Counsels on Stewardship


Premature Enterprises Without Wide Counsel

Special talent is required to start a sanitarium and place it in running order, even though the enterprise be a private one. Before starting out in such an enterprise, our brethren should ask the advice of wise counselors.-----must be worked; but it must be worked in the right way. Were enterprises started that would prove a disappointment, were the one who had taken the responsibility of the work upon himself, to fail in his enterprise, it would be very difficult to overcome the impression thus made against the truth. CS 276.1

Whoever has in view the starting of a sanitarium should consult those of his brethren who carry the burden of the work in fields nigh and afar off. We cannot afford to have any impression made by our medical work in the cities other than that God is our leader and our defense.... CS 276.2

To our brethren everywhere I am instructed to say, Let the enterprises already started in needy fields be considered before new enterprises are begun, else a large burden of debt will be brought upon our people.—Letter 5, 1905. CS 276.3