Medical Ministry


Willing to Take Counsel

No one in an institution, not even the superintendent, should take the position that he is free to follow his own judgment in all things. Let no one think that he knows so much that he no longer needs to learn. Unless we are constantly learning of Christ, and unless we are willing to take counsel and advice from our brethren, we shall fail in our work; for we shall become self-sufficient, and with those who are self-sufficient God cannot work.... MM 166.1

Quick to Discern

The man who occupies the position of superintendent must be brave and true, ready to stand fearlessly for what he knows to be right. He must be a man who is quick to discern and discriminate, a man who can make wrong right with as little friction as possible. A lack of discernment, a failure to reason from cause to effect, often brings about in our institutions a condition of things that is very displeasing to God.—Letter 30, 1887. MM 166.2