EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Righteous person, Righteous persons - Roman Catholicism

Righteous person, Righteous persons

Righteous person, Righteous persons, description of truly SL 13

does not boast of his righteousness SL 13

fruits of Spirit are borne as naturally by truly, as fig tree bears figs SL 13

how sinner can be accounted, by accepting Christ SC 62

is unconscious of his goodness and piety SL 13

man cannot make himself a SC 62

people who keep God’s commandments are TM 236

religious principle is spring of life and conduct of truly SL 13

wicked and, distinction between PP 72-3, 80-1, 118, 324


and wicked, contrast between Mar 199:3

beautified with immortal life Mar 199:7

characters of, vindicated before the world in judgment UL 272:2

Christ confesses names of, before God and angels RC 57:5

course of, more difficult and painful than inclination TMK 251:2

crown of life soon to be given to LHU 373:7

destruction of, attempted by evil people and evil angels UL 262:2

glorified and honored in judgment UL 272:2

glory of God revealed through, as lights TDG 322:5

invited to inherit the kingdom UL 272:5

lives of, shame ones who refuse to give God allegiance TDG 40:5

resurrection of,

at Christ’s second coming FLB 351:5

Jesus’ resurrection a sample of Mar 302:2

reward of, improve time of probation to share in OHC 187:2

safe from injury at second coming UL 261:5

sleep until Jesus comes UL 272:6

stand before God in spotless robes and jeweled crowns HP 371:2

vindicated at Christ’s coming UL 64:2

wisdom of,

discovered in life hereafter HP 371:5

enemies unable to gainsay Mar 253:3

words of Ps. 119:126 repeated by, in time of peril HP 345:3

See also God, people of; Saints

Right hand

Right hand See Hand; Right arm

Holy Spirit is always at, to speak soothing words TMK 171:5

“Right Reverend,”

“Right Reverend,” title of, use of DA 613

Rights, Bill of

Rights, Bill of See United States Bill of Rights

Right side

Right side, God needs men who will stand on 4T 75

Right side

Right side, of altar was position of favor DA 97

Right thing

Right thing, rightdoing is doing, at right time 2T 36

Right word

Right word See Word

Rill, Rills

Rill, Rills, paternal love of man is as, to boundless ocean of God’s love ML 289, 365; 5T 740

river’s existence depends on Ed 116-7

small gifts as, make river of beneficence CS 298-9

See also Brook; River; Stream

Ring, Rings

Ring, Rings, as token of royalty GW 140

Israelites gave, for building sanctuary PP 344; 4aSG 5; SR 151-2

wearing of Ev 271; 1SM 400; 4T 630

by Methodist woman 2SG 13; 1T 20

wedding, wearing of TM 180-1

See also Gold; Jewelry

Riot (rioting)

Riot (rioting), drinking intoxicating liquor causes Te 30

spirit of, dangerous tendency of Ed 228


Ripple, on surface, Christians too easily satisfied with ML 57

Risely, England

Risely, England Ev 418


Rising, early, recommended to ministers 2T 500, 542

habit of early, young women who need MM 107

regular hours for, businessmen need 4T 412; 5T 180-1

See also Bed; Sleep

Risk, Risks

Risk, Risks, Christ made, of all to save men COL 196

Christ met life perils at, of failure and eternal loss DA 49

encountered in God’s work 4T 154

exposure to, necessary for Christ; no blame for getting hurt RY 74

fearful, God gave His only-begotten Son at DA 49

financial, must be made in gospel work WM 266

for God’s cause, faith inspired by 2SG 282

God is fitting men to run, for His cause LS 245

men in field of battle must take Ev 97; GW 461

men must run, in God’s work Ev 62; LS 213; 3T 316

men run, to become rich CS 90; 1T 541-2

no, in complying with God’s invitations CS 90

too great fear of running, in gospel work LS 217

which rich men should not run 4T 480


Risked, Christ, to save man COL 196; DA 49

Rite, Rites

Rite, Rites, ceremonies required in God’s service, were not meaningless DA 310

committed to Israel, gained new and deeper meaning in gospel light AA 190

could not atone for sin PK 414

first general church council’s action re AA 400-1

having no foundation in God’s word, ministers have led churches to observe 4BC 1149

