Testimonies for the Church, vol. 9


Personal Effort in Connection With Camp Meetings

The work at our camp meetings should be conducted, not according to man's devising, but after the manner of Christ's working. The church members should be drawn out to labor. Angels of God will direct in the opening of fields nigh and afar off, that the work of warning the world may be quickly accomplished. God calls upon believers to obtain an experience in missionary work by branching out into new territory and working intelligently for the people in the byways. To those who will do this, openings for labor will come. 9T 120.1

In following up the interests after a camp meeting, helpers are needed in various lines, and these occasions should be as training schools for workers. Let young men work in connection with experienced laborers who will pray with them and patiently instruct them. Consecrated women should engage in Bible work from house to house. Some of the workers should act as colporteurs, selling our literature and giving judiciously to those who cannot buy. 9T 120.2

Those who are truly converted must become more and more intelligent in their understanding of the Scriptures, that they may be able to speak words of light and salvation to those who are in darkness and perishing in their sins. As workers together with Him we are to expect special blessings and definite results as we strive to save souls from the snares of Satan that they may become the children of light. 9T 121.1