EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Sanctuary (heavenly) - Sanitarium, Sanitariums

Sanctuary (heavenly)

Sanctuary (heavenly) EW 32-3, 36, 42-3, 48, 54-6, 86, 243-4, 250-6, 260-1, 279-81; GC 324-9, 351-3, 398-400, 409-36; LS 100-1; PP 343, 351-8; SR 375-81

1. Holy place of

2. Most holy place of

3. Miscellaneous

1. Holy place of

Christ entered, to cleanse sanctuary 4T 122

Christ shut door of, in 1844 EW 42-3, 251; GC 429-30

when He passed into most holy place EW 254; GC 429-30

Christ will tarry a moment in, after His ministry ends in most holy place EW 280

Christ’s priestly ministration in 7BC 913; GC 420-1

application of Rev. 3:7, 8, to EW 43, 86; GC 430, 435; 1SM 63

began at His ascension GC 420-1, 430

ended in 1844 EW 42-3, 250-1, 253-4; GC 429-30

ended when His ministration in second apartment began EW 251, 254, 274; GC 421, 428-30

essential to plan of salvation GC 489

Jews who could not be benefited by EW 259-61; GC 430

lasted 18 centuries GC 421, 429-30

Paul refers to, in Epistle to Hebrews GC 421

present test on Sabbath observance could not come until after close of EW 42-3, 254-6; 2T 693

priestly ministry throughout year in first apartment of earthly sanctuary represented GC 420-1

churches have been filling up with every unclean and hateful bird since Christ left EW 274

door of hope and mercy in, for 1,800 years men found access to God by GC 429

enemies of present truth try to open door of, that Christ has shut EW 43

faith of disciples followed Christ into, when He ascended to heaven GC 421

fallen churches address prayers to EW 56, 261

furniture of EW 32, 54-5, 251-2; GC 411-2, 414-5; LS 100; PP 356; SR 377

John saw, in vision GC 414-5; PP 356-7; SR 377

prayer and confession are to be offered only to Christ as our High Priest in 7BC 913

veil of See Veil

2. Most holy place of GC 423-6, 479-91

Aaron’s rod that budded was in EW 32; LS 100

all believers will be tested before Christ leaves 2T 691

ark of covenant in See Ark of covenant

atonement made by Christ in: for His people EW 244

for the righteous dead and for the righteous living EW 254, 280

includes all who died trusting in Him without having light on God’s commandments EW 254

believers who follow Christ by faith in His work of atonement in, receive benefits of His mediation GC 430

Christ entered: as foreshadowed in type GC 424

in flaming chariot EW 55, 251

to cleanse sanctuary EW 243, 251; GC 421

to engage in last acts of His ministration for man GC 480

to make atonement for all entitled to its benefits GC 480

to minister in sinner’s behalf SR 379

to perform closing work of atonement GC 422, 428, 433; SR 378-9

to perform last division of His solemn work GC 421

to perform work of investigative judgment GC 480

to receive His kingdom EW 55, 244, 280

Christ intercedes in, for His people 7BC 933; CSW 111-2; EW 36

Christ is performing closing work of His priestly office in Ev 223

Christ makes final intercession in, for all for whom mercy still lingers EW 254

for persons who have ignorantly broken God’s law EW 254

Christ ministers in, in sinner’s behalf GC 430

Christ offers prayers of His people to Father in EW 32

Christ officiates before ark of covenant in, for sinners GC 433

Christ opened door of, in 1844 EW 42-3, 86, 251; GC 429-30

when His ministration ended in holy place EW 42-3, 251; GC 429-30

Christ pleads before mercy seat for His people 7BC 948; TM 92-3

Christ pleads His blood before ark of covenant in, for sinners GC 433; SR 379

Christ pleads His blood before Father in, for sinners GC 429

Christ presents His blood before mercy seat in, for His people CSW 111

Christ was seen standing by (or before) ark of covenant in EW 32, 252, 254, 279

Christ’s intercession in, provides forgiveness of sins GC 430

Christ’s ministry as High Priest in 7BC 933; GC 421-36, 479-80; 1SM 343-4

application of Rev. 3:7, 8, to EW 42, 86; GC 430, 435; 1SM 63

began in 1844 Ev 223; EW 42-3, 243, 250-1, 253-4, 274; GC 421-2, 424-5, 429-30, 433, 480; LS 278; 1SM 125; SR 378-9

began when His priestly ministry in holy place ended EW 54-5, 251, 254; GC 421, 428-30

believers who will find themselves unprepared at close of 2T 190-1

close of EW 279-80; SR 402-3; GC 613-5

Dan. 7:9, 10, 13, 14, refers to GC 424, 426-7, 479-80

Dan. 8:14 refers to GC 426

duty of God’s people during EW 48; GC 431, 489-90; 2T 190-1

fate of professed Christians who come to close of, unprepared GC 483, 489-91; 3SG 134-5

first angel’s message pointed to GC 424

forgiveness of sins is offered to men through GC 429-30

four angels hold four winds until close of EW 36; GC 614

God’s people are being tested on Sabbath question during EW 42-3

God’s people need understanding of GC 431

harmonious exposition of Scripture reveals GC 435

His marriage to New Jerusalem takes place during EW 55, 251, 280; GC 426-8, 479-80

how ministers should feel when they see, by faith GW 22-3

is nearly finished EW 58, 86

Jude 14, 15, refers to GC 426-7

light re, led to understanding of threefold message of Revelation 14 GC 435-6; SR 379-81

light re Sabbath was given after commencement of EW 32-3, 42-3, 254-6; GC 435

Mal. 3:1, 5, foretold GC 424-6

Millerite Adventists who could not be benefited by EW 260-1; GC 430, 432

minds of all who accept third angel’s message are directed to EW 254

no mediator between God and man after close of EW 280

parable of ten virgins refers to GC 426-8

precedes second advent GC 422, 427; SR 378

present test on Sabbath observance could not come until commencement of EW 42-3, 254-6

Rev. 11:19 refers to SR 379

SS teachers and members should consider CSW 111-2

should have full impression on heart CSW 111-2

soon will close 7BC 989; 2T 190-1

special test on Sabbath truth did not come until after commencement of 2T 693

Spirit restrains rulers and people during GC 610-1, 614; 1T 202

status of true Christians who did not have light re Sabbath prior to EW 32-3, 42-3, 254-6; 2T 693

third angel’s message closes with close of EW 279-81; GC 613

third angel’s message points to EW 254-6, 260-1

time of trouble begins shortly before close of EW 85

Christ’s return from His priestly ministration in, Mark 13:35-37 refers to 2T 190

churches have been filling up with every unclean and hateful bird since Christ entered EW 274

closing work of atonement by Christ in GC 428-9

closing work of Christ’s priestly office in, Dan. 8:14 refers to Ev 223

enemies of present truth try to close door of, that Christ opened in 1844 EW 43

entrance into, is made manifest through Christ TM 486

final atonement made by Christ in, for all who could be benefited by His mediation EW 253

furniture in EW 32-3, 42-3, 55, 252-6, 279-80; GC 414-5, 418-9, 433-5, 437-9; LS 100-1; PP 356; 2SG 82-3; 4aSG 8; SR 153-4, 377, 379-81; 1T 76; 2T 693

God the Father entered, in flaming chariot EW 55, 92; GC 479

God’s people claim benefits of Christ’s mediation in 4aSG 9; SR 155

God’s people see Christ in, with eye of faith 4aSG 9; SR 155

God’s people must send up their petitions in faith to EW 72

God’s remnant people followed Christ by faith into, in 1844 EW 255

golden pot of manna in ark of covenant in EW 32; LS 100

high priest’s ministry in most holy place of earthly sanctuary represents Christ’s ministry in 4aSG 9; SR 155

investigative judgment in GC 479-91; PP 357-8; SR 378

began in 1844 1SM 125; GC 486

begins with people who first lived on earth GC 483

cases of the wicked are not considered in GC 480

Christ as intercessor pleads in, for all who have overcome through faith GC 484

Christ as our advocate in, presents cases of His people of each successive generation GC 483