heathen See Heathen rite

imposing religious, Jewish leaders looked with pride on COL 297

Jewish: Christ instituted COL 126

heartless, lacked truthful integrity and tender love DA 285-6

Spirit instructed Paul re AA 200

things more valuable than DA 608

truths vast and profound shadowed forth in COL 133

Mosaic dispensation’s, not binding after Christ’s death AA 189

of worship, performed by priests to be seen by men DA 44

Paul showed that religion does not consist in AA 451

peculiar to Jewish faith, freely permitted during Babylonian captivity PK 613

pointing to Christ, misinterpreted by Satan DA 115

pointing to Christ’s death, efficacy of DA 149

sanctuary service’s: Christ’s name as Messiah was long enshrined in PK 710

Paul threw light on true meaning of AA 228

pointed to Christ’s redeeming power DA 285

sticklers for, ambitious men sought their own glory as DA 393

spirit that actuates DA 396

superstitious, brought into early church GC 43

incorporated into Christian faith and worship SR 323

unnumbered, God taught Israel by means of Ed 41

wearisome, object of Sabbath observance thwarted by DA 286

See also Ceremony


Ritual, ancient, gospel symbolized in MH 130; PK 489

Israel’s, Christ was foundation of DA 111

Mosaic, Samaritans worshiped in accord with DA 188

satanic, fast supplanting faith in sure word of prophecy 5T 192


Ritualism, growth of, in England GC 566

Ritual law

Ritual law See Law

Ritual service

Ritual service, Christ instituted DA 29; PP 547

full of vitality and spiritual beauty DA 29

He who established, had power to change its requirements PP 547

Jews rejected Christ while they observed AA 451-2; DA 29, 309

passed away when Christ came FE 399

salt added to sacrifices in DA 439

valueless without faith in Christ DA 608

whole, Christ symbolized in DA 29, 165; PP 547


Rival, Christ can admit no, in soul AA 541


Rivalry, among gospel workers 1SM 175

among physicians, is offensive to God MM 48-9

appeal is made to, from child’s earliest years Ed 226

between institutions: banishes angels from them 7T 173-4

miss. spirit crowded out by 7T 173

Spirit is grieved by 7T 173

do not mar gospel cause by DA 179

in household expenditure AH 151

in matters of dress AH 151

no, among partakers of Christ’s grace DA 439

schools should not be given to FE 472

selfish, has no place in God’s plan Ed 226

spirit of, all men need to realize how cruel is 4T 222

leaven of truth will not produce COL 101


planning in order to show, offends God TMK 176:2

spirit of, cherished between sister institutions PM 157:3

River, Rivers

River, Rivers, antediluvian, Flood caused overflow of PP 99; 3SG 69; SR 66

waters borne safely to sea by PP 97

broad and deep, dependent on thousands of rivulets SD 253

lesson from Ed 116-7

burning mountains dried up PP 109; 3SG 80

children’s gifts as rivulets that swell into AH 388

Christianity gives peace like SC 121

delights found by, students should enjoy Ed 247

existence of, depends on rills Ed 116-7

flowing constantly, life that is like PK 233-4

God’s thoughts expressed by Ed 120

healing, Ezekiel’s vision re AA 13; 6T 227-8

large, many small streams put together swell into MYP 317

mighty, brook is as necessary as SD 253

noble, testifies of God’s love and care 8T 325

of life AH 545; 7BC 988; ChS 133-4; CT 63; EW 17, 289; LS 67; ML 175, 357, 361; PP 413; SD 226; 2SG 34, 37, 62; 1SM 33, 262; 1T 61, 74; 8T 254; 9T 194

on earth when it was created PP 44; 3SG 33; SR 20

rills of offerings that would make CS 298-9

significance of, persons who can fully appreciate SC 87

swollen, direct rivulet’s course ere it becomes 5T 416

takes to give Ed 103

volcanic eruptions will dry up PP 110; 3SG 83

volcanoes will pour lava into 3SG 82-3

See also Stream


life compared to, either calm or troubled TMK 209:6

people of God are like UL 131:4

Riverside, Calif.

