Messages to Young People


Chapter 101—“Honor the Lord With Thy Substance”

“How much owest thou unto my Lord?” Shall we receive every blessing from the hand of God, and yet make no returns to Him—not even in giving Him our tithe, the portion which He has reserved unto Himself? It has become customary to turn everything out of the true line of self-sacrifice into the path of self-pleasing. But shall we continually receive His favors with indifference, and make no response to His love? MYP 306.1

Will you not, dear youth, become missionaries for God? Will you, as you have never done before, learn the precious lesson of making gifts to the Lord by putting into the treasury of that which He has freely given you to enjoy? Whatever you have received, let a portion be returned to the Giver as a gratitude offering. A part should also be put into the treasury for the missionary work to be done both at home and abroad. MYP 306.2