Christ pleads before God in, as advocate of His people GC 482

closes with the living GC 483

description of GC 479-91

destiny of all will have been decided for life or death at close of GC 490

duty of God’s people during GC 490-1

every case is closely investigated in GC 483, 490

every name is mentioned in GC 483

examination of books of record is needed in, to determine who are entitled to benefits of Christ’s atonement GC 422; SR 378

first angel’s message pointed to GC 424

God the Father as Ancient of Days presides over GC 479-80

God’s people should clearly understand GC 488

judgment of the wicked is distinct and separate work from GC 480

names of professed Christians who have not repented and been forgiven will be blotted out of book of life in GC 483

no one knows how soon, will pass to cases of the living GC 490

only cases considered in, are those of God’s professed people GC 480

parable of marriage of king’s son refers to GC 428

sins not repented of and forsaken will not be pardoned and blotted out of books of record in GC 483, 486

sins of the truly penitent will be blotted out of books of record in GC 483

work of, is to be accomplished before second advent GC 485

See also Judgment

Isaiah’s vision re 4BC 1139-41; GW 21-2; PK 307-8, 314-21

John saw, in vision GC 414-5; PP 356-7; SR 377; 2T 693

law of God in See Law of God; Ten Commandments

light shone from, re fourth commandment of Decalogue GC 435

mercy seat in See Mercy seat

midnight cry was to prepare God’s people to enter with Christ by faith into EW 260

open door of, light that shone from GC 435

opening of, Rev. 11:19 points to GC 433

people who follow Christ by faith in His work of atonement in, receive benefits of His mediation GC 430

prayers of God’s people are directed to Christ in 4aSG 9; SR 155

probation closes when Christ leaves 2T 691

sins of God’s people must be blotted out before Christ leaves EW 48

special atonement made by Christ in, for His people EW 251

Ten Commandments in See Law of God; Ten Commandments

third angel’s message followed commencement of ministration in EW 254-8

throne in See Throne

time of Christ’s priestly ministration in, is nearly finished EW 58; 1SM 66-7

veil of See Veil

when Christ ceases His priestly ministry in: cases of all are forever decided GC 428; 3SG 134; 2T 190-1

darkness (spiritual) will cover earth EW 280; GC 614

decree of Rev. 22:11, 12, will be pronounced GC 490-1, 613; 2SG 276; 3SG 134; 2T 190-1, 691; 8T 315

door of mercy will be shut GC 428

every case is decided either for life (salvation) or death (destruction) EW 36, 279-80; GC 613

God’s people will be sealed with His seal EW 48, 279; GC 613

God’s wrath will be poured out EW 36, 85, 280-1; GC 614-5, 627-8

He will assume office of supreme Judge 7BC 989

He will begin to reign as King of kings and Lord of lords EW 280

He will clothe Himself with garments of vengeance EW 36; 2T 190, 691; 5T 690; 8T 315

He will come forth to bless His waiting people PP 426

He will come the second time AA 33; 1BC 1111-2; EW 251, 281; GC 352, 422, 427, 485, 490; PP 426; SR 378

He will descend to earth in kingly power EW 251

He will lay off His priestly attire or mediatorial robes EW 36, 281; 2T 190, 691; 8T 315

He will put on His kingly robes EW 281

He will receive His kingdom EW 280; GC 426-8, 479-80

He will return to earth to receive His people EW 251

inhabitants of earth know it not GC 615

no more light will be imparted to sinner 2SG 276

number of subjects of His kingdom is made up EW 279-80; GC 613-4

probation closes EW 48, 280; GC 428, 490-1; 2T 190-1

prophecy of Ezek. 9:1-6 will be fulfilled 5T 207-8

restraining Spirit is withdrawn from rulers and people GC 614; 1T 204

seven last plagues will be poured out EW 36, 52, 85, 280-1; GC 627-8

sins of God’s people are blotted out EW 280; GC 613-4

there will be no atoning blood to cleanse from sin and pollution 3SG 134

time of trouble will come upon earth EW 36-7, 280-1; GC 613-5; 3SG 134

work of saving souls must be done before Christ leaves EW 48

3. Miscellaneous

Aaron as type of Christ as our High Priest in COL 148; GW 34; PP 351

altar of, Christ is represented as continually standing at 1SM 343

atonement made by Christ in, for people who believe in Him TM 37

atoning sacrifice made by Christ in, for His people FE 370

benefits of Christ’s atonement were shed upon disciples from EW 260

blessing of Day of Pentecost taught way into EW 259-60

blessings of Christ’s mediation in, were shed upon His disciples after His ascension GC 430

blotting out of sins in, began in 1844 GC 486

cherubim in See Cherubim

Christ as high priest in: immortalized Calvary 1SM 343

is invisible to human sight DA 166; 4aSG 9; SR 155

prays Father to give Spirit to His people TM 218

Christ as our advocate in, pleads in our behalf 5T 316-7

Christ as our mediator in, presents our prayers to Father CT 241; 4T 528

Christ bears names of all His people on His heart in COL 148; GW 34; PP 351

Christ became minister of DA 166

by virtue of His death and resurrection DA 165-6

Christ carries forward His work in, notwithstanding Satan’s apparent triumph GW 26

Christ completed one part of His intercessory work in, to enter upon another portion of His work GC 428-9

Christ completes in, work He began by His death GC 489

Christ entered, by His own blood when He ascended to heaven EW 260; GC 430

to make atonement for His people Ev 695; 1SM 67

Christ in, now accepts our sacrifices, prayers, and confessions of faults and sins EW 48

Christ intercedes (pleads) in, for His people AA 552-3; 6BC 1078; 7BC 930-1, 933; Ev 223; FE 370; GC 431; LS 278; 1SM 258; TM 37, 92

for people who suffer physically or spiritually CH 221

Christ is our Mediator and officiating High Priest in Father’s presence AA 586; 7BC 913; 4T 395

Christ looks down upon His people from FE 273

Christ ministering in, look by faith to DA 277

Christ ministers in: at God’s right hand GC 413

for all who believe in Him as personal Saviour 7BC 931

for true believers 7BC 931

in our behalf GC 414

Christ officiates in, for His people CH 221

Christ our forerunner ministers in, for us before God’s throne GC 414

Christ pleads efficacy of His blood in, for us FE 370

Christ pleads His blood before Father in, for His people EW 38; PP 351

Christ removes sins of His people from, at close of His priestly ministration GC 422

by virtue of His own blood GC 422

Christ’s blood was to be offered by Him in EW 253

Christ’s closing work in: first angel’s message of Rev. 14:7 announces GC 352

immediately precedes second advent GC 352

is removal or blotting out of sins of His people from heavenly records GC 352

is work of judgment GC 352

Christ’s final ministration in, as our High Priest Ev 223; LS 278

Christ’s great work of cleansing, from sins of His people 5T 575

Christ’s intercession in, for His people 1SM 344

is that of pierced and broken body and also of spotless life GC 416

Christ’s priesthood in, how SDA pioneers received light re 1SM 206-7

Christ’s priestly ministry in: all need knowledge of 7BC 913, 930-1; GC 431, 488

began after He had offered His life as sacrifice for sinners PP 343

began when He ascended to heaven AA 38-9; EW 259-60; GC 420, 430, 489; PP 357, 367-8

careless and unbelieving Christians who are willingly ignorant of GC 430-1

casts shadow backward on priestly ministry in earthly sanctuary AA 246-7

change of, from holy place to most holy place in 1844 EW 55; GC 421, 427-9, 432-3

consists of two divisions GC 418-9; PP 357

correct understanding of, is foundation of SDA faith Ev 221

Dan. 8:14 refers to closing work of LS 63; 1T 58

each division of, occupies period of time and has distinctive place PP 357

few people have real understanding of 7BC 932

four angels hold four winds until close of EW 38

heresy re, warning against 1SM 208

is as essential as His death on cross GC 489

Jews who could not be benefited by EW 260; GC 430

outpouring of Spirit on Pentecost signalized that, had begun AA 39; EW 260

Paul pointed his hearers beyond, to His second advent AA 228

Paul preached re, in Corinth AA 246-7

persons who would share benefits of, duty of GC 488

priestly ministration in earthly sanctuary prefigured GC 413, 418-22, 428, 433; PK 684-5; PP 343, 352-8; SR 378

professed Christians who are willingly ignorant of GC 430

same light that reveals true Sabbath reveals also TM 472

sincere desire of all who come to Him in faith may be presented before God through GC 489

time of trouble will begin shortly before close of EW 85

truth which must be proclaimed until close of GC 435-6

truths that bring to view, Satan hates GC 488

what was done in type in ministration of earthly sanctuary is done in reality in GC 420

Zechariah’s prophecy re GC 415-7

Christ’s work for redemption of men and purification of universe from sin will be closed by removal of sin from PP 358

cleansing of: actual, is accomplished by removal or blotting out of sins there recorded GC 421-2; PP 357-8; SR 378

began in 1844 Ev 223; EW 243, 250-1, 253; GC 328-9, 399, 410, 417, 421-2, 424-6, 429-30, 433, 480, 486

began on tenth day of seventh Jewish month GC 400

by blotting out of sins recorded there EW 48; GC 352, 421-2, 428-9, 482-6; PP 357-8

