Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Delegations from Abroad

The presence at the 1909 General Conference of over a hundred delegates from abroad, gave Mrs. White opportunity to meet old friends with whom in former years she had been associated in labor. Often during the Conference she was visited by groups of brethren present from some foreign conference or mission field, who conveyed to her personally their greetings, and reported the progress of the third angel's message in the fields they represented. Thus opportunity was afforded nearly all from abroad, both old friends and those who had never before made her acquaintance, to assure her of their courage in God and of their determination to do their part in the finishing of the work. LS 420.1

“I felt very deeply,” Mrs. White said publicly, after enjoying one of these occasions, “when our brethren who had come from foreign fields told me a little of their experiences and of what the Lord is doing in bringing souls to the truth.” The General Conference Bulletin, May 21, 1909. And at another time, addressing them especially while speaking before the Conference, she said: LS 420.2

“Here are workers who have come from foreign countries. They have come to see and to understand. They are determined to improve every privilege, that they may go back to their fields of labor with a renewal of grace and the power of the Spirit of God. As teachers and leaders in the work, they are to gather precious truths which they will, if faithful, present to their fellow laborers who are working in many places and in various ways to bring souls to a knowledge of the truth. My brethren, in your fields of labor, you may be surrounded by unfavorable circumstances; but the Lord knows all about this, and He will supply your lack by His own Holy Spirit. We need to have much more faith in God.” The General Conference Bulletin, May 21, 1909. LS 420.3