Medical Ministry


The Minister and His Wife

The minister and his wife who are truly converted and who give themselves wholly to the work of the Lord are daily becoming more and more intelligent and efficient in their labor for others. They can open the Scriptures to souls in such a way as to bring light to minds in darkness. MM 140.1

Women can learn what needs to be done to reach other women. There are women who are especially adapted for the work of giving Bible readings, and they are very successful in presenting the word of God in its simplicity to others. They become a great blessing in reaching mothers and their daughters. This is a sacred work, and those engaged in it should receive encouragement. MM 140.2

The Physician and His Wife

In the medical missionary work to be done, women should give treatment to women. A man and his wife who are both physicians can accomplish great good by laboring together. The wife can visit other women, and when she finds suffering and disease, she can consult with her husband as to the best method of helping the sufferers. We should have more women physicians than we have. When women who are sick are treated and cared for by women, a door through which Satan tries to enter is closed against him. Many cases have been presented to me where Satan has entered through this door to ruin families. Let him not obtain any advantage upon any point. MM 140.3

I wish all to understand this matter. There should be in our sanitariums women physicians who can stand by their husbands, and who can do the examining of women patients, and give them treatment. Many more sensible, thoroughly converted women should become intelligent physicians. MM 140.4

I am instructed that our sanitariums must have women physicians as well as men physicians.—Letter 108, 1910. MM 140.5

Subtle Temptations

Subtle, dangerous temptations will come to the physician who believes the truth for these last days. That which would be condemned in a worker of another class is supposed to be admissible in him. Thus a multitude of sins are covered up, sins which are registered in the books of heaven as a departure from Bible principles. Instead of being careless and familiar, he should act wisely, discreetly. Our sanitariums must not be made a subject of criticism because of a careless familiarity shown by the physicians and the nurses. Temptations of this kind the physician may resist if he understands his peril and clings to his Saviour, living out the word of God in every respect. If true to the word of God, we are on the side of Christ, on the side of the loyal, holy angels; we stand under the shield of Omnipotence. Of whom, then, should we be afraid?—Manuscript 162, 1897. MM 140.6