Christ’s blood is used for GC 417-8; SR 377-8

commenced on Oct. 22, 1844 GC 400

Dan. 8:14 foretold Ev 223; GC 328-9, 351-3, 410, 417, 421, 424, 426, 480; LS 63, 278; SR 375, 377; 1T 58

duty of God’s people during Ev 224; EW 48; GC 431, 489-90; 5T 575

examination of books of record is essential to GC 422; SR 378

explanation of GC 417-22; PP 357-8; SR 377-8

first revelation of truth re CW 30

generally received erroneous view re, Miller (Wm.) adopted GC 328, 352, 409

Hebrews 9 plainly teaches GC 417-8; SR 377-8

importance of understanding 5T 575

involves work of investigation EW 280; GC 352, 421-2, 424, 428, 482-6; SR 378

involves work of judgment GC 352, 422

is cleansing from record of sin GC 421-2; PP 357-8

knowledge of, understanding of Christ’s priestly ministration is essential to SR 378

Millerite Adventists had erroneous concept of Ev 223; EW 243-4, 250-1; GC 324-5, 329, 351-4, 398-400, 409-11, 424, 431-2; LS 63, 278; SR 375-6; 1T 58

pardoned sins of the penitent have remained on books of record until GC 421-2

precedes second advent GC 422; SR 378

priestly ministration in earthly sanctuary helps to understand SR 378

Satan’s role as scapegoat in See Scapegoat

third angel’s message is given to men during EW 254-5

typical service of earthly sanctuary foreshadowed GC 417-22; PP 357-8; SR 377-8

universally believed erroneously as taking place at second advent GC 328, 352, 409

work of judgment in, must be performed before second advent GC 422

closing work of atonement in, momentous interests are involved in GC 490

solemn scenes are connected with GC 490

Dan. 8:14 unquestionably points to GC 417

doctrine of, Spirit has repeatedly in marked manner endorsed Ev 224

duty of Christ’s people on earth while He is cleansing Ev 224

earthly sanctuary pointed to GC 417

earthly sanctuary was patterned after Ed 35; GC 414-5, 417, 435; PP 343, 351-2; 4aSG 5, 113; SR 151, 194, 377, 381

Epistle to Hebrews refers to GC 413; PP 356-7, 367-8; SR 376-7

existence of, indisputable proof of GC 415; SR 377

faith of God’s people should go with Christ into 5T 575

false doctrine that there is no: enemy will bring in CW 53

there will be apostasy as result of CW 53; Ev 224

warning against CW 53; Ev 224

false theories re, warning against Ev 224-5

fanciful suppositions re, Satan strives to bring in CW 53-4; Ev 225

final atonement in, sins of the truly penitent are to be blotted from records in PP 358

finishing of atonement by Christ in LS 63; 1T 58

follow Christ by faith in His work in GC 427

furniture in EW 32-3, 42-3, 54-5, 251-6, 279; GC 414-5, 433-5; LS 100-1; PP 356; SR 153-4, 377, 379-81; 2T 693

furniture in earthly sanctuary resembled EW 252-3; PP 356

See each item by name

glory of God’s eternal throne fills GC 414

glories of, earthly sanctuary was dim reflection of GC 414; PP 349

God pitched, and not man 1SM 343

God’s people must live without high priest in, during time of trouble EW 71

God’s people should have their eyes fixed on Ev 223; LS 278

golden scales (balances) of WM 173

God weighs men’s characters in TM 439-40

God weighs moral character in SD 60

offerings of the poor are weighed in WM 203

gospel worker’s labor should be in harmony with Christ’s work in 4T 395

grateful praise ascends as sweet incense to 2SM 272

He who dwells in, judges righteously COL 176

how there could be sin connected with GC 418-22

illuminating influence from 2T 184

important truths re, earthly sanctuary and its services taught GC 414

inner court of, spiritual eyesight is needed to discern 6T 368

investigative judgment in, threefold message of Revelation 14 is to prepare men to stand in GC 436

investigative judgment is going on in GC 479-91; LS 278; SD 355

irrevocable decision of, destiny of world will be forever fixed at pronouncement of GC 615

inhabitants of earth will not know when, will be pronounced GC 615

is: abiding place of King of kings GC 414; PP 357

center of Christ’s redemptive work for man GC 488; PP 349

God’s dwelling place GC 415

great original GC 414; PP 357; SR 377

invisible to human sight DA 166

opened in heaven 6T 368

sanctuary of new covenant GC 413, 417

John saw, in vision GC 414-5; PP 356-7; SR 377; 2T 693

lift your eyes in prayer toward CT 241

light from, attends precious truths published 1T 592

illumines past, present, and future GC 423; SR 383-4

man’s mediator in, exalt Christ as AA 230

minds of God’s people are to be directed to Ev 695; 1SM 67

miniature model of, presented to Moses 4aSG 5; SR 151

miniature representation of, given to Moses PP 343

minister of, Christ became DA 166

Christ is 7BC 931; PK 685; 1SM 343; SR 376

Moses was shown PP 343

new duties revealed as God’s people follow Christ in His ministration in GC 425

new theories re, warning against Ev 224-5

no human architect built DA 166

no mediator in, to plead for sinners during time of trouble EW 71

no priest in, after Christ’s priestly ministry closes EW 48

open door of, raise your eyes to SC 102

opened, John was given vision of GC 415; 2T 693

opening and shutting of doors in, application of Rev. 3:7, 8, to EW 42, 86; GC 429-30, 435; 1SM 62-4, 74

in 1844 EW 42-3, 86, 250-5; GC 429-30, 433, 435; 1SM 62-4

our religious services, prayers, praise, and penitent confession of sin ascend as incense to Christ in 6BC 1078; 1SM 344

our sins should be blotted out before Christ leaves EW 48

outpouring of Spirit on Pentecost carried minds of disciples to, from earthly sanctuary AA 39; EW 260

prayer and confession are to be offered only to Christ in 7BC 913

prayers of God’s people ascend to Christ in DA 667; EW 32

priestly ministration was to be removed from earthly sanctuary to DA 166

rays of light shining from, seek 2T 195

removal of sinner’s record of sins from GC 421-2, 483, 485-6, 658; PP 357-8; SR 378

scenes connected with, should so impress our minds and hearts that we may be able to impress others 5T 575

seek to become perfect in Christ now while Christ makes atonement in GC 623

seraphim are shining guardians of GC 414 See also Seraphim

services of, sacrifices and offerings of Mosaic ritual pointed to PK 685

services of earthly sanctuary foreshadowed GC 413, 418-22, 428; PK 684-5; PP 343, 352-8

SDA doctrine re, Spirit has witnessed to Ev 224

sins of God’s people stand on record in, until final atonement PP 357

sincere prayer not fluently expressed ascends to Christ in DA 667

sincere prayers are presented by Christ in, to Father 7BC 930; DA 667

solemn work going on in: awake to 1SM 122

institutional workers must keep, constantly in mind 5T 420-1

study constantly 5T 520

third angel’s message is given to direct believers’ minds to 1SM 67

threshold of, is flushed with glory for church that loves God and keeps His commandments 6T 368

is flushed with glory shining on persons opening windows of their souls heavenward 7BC 930

throne of God in See Throne

took place of earthly sanctuary when Christ ascended to heaven EW 260

transfer of repentant sinner’s sins to GC 418-22; PP 354-7; SR 378

truth(s) re: earthly sanctuary taught GC 414-5

involves acknowledgment of claims of God’s law GC 435

midnight cry of 1844 was to prepare men for EW 260-1

some men will form new theories denying Ev 224

two apartments in EW 32-3, 42-3, 55-6, 250-4; GC 414-5; LS 100-1; SR 377

Christ’s priestly ministry in EW 253-4; GC 428-9

light has been streaming from PP 367-8

two holy places in earthly sanctuary were patterns of GC 414; PK 685; PP 356

type of, earthly sanctuary was DA 166

vastness and glory of, no earthly structure could represent GC 414; PP 357

visions given to EGW re EW 36, 54-6, 244, 250-5, 260-1; 1SM 74

on Apr. 3, 1847 EW 32-3; LS 100-4

on Jan. 5, 1849 LS 116

on March 24, 1849 EW 42-3, 86

what was done in type in earthly sanctuary is done in reality in GC 420

when Christ leaves: all elements of strife will be let loose GC 614

all who are holy and righteous will be holy and righteous still EW 48; GC 613-4

all who are unjust and filthy will be unjust and filthy still EW 48

darkness (spiritual) will cover inhabitants of earth GC 614

decree of Rev. 22:11 will go forth EW 48, 71

God’s people will be sealed with His seal EW 48, 279; GC 613

restraint upon the wicked will be removed GC 614

Satan will have full control of the finally impenitent GC 614

Satan will plunge earth’s inhabitants into one great and final trouble GC 614

sins of God’s people will be blotted out EW 48

Spirit will have been withdrawn from world GC 614; 1T 204

the righteous must live in sight of holy God without intercessor GC 614

whole world will be involved in ruin more terrible than that which came on Jerusalem GC 614