Riverside, Calif. CH 232, 554; Ev 406; FE 520-1; LS 404-5; MM 82

Rivulet, Rivulets

Rivulet, Rivulets, children’s gifts as little, that swell into river AH 388

direct course of, ere it becomes swollen river 5T 416

does not refuse to flow because it is not mighty river FE 48

stream of benevolence swollen by TM 32

supplying stream of beneficence, illustration of CSW 129; TM 217

Road, Roads

Road, Roads, bad, should not hinder minister in work for souls 2T 339

broad, leading to death 3T 438

caravan, in Solomon’s time PK 71

downward MB 138-40

Satan leads souls step by step down 2T 287

ending in destruction, Satan does all he can to lead men in PK 186

narrowing, EGW’s dream re company traveling on LS 190-3; 2T 594-7

of darkness and error, thousands of people traveling on 3T 438

two MB 138-40

EGW’s vision re 1T 127-31

upward MB 138-40

See also Path; Thoroughfare

Robber, Robbers

Robber, Robbers, along road from Jerusalem to Jericho in Christ’s time DA 499

lay in wait anciently to plunder flocks DA 479

Robbery, Robberies

Robbery, Robberies

1. Against God

2. Miscellaneous

1. Against God

Achan guilty of PP 497

beware of AA 74; CS 312

darkness brought into churches by CS 87

disregard of nature’s laws as MYP 235; COL 346-7

embezzlement of His goods is CS 86

in making wills 4T 480-1

not an impulsive action 4T 481

it is fearful thing to be guilty of 3T 409

most fearful, failure to pay vows or pledges as CS 314

neglect of suffering humanity is COL 371-2

person against whose name, is written in books of heaven COL 266

person guilty of, has robbed himself CS 118; 2T 666

practiced by rich and poor CS 87

Satan triumphs when believer is guilty of 2T 690

selfish spending of His gifts on self is COL 266; 5T 10

shortening life span by evil habits is CH 41

system of, persons whose lives have been one long CS 128

unfaithful use of talents is 5T 116

unfaithfulness in tithes and offerings as AA 336; COL 371; GC 475; MM 215; MYP 307-8; PP 497; 2SM 379; 3T 394-5, 510; 5T 148-57; 6T 388; TM 307

covetousness leads to AA 339

curse upon 1T 221-2; 2T 199, 661-2

death of domestic animals and crops as result of 2T 661-2

many church members guilty of PP 497; 4T 481-2

registered in books of heaven CS 77, 86, 97; TM 146

sickness and death come to many people because of 2T 199

See also Tithes and offerings

use of tithe for church’s running expenses is CS 103

use of tithe for paying debts is 6T 391

withholding tithe is OHC 192:4

world is guilty of, on wholesale plan CS 78

wrong use of money as 2T 281

2. Miscellaneous

bold, sign of times 9T 11

business of manufacturing and selling intoxicating liquor means MH 337

church committed, in failing to give gospel to world 8T 25

common evil TM 457

complicated, sanitarium managers who commit MM 157-8

exorbitant fees charged by physicians is MM 122

failure to pay people what is due them is CS 256

frequent in ancient times COL 103

God’s law forbids PP 309

guard God’s cause against CM 96

in cities, every day brings record of MH 363

Israel guilty of, in failing to fulfill God’s purpose 8T 26

liquor business means Te 28

liquor seller is guilty of Te 32-3

money gained by, how Christ regards MM 122

person found guilty of, great stigma attached to 4T 250

persons in high places guilty of FE 233

physicians should do nothing savoring of MM 121

recorded in the books of heaven UL 82:3

seen on every hand MM 280

taking advantage of blind man in business is 3T 513-4

under general heading of “covetousness” LS 241; 4T 385

wealth obtained by every species of 6T 15

worst kind of: liquor seller is guilty of GW 386; Te 204

youth giving himself to world is guilty of MYP 407

youth allured to sin by Ed 227

See also Fraud; Stealing; Theft

Robbins, Mr.

