Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers


How to Secure Necessary Funds

From the beginning of our missionary work, we have been much perplexed to know how we could secure funds adequate to the support of missionary enterprises in the fields which Providence has opened before us. Missionary work is to be widely extended, and those who believe the truth should avoid using their means in purchasing that which is unnecessary. We are not to study our convenience but rather our necessities. We shall have to bind about our wants in order that there shall be means in the treasury to raise the standard of truth in new territory. TM 217.1

Seek God; believe in Him who has infinite resources. If we move wisely, putting our ability into the work, the good hand of God will be upon us. We must push forward the work, not waiting to see the funds in the treasury before we undertake it. God forbid that when His providence summons us to enter the fields white already to harvest, our steps should be retarded by the cry, “Our treasury is exhausted. We have no means to sustain the workers that are already in the field, and it is impossible for us to enlarge our operations.” TM 217.2

We thank God that our Sabbath schools have contributed enough to advance many a precious enterprise. Children and youth have given their pennies, that like little rivulets have supplied a stream of beneficence. Children should be educated in such a way that they may perform unselfish acts which heaven will rejoice to see. When the dew of youth is upon them children should be trained how to do service for Christ. They should be taught self-denial. TM 217.3

The fields nigh and afar off belong to God; for the world is His. Usurpers have taken possession of God's earthly property, but He will make a way so that the truth may be presented in the dark corners of the earth. If men will only follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit they will find ways and means by which the message may go forth and gain a glorious victory. TM 218.1