of, perverted judgment TDG 38:3

misappropriated by Christians UL 234:2

monopolies will bind so a few men will grasp CL 10:3

peace and love cannot be purchased with TMK 83:2

plan of God for our, for His kingdom TDG 303:3

poor in God’s household helped by those with UL 29:5

possession of, a test of character OHC 200:6

pray to use, in a way to please God UL 29:2

purpose (single) in spending UL 175

raising of,

in disobedience to the Lord’s requirements SW 89:0

recommended to one writing about Oakwood SW 85:2

remember poor when considering spending, selfishly UL 29:5

responsibility for God’s cause comes with RC 266:2; UL 29:4

return gift of, to the Lord UL 151:6


devises fashions to use 3SM 244:3

engrosses with prospects of UL 21:2

secure, only with uprightness and integrity OHC 193:5

self-denial required also of those with little HP 301:5

selfish desires,

and inclination in using TSB 71:1

not to be the purpose for investing UL 29:4

selfishness in use of, UL 234:2

closes door to doing good HP 300:2; RC 232:4

kept from God RC 266:2

less by giving tithes and offerings OHC 192:3

Solomon’s history is a lesson for those with CC 193:5

soul saving to be the object of LHU 360


consider what Jesus would do when OHC 198:6

lavishly while abandoning poor who know not God SW 34:0

on luxuries; priorities on world LHU 128:2

to gratify perverted appetites OHC 268:2

to honor the queen; consider sacrificing for Christ TDG 338

wrongly is a way to forget God UL 29:3

spiritual dwarfs do not use, for God’s cause HP 184:2

squandered in self-gratification OHC 270:3


of God’s; self-denial in finishing the work 3SM 248:2

of more than TMK 327:2

subordination of everything else by worshipers of; (mammon) TMK 309:3

taking, unjustly, God cares about us despite those who are TDG 91:2

talent of, appeal to one in old age with RY 96:2

talents neglected by some with TDG 85:2

to help the less fortunate RC 272:6

trading with the Lord’s, ask whether you are TDG 218:2

treasury to be supplied with, by all; spread the message UL 360:3

unfortunate helped with, not currently needed RC 272:6

use of, See also Stinginess

valuable and desirable blessing if used wisely OHC 193:3

value of,

in God’s work to be learned 3SM 248:3

seen for spreading truth OHC 340:4

wife’s potential for advising better use of TSB 70

wisdom to use,

given by grace 2MCP 558:1

God’s needed TSB 71:2

withholding of, from God; covenant not fulfilled AG 150:2

witnesses of God do not try to serve both Him and HP 168:5


in Southern field requires SW 64:2

retarded because of scarcity of, in many places TDG 349:5

which requires, converted ones are called to do TDG 303:2

workers concentrated in few places was misuse of CME 10:6

working for, to advance God’s cause Mar 183:5

world trusts, instead of God’s free treasure UL 79:5

See also Expenditure; Gold; Possessions; Profit; Prosperity; Speculation (financial); Stewardship; Treasure; Wealth