wicked will have passed boundary of their probation GC 614

when Christ’s priestly ministry ceases in: characters of God’s people must be purified from sin by blood of sprinkling GC 425

decree of Rev. 22:11 will be pronounced GC 613

God’s people have finished their work in earth GC 613

God’s people living on earth must stand in His sight without mediator GC 425

He will come again AA 228; GC 485

loyal commandment keepers have received seal of God GC 613

mercy no longer pleads for guilty inhabitants of earth GC 613

number of subjects of His kingdom is made up EW 280; GC 613-4

robes of God’s people must be spotless GC 425

seven last plagues will be poured out EW 36, 52, 280-1; GC 627-8

while Christ ministers in: He is minister of church on earth by Spirit DA 166

He is minister of His church on earth through His delegates 4T 393

He works through Spirit working through His earthly messengers CH 545

while sins of the penitent are being removed from, special work of purification is needed among God’s people on earth GC 425

work going on in, are we awake to? 1SM 122

work of, angelic host is connected with PP 347; 4aSG 8; SR 154

work of atonement by Christ in: all need to be intelligent re 5T 575

before His work for redemption of men is completed GC 421

began when 2,300 days of Dan. 8:14 ended GC 421

completion of GC 422, 490-1, 658; PP 358

for removal of sin from sanctuary GC 421-2; PP 357-8

work of judgment in: began in 1844 GC 436

must continue till cases of the living and the dead are decided GC 436

will extend to close of human probation GC 436

work of judgment is going forward in Ev 223; GC 436

See also High Priest; Priest


balances of,

character weighed in HP 130:6

judgment by FLB 209:6

See also Character; Judgment


not followed as He should be into Mar 249:4

pleading in, to be remembered when tempted HP 264:2

work of, in, unworthiness sensed when we see HP 177:4

church, cleansing of, from tobacco users Con 59:2

cleansing of,

join Christ in; do not surmise evil LHU 216:5

people prepared during; character reviewed RC 296

soul purification needed in harmony with Mar 249:4

contempt for time of, inexcusable FLB 194:5

decision in, to close probation, unnoticed Mar 264:2

doctrine of, new theories will deny UL 199:4

God will be, if obeyed and truth proclaimed TDG 336:4

God’s message made known from TMK 101:2

heavenly, interior of, shown to Isaiah in vision RC 338:2

lawyer weighed in balances of UL 221:4

light from, will shine on God’s people UL 262:2

moral worth weighed in balances of TMK 255:5

names fragrant in, by offering of self-denial and love HP 306:6

removal of, as pillars of faith while ministers watch UL 152:5

sins confessed to Jesus in, before His return FLB 351:4

truth in Old Testament connected with TMK 101:2

truth of,

endorsed by the Holy Spirit UL 199:4

new theories that deny UL 199

to be continually developing FLB 194:2

view of, Ellen White unable to speak of, for days UL 199:5


is going forward in UL 344:2

quality in, as spiritual work in our lives LHU 173:5

worship of individuals weighed by scales of UL 73:5

wrong articles about RY 78:2

Sanctuary (various)

Sanctuary (various), Adam and Eve chose, under trees of Eden DA 290

assumption of ornaments of, without Christ’s righteousness PK 188; 5T 81

Bible truth is needed in inner, of soul 6T 295-6

Christ had dwelt in innermost, of the Eternal SD 26

church as, of Ezek. 9:6 5T 211

church building is, for congregation 5T 491

everlasting heights of, Christ had dwelt in CT 22

happy are they who have, in city, among rugged mountain caves, in lowly cabin, or in wilderness 5T 491-2

house is, for family 5T 491

Sanctuary question

erroneous theories re, SDA whom God has honored will advocate Ev 360

investigation of, brought clearer light GC 429

light re: all who have, should bear testimony re great truths God has committed to them GC 488

brought clearer understanding of first and second angels’ messages GC 432

given to faithful Millerite Adventists in 1844 CW 30; GC 411, 413, 422-3, 425, 427-8, 431-6; SR 375-81, 383-4

given to pioneer SDA CW 30; EW 244-5; GC 411, 413, 422-3, 425, 427-8, 431-6; GW 302; SR 375-81, 383-4

is source of joy and wonder GC 454

led God’s people to see closing work of church GC 432

led to discovery of Sabbath truth GC 433-6; SR 379-80

led to understanding of threefold message of Revelation 14 GC 435-6; SR 381

Millerite Adventists who rejected EW 260-1; GC 430, 432

prepared God’s people to proclaim third angel’s message GC 432

Miller’s (Wm.) interest in, from study of chronology of Dan. 8:14 GC 324-9

Millerite Adventists had erroneous concept of Ev 223; EW 243-4, 250-1; GC 324-5, 329, 351-4, 398-400, 409-11, 424, 431-2; LS 63, 278; SR 375-6; 1T 58

presentation of, was given under guidance of Spirit 1SM 161-2

stands in righteousness and truth as SDA have held it so many years GW 303

study of, Spirit’s guidance in 1SM 161-2

visions given to EGW re EW 36, 54-6, 244, 250-5, 260-1; GW 302; 1SM 74

on April 3, 1847 EW 32; LS 95, 100-1; 2SG 82-3; 1T 76

on Jan. 5, 1849 LS 116

on March 24, 1849 EW 42-3, 86

Sanctuary truth, Sanctuary truths

Sanctuary truth, Sanctuary truths Ev 221-5

acceptance of, involves acknowledgment of claims of God’s law GC 435; SR 381

involves obligation of Sabbath of fourth commandment GC 435; SR 381

bitter opposition to, secret of GC 435

is one principal subject on which God’s messengers should dwell EW 63

majority of Millerite Adventists rejected GC 456

misleading theories re many phases of, some believers will depart so far from truth as to advocate Ev 360

new theories re, some believers will be led to form Ev 224

one of landmarks under three angels’ messages is CW 30

Sabbath truth’s relation to GC 435

Spirit has borne witness to Ev 224

Spirit’s guidance in discovering 1SM 161-2

subject of: brings us down to close of time GC 488

concerns every soul living on earth GC 488

Daniel’s visions bring out Ev 222-3; LS 278

do not rest until you are intelligent re Ev 222-3; LS 278

establishes faith of the doubting EW 63

explains disappointment of Millerite Adventists in 1844 Ev 223; EW 63; LS 278

gives certainty to the glorious future EW 63

gives correct views of importance of God’s work for this time 5T 421

gives unmistakable proof that God has led us Ev 223; LS 278

God’s people need to clearly understand GC 488

it is of utmost importance that all thoroughly investigate GC 488

John’s visions bring out Ev 222-3; LS 278

ministers should preach more on EW 63

opened to view complete and connected system of truth GC 423

opens to view plan of redemption GC 488

presentation of, by ministers 4T 395

relationship of, to SDA position and work Ev 222-3

revealed present duty and work of God’s people GC 423

reveals triumphant issue of contest between righteousness and sin GC 488

showed that God’s hand directed great advent movement GC 423

shows what our present position is Ev 223; EW 63; GC 423; LS 278

some Millerite Adventists were led to examine, more closely GC 411

study GC 488

was key which unlocked mystery of disappointment of 1844 GC 423

Sand, Sands

building on, hearers but not doers are TDG 215:3

clean, children should be permitted to play in CG 107

great name among men is as letters traced in 5T 579

houses built on rock and, parable of See Parable

of seashore, God’s blessings are more in number than SD 116

of time, fast running out 2SM 376

footprints left on 2SM 168

rolling, good intentions and promises like 1T 482

rope of: claim that faith alone will save is trusting to SR 289

human reasoning like 6BC 1069

promises and resolutions like MH 175; SD 346

shifting: character built on PP 460

persons building on MB 150-1

self is but DA 314

surface readers of Bible are like TM 112

sliding: character built on CG 184; SD 111; 3T 143

loose dealing is building on 3BC 1158

man who was building on 2T 221

youth building on 3T 84

Sandal, Sandals

Sandal, Sandals, Moses required to put off, at burning bush PP 350

Sandal tree

Sandal tree, in Balaam’s prophecy re Israel PP 450


Sandbank, against current MH 130

Sand bed

Sand bed, avoid, in laying spiritual foundation 5T 129

San Diego, Calif.

San Diego, Calif. 7T 55-6

Sandy foundation

Sandy foundation, character built upon ML 73

Sane person, Sane persons

Sane person, Sane persons, in dealing with victims of intemperance, we do not deal with MH 172

people easily provoked to anger are not SD 142

San Fernando Academy

San Fernando Academy CT 205-10, 212-3; FE 523; 2SM 202; 9T 83-5, 271

San Fernando, Calif.

San Fernando, Calif. See San Fernando Academy

San Francisco, Calif.

