Counsels on Stewardship


Entrapped Through Miscalculation

If we walk in the counsel of the Lord, we shall have opportunity to purchase for sanitarium purposes, at a reasonable rate, properties on which there already are buildings that can be utilized, and where the grounds are already ornamented by ornamental trees. Many such places have been presented to me. I have been instructed that the liberal offers made on these places should be carefully considered.... CS 275.1

It may sometimes be necessary, however, to select a site on which no improvements have been made and no buildings erected. In such a case, we must be careful not to select a place which will of necessity require a large outlay of means for improvements. Through lack of experience, and miscalculation, we may be entrapped into the incurring of large debts, because the buildings and improvements cost two or three times as much as was estimated.—Manuscript 114, 1902. CS 275.2