Medical Ministry


To an Inexperienced Manager

You are to always place yourself in the position of the one with whom you deal, and see how you would feel under similar circumstances; then act as you would have others act toward you, that no shadow may be cast upon the precious cause of truth. It must not be reproached for the sake of gaining a few dollars or cents. Let no occasion ever be given for anyone to say that Seventh-day Adventists ever will do mean actions. Contempt will be what they will reap. Let all our business transactions stand in a pure, untarnished light before the world and with those of our faith. Do not let your course of action be of that character that it requires explanations in order to make it appear anyway in a favorable light. MM 171.1

Let all see this institution standing as an institution to promote the happiness and well-being of our fellowmen. Better, far better, to submit to some inconvenience and losses than to become mercenary and create angry feelings, and leave the unhappy impression on the minds that they have been taken advantage of and cheated, and they go away hostile to the institution. The principles and morals of the institution must ever be governed in all relations, to believers and unbelievers, with generous, well-defined principles of nobility and consideration, especially toward those who are suffering affliction.—Letter 26, 1888. MM 171.2