San Francisco, Calif. Ev 403-5; LS 209, 267, 362, 412; 1SM 151-2; 4T 284, 295, 456; 7T 110-1, 121; 9T 94-5; WM 112

earthquake of, in 1906 LS 411; 9T 94-5; Te 26

erroneous report that EGW predicted LS 411


comparison of Oakland and, to Sodom and Gomorrah LDE 114

area of, opportunity to labor for (1906) PM 183:0

disasters of press and; God’s plan to be followed PM 178:0

Ellen White spoke in, about loaves and fishes 3SM 105:4

sins of, that brought destruction not to be in workers PM 178:1


Sang-froid Ev 644


Sanhedrin, approbation of, Christ did not seek DA 212

breakers of ceremonial law punished as apostates by AA 405

Caiaphas counseled, to slay Christ DA 539-40

Caiaphas was presiding officer of, during Christ’s trial DA 703-4

Christ declared Himself Son of God before DA 231, 457

Christ testified under oath before DA 706-8; MB 67

Christ’s first trial before DA 204-13; MB 2

Christ’s last trial and condemnation by DA 698, 703-15, 723

in two sessions DA 714, 760

Christ’s message rejected by DA 232

Christians persecuted by DA 629

condemnation of Christ to death by, Pilate’s approval sought for DA 723

deputation from, John the Baptist’s work investigated by DA 132-7

efforts of, to control men TM 361

existed only by tolerance in Christ’s time DA 539

Gamaliel’s counsel to, re apostles AA 82-3; EW 196; SR 257-8

influence of, strong in civil and religious matters DA 133

John the Baptist did not seek sanction of DA 132

Joseph of Arimathea absent when Christ was condemned by DA 539, 773

Joseph of Arimathea defended Christ against DA 539, 773

judges of DA 715

Christ’s trial before Pilate attended by DA 723

learning or eloquence of, Christ did not use AA 17

meeting place of, apartment connected with temple DA 133

judgment hall at Caiaphas’s palace DA 703-4

member(s) of: apostles were never 5BC 1088

Christ’s trial conducted so as to unite DA 699

disagreed re Christ DA 539

divided between Pharisees and Sadducees DA 705

John the Baptist heard by 2SM 148

John the Baptist reproved 2SM 149

Joseph of Arimathea was DA 539, 773

Nicodemus was AA 104; DA 176, 773

Paul formerly was AA 102, 112, 410; 6BC 1063, 1065; Ed 64; SR 267

rich robes worn by DA 134

rich young ruler was DA 520

membership in, position of power AA 112

qualifications for DA 133

Nicodemus absent when Christ was condemned by DA 539, 773

Nicodemus defended Christ against AA 104; 5BC 1136; DA 167-8, 176, 460, 539; TM 370

not a legal assembly in Christ’s time DA 539

Paul tried before AA 410-3

Paul’s refusal to be tried second time before AA 430

people put to death unlawfully by AA 98, 101; SR 266

Peter and John tried first time before AA 62-9; DA 354; EW 193-6; SR 250-3

Peter and John tried second time before AA 77-86; SR 255-8

plot of, to destroy Christ DA 167-8, 232, 538-41

to slay Lazarus DA 558

president of, high priest usually was DA 133

Roman authorities bribed by AA 98, 101; SR 266

Roman governors subordinated DA 133

Roman soldiers at Christ’s trial before DA 703-4

secular and ecclesiastical authority formerly exercised by DA 133

Stephen tried before AA 97-102; DA 354; EW 197-9; SR 262-7

Stephen’s death instigated by AA 98, 101; MB 33; SR 262, 266

supreme court of Jewish nation formerly was DA 133

unbelief controlled, in Christ’s time DA 241

under Roman rule, could not execute death sentence DA 204, 698, 723

violation of its own rules by DA 460, 699, 710

Sanitarium, Sanitariums

1. Building(s) of

2. Chaplain of

3. Classes of

4. Establishment of

5. Fees or rates charged for accommodations and medical care in

6. Instructors in

7. Leader(s) of

8. Location of

9. Matron(s) of

10. Objectives of

11. Patronage of

12. Miscellaneous


1. Building(s) of 7T 90-4

brick and stone are not most desirable for 7T 83

building program of CS 275; 8T 148

display and self-glorification in erecting, guard against desire for 7T 90

do not erect, near homes of great men of world 7T 89

economy needed in erecting 7T 83

erection of 7T 90-4

fire in, safeguards against 7T 84

grandeur of, do not rely on CH 589

is not most important thing CH 242

guiding principles in 7T 83-4, 90-4

heavy burdens of debt in erection of, avoid 7T 91

investment of means in erecting, move forward wisely in 7T 99

large and expensive, are not what gives SDA work influence and success 7T 93

large or expensive, do not erect 7T 59

massive, sick people are not to be reached by CH 211

needless expense in erecting, avoid 7T 92

persons who have hand in erecting, duty of 7T 94

plans for CS 275

proposal to erect large, in heart of Los Angeles, Calif. CH 231; LS 403; 7T 85-6

roomy, SDA need 7T 83

unnecessary extravagance in, guard carefully against CH 242

wooden 7T 83-4

preferable to those of brick 7T 84

2. Chaplain of 4T 546-7

must meet prejudice, bigotry, and error of every form and description 4T 546-7

must not have irritable temper or sharp combativeness 4T 547

qualifications and work of 4T 546-7; 7T 75

should be man of: affection as well as intelligence 4T 546

sound judgment and undeviating principle 4T 546

unbending integrity 4T 546-7

wisdom and culture 4T 546

should have moral influence 4T 546

should know how to deal with minds 4T 546

3. Classes of

above, God’s people are preparing for CH 244; ML 342

already established, should help newly established plants 7T 59

bankrupt CS 273

branch, requests for establishment of 6T 112-3

complete enough to do successful work, need of 7T 100

contradicting very object of its existence MM 27-8

expensive, do not plead for CH 211

SDA are not called to establish MM 156, 323

failing in its most important feature MM 27-8

first SDA, establishment of CH 531

strange doctrines began to be taught in time of Ev 595

for Negroes, best teachers should be secured to train youth in 9T 207

establish 9T 207

God does not call upon SDA to establish, where SDA faith must not be introduced MM 169-70

involved in debt MM 157

large: danger in connecting SDA youth with 8T 228

do not build MM 156, 158-9; 7T 100; 8T 223-4

many people not really sick are attracted to MM 159

med. supt. of 8T 153-7

problems met in management of 8T 141-2

proposal to erect, in heart of Los Angeles, Calif. CH 231-2; LS 403; 7T 85-6

SDA duty to classes who cannot have advantages of CH 510

should not be erected in heart of Los Angeles, Calif. LS 403

students in, cannot obtain symmetrical training for med. miss. work MM 158-9

talent to rightly manage, is difficult to find 7T 60

too much like institutions of world MM 158-9

less costly, should be built in many lands 8T 182

mammoth (immense): absorbs time and talent needed elsewhere 7T 96

do not build MM 323, 156; 7T 102-3

do not erect, anywhere 7T 100

do not establish, to accommodate and entertain pleasure lovers 7T 96-7

do not plead for CH 211

SDA are not called to establish MM 323

many fully equipped, needed in various places 8T 148

new, persons who would start MM 155

should not be immense and expensive MM 156

private: count the cost before establishing MM 153

establishment of, for personal profit MM 152

first question to be asked in establishing MM 153

much depends on way in which, are conducted MM 153

operation of MM 153

special talent needed to start and to run CS 276

proving a curse instead of blessing 1T 564

small: do not locate, in heart of cities MM 159

establish, throughout Southern States of USA 7T 235

establish many, instead of a few large med. institutions 8T 223

establish several, in southern California LS 400; 7T 98

needed in connection with larger schools MM 323; 7T 232

needed in connection with training schools MM 156; 7T 59-60

needed in many places CH 211, 501; LS 400; MM 159, 323, 327; 7T 58, 98; 8T 227

needed in vicinity of New York City MM 308

Negroes would be benefited by establishment of 7T 58

Review and Herald publishing house should be located near LS 392

school at Graysville, Tenn., should be connected with 7T 232

school at Huntsville, Ala., should be connected with 7T 232

will grow into larger institutions 7T 61

strong, should help to establish plants in other places 8T 182

4. Establishment of CS 273-4; Ev 393; MM 151-2; 7T 59-61

all God’s people should have a part in CH 223

borrowing of money for, may be proper sometimes CS 279

buildings for, often can be secured at low cost 6T 113

purchase of MM 309

danger in starting, with borrowed capital MM 155-6

economy needed in 6T 113

giving of means for, need of MM 328

God has directed in MM 188

God wants His people to use their means to help in CS 45; 9T 57-8

God’s providence in securing property for, at Loma Linda, Calif. LS 406

great care needed in MM 153

is great undertaking MM 151

is providential arrangement CH 470

make small beginnings in, and enlarge as circumstances demand 6T 113

misuse of time and means in, where SDA faith must not be introduced MM 169-70

not complete in southern California LS 404

property(s) for: purchase of 9T 271-2

for sale LS 400, 403

should be purchased in various places 7T 102

purchase enough land in, to carry out God’s plans GW 457

to keep people from building near institution GW 457

reason for, in various localities MM 228

SDA time and money should not be largely employed in CT 494; Ev 24; FE 488-9; 8T 229

