Medical Ministry


Men of Discernment Needed

“You have,” said our Instructor, “come to an important place in the history of your work. Who shall be chosen to carry responsibilities in the sanitarium at the beginning of its work? No mistake must be made in this matter. Men are not to be placed in positions of trust who have not been tested and tried. Men and women who understand the will of the Lord are to be chosen—men who can discern the work that needs to be done and prayerfully do it, that the mistakes and errors of the past need not be repeated.” MM 169.1

“The one who is placed in the position of business manager,” He said, “must daily be managed by the Lord. He occupies a very important place and he must possess the necessary qualifications for the work. He should have dignity and knowledge, blended with a clear sense of how to use his authority. Christ must be revealed in his life. He must be a man who can give religious instruction and exert a spiritual influence. He must know how to deal with minds, and he must allow his own mind to be controlled by the Spirit. Wisdom is to come forth from his lips in words of encouragement to all with whom he is connected. He must know how to discern and correct mistakes. He must be a man who will harmonize with his fellow workers, a man who possesses adaptability. He should be able to speak of the different points of our faith as occasion requires. His words and acts should reveal justice, judgment, and the love of God.” MM 169.2

He who gave the Israelites instruction from the pillar of cloud and led them through the wilderness into the Promised Land is our Leader today. We are under divine guidance, and if we are obedient to God's commands we shall be in perfect safety and will receive distinguished marks of His favor.—Letter 325, 1904. MM 169.3