Medical Ministry


Combat Disease by Simple Methods

Our people should become intelligent in the treatment of sickness without the aid of poisonous drugs. Many should seek to obtain the education that will enable them to combat disease in its varied forms by the most simple methods. Thousands have gone down to the grave because of the use of poisonous drugs, who might have been restored to health by simple methods of treatment. Water treatments, wisely and skillfully given, may be the means of saving many lives. MM 227.1

Let diligent study be united with careful treatments. Let prayers of faith be offered by the bedside of the sick. Let the sick be encouraged to claim the promises of God for themselves. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen,” Christ Jesus, the Saviour of men, is to be brought into our labors and councils more and more.—Manuscript 15, 1911. MM 227.2