special talent in CS 276

wealthy men of world will give means for CS 188

5. Fees or rates charged for accommodations and medical care in MM 170-1

custom of worldly physicians should not be followed in setting MM 170

do not exact large, for treating the sick 9T 176

do not set, so high as to exclude the poor 8T 141-2

exorbitant, never charge MM 170

principles that should guide in fixing MM 171

should be as reasonable as possible MM 170; 1T 640

should be proportionate to work done for patient MM 126

special, needy gospel workers should be given 7T 292-3

6. Instructors in

qualifications of MM 173

selection of, great wisdom should be exercised in MM 173

should be: able to give wise counsel in kind and intelligent manner MM 173

intelligent re Christ’s methods of ministry 9T 176

under Spirit’s rule MM 173

should not fret or scold MM 173

7. Leader(s) of CT 522

duty of, in dealing with others MM 172

need to: be exceedingly guarded in matter of amusements 4T 577-8

help prepare students in school for field service CT 520

help schools in training med. miss. workers CT 520

8. Location of 7T 80-3, 85-7

Australian, purpose of 2SM 283

build, where maladies may be cured by nature’s own provisions CD 281

choose, best suited for SDA work 7T 80

do not build, in cities MM 323; 2SM 142; 7T 81-2

do not locate: among wealthy property owners 7T 88-9

near residences of rich men 7T 89

within city limits of Los Angeles, Calif. 7T 85

erect, on high elevations for best results 2SM 301

establish: at Graysville, Tenn. 7T 232

at Huntsville, Ala. 7T 232

at Loma Linda, Calif. LS 406; 9T 173

in Europe 7T 51-2, 99; 8T 38

in foreign countries 7T 99

in Germany Ev 413

in important centers in America CH 448

in places where SDA have no work 8T 215

in southern California CH 231-3; LS 400, 404; MM 329; 2SM 200; 7T 97-8

in Southern States of USA 7T 56, 222, 227, 235

in vicinity of Redlands, Calif. CH 232; LS 404

in Washington, D.C. CH 448; LS 392

near Adelaide, S. Australia MM 326

near Melbourne, Victoria MM 326

near New York City Ev 388; MM 308

on Pacific Coast of USA LS 210

establish many, in places outside cities MM 156

hope for, in New Bedford, Mass. Ev 393

in Eastern part of USA, grand work before CH 547; Ev 390

locate: amid scenes of nature MM 232; 7T 81

as far from cities as consistent 7T 86

few miles from large cities 2SM 291, 357; 7T 79

in country 7T 80

in retired places 7T 89

near large cities CD 76

on extensive tracts of land 7T 78

outside of cities 2SM 358; 7T 81

where patients will have blessing of sunlight 7T 61

located in cities cannot do as much good as those in country 7T 76

located in country: advantages of MM 233

do more good than those in cities 7T 76

incentive to establishment of MM 233

should be surrounded by flowers, trees, orchards, and vineyards 7T 85

specially beneficial to invalids 7T 77

treatment rooms in cities should be feeders for 7T 60

vision re 7T 78

located in quiet place, patients will appreciate 7T 80

moving of, out of cities FE 492; 2SM 358

near large cities, establishment of Ev 534; MM 324, 326

persons helping to establish, in many lands will be richly rewarded 7T 51

physicians have missed the mark re 7T 79

places chosen for, should be beautiful 7T 79

plans for building, in Cooranbong, N.S.W. 1SM 34; WM 334

plans re, change needed in 7T 80

proposal to locate, in Los Angeles, Calif. CH 231-2; LS 403; 7T 85-6

removal of, into country FE 492; 2SM 358

selection of CS 275

selfishness or personal ambition should not enter into 7T 80

9. Matron(s) of

competent woman should be employed as CH 314

duties and qualifications of MM 175-6

need(s) to: co-operate with God in restoring the sick to health CH 221

deal with woman worker failing to perform work properly CH 314

teach workers to be quick and careful in movements CH 315

train others to work thoroughly and quickly MM 175

seen in vision CH 420-1

should be persons of culture and experience 4T 546

10. Objectives of

as one of God’s chosen ways of proclaiming the third angel’s message CH 248

as place in which successful medical and surgical work can be done MM 26-7

clearly given in connection with light calling for medical institution CH 469-70

established to: advance God’s closing work on earth CH 233, 554; MM 55

advance present truth MM 207; 7T 97; 8T 200

be agencies in the fulfillment of God’s purposes MM 26

bring healing and blessing to suffering human beings MM 173

bring spiritual and physical healing to the sick MM 40

cure sick bodies CH 470

help make up number of God’s people MM 327

lead people to Christ CH 248, 528; MM 208; 7T 70

make known God’s law MM 306

practice hygienic treatment MM 228

preach truth of true temperance CD 162

prepare minds for reception of gospel 7T 96

present truth in contrast with error 8T 180

provide homes for afflicted and teach how to prevent sickness 1T 489

provide relief from physical suffering and impart spiritual help 7T 95

reach people not of SDA faith CH 531

relieve the sick, awaken spirit of inquiry, disseminate light, and advance reforms 7T 104

reform medical practices of physicians MM 27

save souls CH 211, 470, 540

spread the truth 8T 215

treat the sick by hygienic methods Te 88

never lose sight of MM 55

not: established as speculative business CH 249

first and foremost to be that of hospitals MM 27-8

to entertain tourists 7T 95

to make money 8T 215

special, for which SDA establish CD 445; MM 151

to bring peace and rest to troubled minds MM 109

to enlighten patients CD 444

to reach class of people that cannot be reached by other means Ev 594

to show people evils of disregarding laws of life and health 6T 225

to teach people: how to live 1T 643

principles of health 6T 225

why SDA establish CH 469-70; MM 13, 248; 7T 95

11. Patronage of MM 167-70

circulation of Ministry of Healing would secure FE 522

do not furnish institution according to luxurious ideas of the age in order to secure 7T 93

do not try to increase: by extravagant appearance MM 167-8

by extravagant outlay of means MM 170

by harmonizing with principles of world CH 291

by hiding principles of SDA faith 8T 154

by serving flesh foods CD 407, 412, 414-5

by serving tea or coffee CD 414-5

inadequate diet for patients damages CD 288

mistaken ideas of how to increase MM 167-8

12. Miscellaneous

absence of drugs would make, far more effectual in restoring the sick to health CD 304; Te 89

accommodation and treatments in, must attract patients from higher class MM 170

acknowledge God as Master Workman in MM 189

advantage of plenty of land is needed by 7T 85

advantages of, many people cannot have MM 242

advertising, health talks are one of best means of CH 543; MM 263

all that is done in, should be under Spirit’s control 4T 554

ample opportunity afforded in, to backslide MM 216

amusements at: dangerous, condemned CT 348-50

do not cater to world’s demands for CH 293

improper, effects of 4T 578

influence of, upon churches 2T 137

popular, warning against introduction of 1T 634

that should not be permitted 4T 578

why some people like 2T 137

as city outposts CH 554-6

as mission field CH 286

as most efficient means for promoting gospel message CH 540; Ev 536

as right hand of gospel 9T 167-8

bathroom of, should favorably impress visitors MM 212

better accommodations and more room needed for, in some places CH 242

board of directors of 8T 142-3

should see that workers are paid according to their faithfulness 8T 143

warned against becoming selfish 8T 143

broad mission field FE 390

built for work of saving the sick and afflicted 7T 96

business interests of, must not crowd out spiritual interests MM 207

business of, should be enlarged slowly CS 273

can be operated without involving SDA cause heavily in debt MM 166

chapels of: morning and evening worship in MM 213

Sabbath meetings in MM 213

services of, should be vitalized by Spirit MM 213

truth should be presented in strong and warm accents in 8T 155-6

truth should not be presented in weak and diluted style in 8T 155-6

chapels should be built in connection with 8T 155-6

chief responsibilities in, several workers should share CH 338-9

Christ and angels work to relieve suffering in CH 212

Christian influence should pervade FE 473

cities near, should be regarded as mission fields 9T 80

coffee should not be served in CD 283, 294; MM 284

compared to river of life and healing 6T 228

condition of, seen in vision CH 412

conduct, on high plane of efficiency 9T 83

conducted rightly, means of blessing and uplifting humanity MM 25

will do large med. miss. work MM 126

cooks in See Sanitarium cook

cooking schools needed in connection with CD 254, 475; MM 270

co-operation of, with schools in program of education CD 450; CH 242, 542; CT 519-23

