Medical Ministry


Not Amusements, but Consecrated Work

There are some who feel that if there is prosperity here [Loma Linda], it will be necessary to get up some amusement. Let us not cherish such thoughts as this. Rather let the people see that you have a mind for usefulness and duty, and that to the saving of the soul. The amusements that consume time, just to gratify self, do not pay.... MM 82.1

Some will think that by having amusements here we will gain more influence. But what we want is to go steadily forward, with our hands firmly holding the divine promise, believing that Christ will lead and guide and bless and place a heavenly stamp upon our work. Do not feel that there is not enough in all that we have to do in this place for Christ and heaven, and that you must reach out for some amusement outside of your God-given work. Do not do it; for this will not harmonize with Christ's example. Stand solidly for God. Tell the students, Here we have Riverside and other places. If you want to do a good work, take our publications and carry them to these places. Hold meetings, and let the people see that you have a living connection with heaven.—Manuscript 9, 1911. MM 82.2