co-operation of churches with, in treatment of the poor 4T 551

counselors in, man and wife of mature age should serve as CH 585

criticism against, how physicians and nurses cause MM 141

cultured woman won to Christ at 4T 575-6

dangerous idea that SDA, must get in line with the world FE 534

departments of: economy needed in CD 298

should be memorials for God 6T 225-6

should sow seeds of truth in human hearts 6T 226

devotional exercises should be held every day in MM 208

diet in, should be more liberal CD 287

dietary in, cannot be exactly the same as in restaurant CD 295 See also Sanitarium patient

dining rooms of: flesh foods should not be served in CD 290, 414; MM 284-5

floors of, should be kept clean, nice, and in order CH 420

negligence and untidiness in CH 420

directors of MM 144-5

discipline which should exist in 1BC 1108

do not build, for entertaining tourists 7T 95

do not cease to pray for healing of the sick because SDA have MM 28

do not conduct, after customs of world 2SM 198

after order of worldly institution 4T 556

do not employ too many learners as workers in MM 173-4

do not establish, as speculative business CH 249

to make money 8T 215

do not multiply, too rapidly MM 151

do not require, to treat the sick for nothing 4T 510-1

drug medication should be discarded in CD 303, 444

each, should stand in its own financial responsibility CS 274

education of men and women in, is most important and delicate work CH 585

education that should be given in CT 56

educational work should be carried on in connection with all CH 242; MM 175; 8T 233

entire absence of drugs in, is recommended CD 304

erect, for promotion of health and happiness 7T 61

to benefit suffering humanity 4T 551

establish MM 14

as means of healing the sick 2SM 54

in all parts of earth Ev 413; MM 26; 6T 225; 7T 51

in connection with gospel ministry 6T 70

in many places CH 248; MM 228; 7T 76, 102; 8T 148, 182; 9T 167

to care for the sick and afflicted 8T 216

to spread truth 8T 215

until God bids us to stop 6T 440

establishment of right principles in, results in healthful institution CH 366

evening worship at, let people ask questions during Ev 539

evil influences should be eradicated from MM 173

extravagance and show in, warning against MM 167

failure to teach right principles in CH 249

families desiring to settle near, problem of FE 495

fewer grand buildings around, the better 7T 88

first SDA, treatment as given by 2SM 293

flesh food was never to be served on table in CD 414

flesh foods should not be served in CD 202-3, 283, 289-91, 293-5, 297, 414; MM 284; 7T 95 See also Sanitarium patient

food served in: should be like that in hygienic restaurant CD 287

should be more appetizing CD 287

should be palatably prepared and nicely served MM 285

formerly called “health institutes” CD 76 See also Western Health Reform Institute

furnishings of MM 167-8, 170; 7T 93

gardens needed by, for women patients to cultivate flowers 7T 78

Gen. Conf. was asked to pledge $20,000 for CS 281

God forbids that all SDA, should be under one control 8T 232

God’s agencies for revival of pure and elevated morality CH 249

God’s design for 4T 582

God’s purpose for 8T 155-6

good books should be loaned at 1T 642

great object for which SDA have established, never lose sight of MM 55

great object of, is to teach people how to live 1T 643

great proprietor of, God is CH 423

great work done by, when men will see CH 292

grounds of: beautify, with flowers and ornamental trees 2SM 301; 1T 562

experienced gardener should care for 1T 562

plant vegetables and fruits on CD 312; GW 457; 2SM 291; 1T 562

should be ample 1T 562

health lectures should be given regularly in CD 444

health reform at CH 261

high standard must be uplifted in MM 163; 4T 549

higher and holier standard may be reached by CD 76

how, can be what God would have them be 4T 587

how, will prove haven of rest to patients MM 190

how God would have His people conduct MM 25

hygienic methods should be followed in MM 227

income of: absorption of all, for payment of salaries 2SM 201

do not use, to sustain work for lower classes in wicked cities 8T 182

institutions needing help should be given some of 8T 143

some of, should be used to help finance miss. work in foreign countries 2SM 201

indebtedness of, Ministry of Healing sold to relieve 9T 71, 80

influence of, truth brought to notice of thousands by CH 510; 8T 148

instrumentality of God for bringing truth to souls 4T 551

interests of, guard MM 154

investment of means in TM 324

kindness and faithfulness should be seen everywhere in 4T 587

kitchen of: keep floors of, clean, nice, and in order CH 420

negligence and untidiness in CH 420

lands needed in connection with 2SM 291; 7T 102

for agricultural purposes 8T 227-8

for homes for persons receiving training for med. miss. work 7T 102

for homes of helpers 7T 102

for raising fruit and vegetables GW 457

less to fear from infidels by, than from inconsistent professors of Christ 4T 564

liberality that brings God’s blessing upon 8T 143

managed wisely, bring SDA into contact with W.C.T.U. workers FE 522-3

management of See Sanitarium management

manager of See Sanitarium manager

many, establish 7T 100

many more, could be established as representatives of truth MM 156

many patrons of, will be converted MM 25

many souls will be led to Christ by CH 248

means of presenting truth to thousands CH 510; 6T 226

med. miss. work done by SDA before they had WM 325-6

med. supt. of: encouragement for 8T 180-91

need not draw large salary 2SM 198

should be kept free from minor responsibilities 6T 247

should be representative of present truth 8T 153

should pray with suffering ones 6T 247

trustworthy help needed by 6T 247

See also Medical superintendent

men controlled by Spirit should supervise MM 328

men needed by, who can present SDA doctrines Ev 541

ministers connected with, essential qualifications of 7T 75

ministers should give short temperance talks in Te 245

miss. work in, no excuse for not doing more CH 286

opportunities for 4T 554

miss. work should be done in CH 212

mistaken idea that, must get in line with world FE 534

moral atmosphere in, maintain high MM 142

more women should be employed by, to deal with diseases of women 9T 176

must be erected with limited outlay of means 6T 113

neatness and order in, often have more influence than words MM 212

need(s) or ought to: acquaint missionaries, teachers, and physicians with third angel’s message 8T 181

bring peace and rest to troubled minds MM 109

bring spiritual help to patients 7T 68

change tastes 4T 582

correct wrong habits of life 4T 582

cure maladies by nature’s own provisions Te 88

demonstrate power of gospel MM 154

depend on God’s favor 6T 223

elevate morals 4T 582

employ simple and rational methods of treatment CD 303, 444

furnish facilities for med. work in new fields MM 330

impart to the sick health maintained in happiness of souls CH 244

make wise use of literature CT 530; 9T 87

minister to both the high and the low CH 470, 501

minister to both the rich and the poor CH 470, 501

point patients to Mighty Healer of disease MM 29

provide proper facilities for treatment of the sick MM 154

provide trained workers for miss. work CH 211; MM 323

provide wholesome food essential to health MM 170

qualify men and women for Christian service 6T 134

reach higher standard 8T 87

reform dress 4T 582

refuse to go into debt CS 273

reveal power of Christ’s grace to transform GW 384

stand as beacon of light, warning, and reproof 4T 582; 6T 223

stand as faithful sentinels of health reform 4T 556

stand as memorials for God CH 248

stand firmly in defense of truth MM 154

stand forth with scientific ability and with moral and spiritual power 4T 556

stand in advance of any other institution of the kind in world 4T 583; 6T 224

teach people how to treat themselves when sick Te 88

train youth for evangelistic work CT 494; Ev 24; FE 488; 8T 229

use rational methods of treatment CD 303, 444

needed for doing successful med. and surgical work MM 26

never establish, as enterprise independent of church 6T 240

never pervert, to service of worldliness and fashion 4T 586

no day should pass in, without something done to save souls MM 190

not established to entertain tourists 7T 95

nurses of See Nurse

one group of men should not control everything done in 8T 233

one meal of short rations does much to discredit CD 289

one of best mission fields in world 4T 557

one of greatest dangers to, influence that is CH 261

one of most successful means of reaching all classes of people CH 212

operate, without sacrificing principle CD 275

operation of CS 273-4

closest economy needed in MM 154

costs something 4T 510-1

special talent needed for CS 276

ought not to: depend solely upon simple remedies used MM 29

lure workers away from sister institutions CH 283-4

rely on elegance of furniture CH 589

rely on outward display CH 589

try to compete with worldly institutions in size and splendor MM 158

overseers of, should not make worldly policies their criterion MM 164

Palestine had no, in Christ’s time CH 526

papers and publications carefully selected should be in sight almost everywhere in 4T 586

parlor of, is not place for talks on doctrinal subjects Ev 539

parlor lectures should be given in, re flesh foods CD 290, 292

parlor talks should be given in CD 290, 292, 445; 1T 642

for patients CD 445

patients of See Sanitarium patient

peculiar religious principles of SDA should be magnified and exalted in MM 168

people should not be given free food and lodging by MM 169-70

persons who ought to be many miles away from 4T 566

persons who would introduce worldly education into, warning against CT 16

persons who would start CS 276; MM 151-2, 328

should counsel with experienced brethren CS 276; MM 153

physician’s meetings as means of bringing people to CH 543

physicians of See Physician

position of 4T 575-87

power of, religious element ever will be 4T 586

prayer and healing in, relationship between MM 13

premises of, patients are impressed by condition of 2SM 298

should be kept in best of order 2SM 298

prescribing flesh food should not be practiced in CD 412

pride and popularity should be discarded in 4T 587

principles of true service must be kept before all in MM 199

principles pure and holy must take root in CH 291

property of, payment of taxes on TM 200

prosperity of: depends in measure on each worker individually CH 411

not dependent solely on intelligence and knowledge of physicians 4T 583

only hope for CH 293

questions re, answers to CH 469-70

regulations of, should be so consistent that they appeal to reason MM 284

relationship of, to gospel work CH 212-4

relief of, strive to carry out God’s plan for 9T 83

religion must never be kept in background in 4T 552

religious element should predominate in 4T 586

religious exercises of MM 213

religious influence of Christian home should pervade CD 286

religious influence should pervade 6T 226

religious meetings held in 4T 565

religious principle should be made prominent and kept so in 4T 587

religious services should be conducted daily in MM 208

reputation of: extremes in diet hurt CD 289

failure of physicians to keep appointments imperils MM 192

responsible positions in, unbelievers should not hold 4T 556

rooms of, should be fitted up for people willing to pay liberal price MM 170

should not be furnished in accordance with idolatry of the age MM 167

rules and regulations needed in, to restrain license MM 141-2

ruling power in, selfish ideas must never become MM 115

ruling principles of, should be sacrifice, hospitality, faith, and piety 1T 633

running expenses of 8T 225

Sabbath meals should be provided by, with as little labor as possible 7T 122

Sabbath observance in, spirit of irreverence and carelessness in 7T 106

schools and, should plan to help one another CT 520, 523; 9T 178

schools near, advantages enjoyed by CH 542; CT 519

schools should be established near CD 450; CH 242; 2SM 296; 9T 178

science of mind cure that should not be employed in MM 113-4

science that should be taught by every CD 275; CW 129

SDA, should be symbols of what can be done for world MM 26

what world calls higher education must not be brought into FE 536

SDA advocate use of simple remedies in CD 303

SDA do not build, to exalt themselves MM 168

SDA should not colonize around FE 494

short religious services should be conducted daily in MM 208

should be: all that the name indicates CH 315

asylum for the diseased in body and mind 4T 554

beacon lights for Christ MM 25; 6T 223

Bethel 6T 252

centers of healing, restoring, and educating 6T 225

centers of influence and training CH 248-9

centers of light and blessing GW 384

closely and inseparably bound up with gospel CD 75; MM 159

educating force in every place Te 247

educational forces MM 25

educational in character CH 248

God’s helping hand CH 249

God’s memorials 7T 59

homes where healing is ministered to souls CH 542; Ev 538

homelike institutions in pleasant places CH 211; MM 323

important factors in temperance cause MM 266

lights shining in dark place CH 242, 248

managed by people in harmony with God’s laws MM 26

means of reaching the rich and the poor CH 448

miss. institution in fullest sense of word CH 286

most effectual instrumentalities for giving truth to world 4T 556

one of most satisfying and enjoyable places in world CD 296

organized and controlled exclusively by SDA 4T 556

reformatory in all its principles 4T 586

refuge for the poor and lowly 8T 141

schools of instruction in med. miss. lines MM 325; 9T 168

such that Christ can preside in them 4T 554

training schools MM 156, 175

should not be: dependent on knowledge and skill of physicians 6T 223

like accommodating hotel 4T 586; 7T 95

should teach people to: dress, breathe, and eat properly CD 303, 444

eat temperately of wholesome foods CD 281

eat to live and not live to eat CD 445

give nature chance to remove and resist disease 1T 643

minister to the sick 2SM 296

prevent sickness through proper habits of living CD 303, 444

treat themselves when sick CD 281

should teach people to discard and refuse: all narcotics CD 281; Te 88

all stimulants CD 281; Te 88-9

fermented wines CD 281; Te 88-9

flesh foods CD 281; Te 88-9

tea and coffee CD 281; Te 88-9

sick people should be brought to Ev 535

simple diet is best in CD 296, 304

simple remedies should be used in CD 303; 2SM 280

simplicity and plainness should be seen everywhere in 4T 587

solemn dedication of, God calls for MM 207

spirit of love and tenderness should be shown in MM 172

spiritual atmosphere should pervade Ev 537-8; 7T 97

spiritual work of, should be under control of ministers 7T 75

should not be under control of physicians 7T 75

standard set for SDA, is high MM 79

success of: depends on maintaining simplicity of godliness 4T 586

depends on shunning world’s follies in eating, drinking, dressing, and amusement 4T 586

essentials to 4T 586-7

view, in light of God’s word CH 286

superintendents of: should be persons of culture and experience 4T 546

should stand fully upon health reform CH 261

who would be great danger to institution CH 261

surgeon of See Surgeon

surround, with extensive tracts of land 2SM 291, 301; 7T 85; 8T 227-8

with flowers, trees, shrubbery, orchards, groves, and vineyards MM 233; 7T 78

surroundings of, should be as attractive as possible MM 232; 7T 80

should be kept orderly and neat CH 242; MM 232; 2SM 298; 7T 80

table of flesh foods in, there should no longer be CD 412

tea should not be served in CD 283, 294; MM 284

teachers in, great responsibility rests on MM 79

third meal in, dispensing with CD 282

too many, SDA do not have CH 242

training of youth in, persons in charge of MM 177-9

treatment of invalids in 4T 547

truth must not be banished or hidden from sight in CH 249; MM 326

two extremes that should be avoided in CD 206-7, 286-8

underhanded schemes must not be used by, to get workers from other institutions CH 283-4

use of drugs in, discourage CD 303

violation of eighth commandment of Decalogue by CH 283

waste in, is grave matter MM 176

why SDA establish CH 469-70; MM 13, 248; 7T 95

instead of praying for miraculous healing of the sick Ev 594

while believing in nearness of second advent MM 268

women patients should be treated in, by trained women of mature age CH 585

women physicians needed in MM 140

women should be trained by, to treat women patients CH 585

wonderful restorations taking place in, are many CH 248; MM 328

word of God must never be given secondary place in MM 208

work in: care-taking should characterize all MYP 230

economy should characterize all MYP 230

faithfulness should characterize all MYP 230

thoroughness should characterize all MYP 230

work of 4T 575-87

health reform should take leading part in Te 247

to care for the sick and to teach principles of health reform is CD 76

work to be done for the sick by CH 221

workers of See Sanitarium worker

worldly or theatrical entertainments at, are unnecessary and lead to theater-going 4T 578

would be far more successful if physicians would read God’s word more earnestly MM 29

young men and women of ability should be trained in 7T 60

as medical missionaries 7T 100

youth should be sent for training in, nearest their homes 8T 224-5

youth who exert demoralizing influence on 4T 649


Boulder, money needed elsewhere was spent on SW 89:3

branches recommended for UL 108:4

children important in influence of; schools can help 3SM 215:3

cities are not places for;

avoid many buildings UL 108:4

unions are a snare CL 10:4

convalescent care in (implied) TSB 75:3

education on life and health to be given by TDG 206:2

Ellen White shown building of, but people told to wait 3SM 55:3

environment for patients of 3SM 47:2

food factory located too close to 3SM 47

helped from sale of Ministry of Healing PM 365:5

influence of, children wandering around affect 3SM 217:3

library of, to have best editions of Ellen White books PM 345:2

location for, Ellen White instructed about 3SM 45:1

needed near Sydney UL 108:4

operation of,

by principles controlling General Conference PM 146:1

with gospel simplicity 1MCP 11:2

overcharging of, caused dissatisfaction 3SM 44

physicians in, to point souls to Christ 2MCP 408:1

prayer increased for sick would have results in 3SM 295:2

principles for publishing work apply also to PM 146:3

reproach on; Bro. O was unwise; not to be leader TSB 155:4

Saviour will reveal Himself in, to those who submit 3SM 296:1

schools connected with;

and to have influence 3SM 225:3, 226:6

to prepare virtues 1MCP 11:2

Sydney, angels on ground of, during construction TDG 29:6

workers’ families are important influence for 3SM 215:3

workers in, faithful and competent TSB 75:7