Robbins, Mr., fanatic in Massachusetts in 1845 2SG 75-9

Robe, Robes

Robe, Robes, ascension, Millerites did not make GC 373; LS 56; SR 362; 1T 51

await the faithful CG 569; ML 21; 9T 286

coonskin, worn by EGW in 1856 2SG 219

half-washed, among the redeemed there will be no SD 66

Herod Agrippa I wore, sparkling with silver and gold AA 150; SR 298

of character: must be spotless GC 425; 3T 472

must be washed in Christ’s blood 1SM 259; 3T 324, 338

now is time to wash 3T 45

of Christ’s spotless character, offered freely to all Ed 249 See also Righteousness

of heaven, put off garments of earth in order to be clothed with COL 318

of high priest See High priest

of light, worn by Adam and Eve before they sinned COL 310-1; PP 45, 57

of purity and righteousness, youth should be clad in 5T 87

of righteousness See Righteousness

of self-constituted dignity, Pharisee wraps himself in 6T 398

prepared for overcomer, faith sees Te 213

purple, Christ’s enemies clothed Him in AA 582; DA 736; EW 170; 1T 241

redeemed children receive ML 352

redeemed receive, before entering New Jerusalem EW 52

royal, woven in heaven’s loom Ed 249

spotless, Christian martyrs who earned 4T 336

white: all of God’s faithful children will receive COL 180

await overcomers AA 153; CSW 55; LS 290

characters cleansed from sin by Christ’s blood are GC 373

company dressed in, surrounding God’s throne ML 321

emblem of Christ’s spotless righteousness GC 665; SR 422

Millerites wore purity of soul as GC 373; LS 56

of purity, fragrant with perfume from God’s garden MB 135

prepared for the righteous CG 567; Te 114

redeemed martyrs wear, with red hem on EW 18; 2SG 54; 1T 68

woven in loom of heaven, redeemed will wear Te 292


and crown, Christ laid aside; He wore garments of mercy TDG 268:6

Christ laid aside TMK 84:3

saints given rich, and crowned 3SM 430:3


until spotless in the fountain 3SM 155:3

white in the blood of the Lamb OHC 12:5


object of Christian’s ambition TMK 91:2

woven in loom of heaven, we want TDG 86:4

See also Christ, righteousness of, robe of

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe CT 136; 5T 516-20

Robinson, John

Robinson, John GC 291-2, 297

Robinson, Robert

Robinson, Robert, quoted GC 384-5

“Rochester knockings”

“Rochester knockings” EW 86; 2SG 142 See also Rappings; Spiritism; Spiritualism

Rochester, N.Y.

Rochester, N.Y. EW 86; LS 142-7, 150-1, 154, 164-5, 171-2, 175-6, 182, 362; 2SG 134, 142, 156, 160, 165, 173, 185, 211; 1T 90, 205, 466, 485, 533-4, 543, 558, 583, 585, 616, 666; 2T 155, 173, 281, 553; 3T 18; 8T 237


“Rock,” in Matthew 16:18, Christ is 5BC 1095; DA 411-4

Rock, Rocks

Rock, Rocks, answered as bones to earth in beginning 3SG 33; SR 20

bare and high, not seen on mountains in beginning 3SG 33; SR 20

be firm as, to Christ’s teachings 9T 266

castlelike, God’s hand has made CT 185

Christ as: church is founded on 5BC 1095; DA 413; GC 181

on which man may build successfully SD 77

Peter’s fall upon 5BC 1152

Protestant Reformers built on GC 210

result of falling and being broken upon 4T 220-1

Christ as shadow of great, in weary land 2T 48

Christians are to build upon Christ as MB 148-52

church not founded on Peter as DA 413

desert, ceremony of water flowing from PP 412

eternal, soul must be riveted to 4T 328, 368, 399, 553

fall on; let go of stubbornness and self-righteousness FW 60:2

gems placed by God among CT 54

God made, His sanctuary SL 74

granite, theme for study 4T 581

work of God’s all-powerful hand 4T 297

hunt for, in laying spiritual foundation 5T 129

lay beneath earth’s surface in beginning 3SG 33

make sure you are building on 2SM 116

of defense, Christ is believer’s 5T 130

of faith, living presence of God SD 77

of God’s immutable word GC 288

of human strength, church not founded on PK 595-6

of offense, Christ as DA 600

rent when Christ died on cross DA 756; EW 184

rugged, God’s greatness and majesty seen in FE 424

sand and, parable of houses built on See Parable

smitten by Moses’ rod PP 298, 411, 417-8

Christ caused water to flow from, for Israel 3SG 257

Christ typified AA 315; DA 454; PP 411, 413, 418

symbolized spiritual truths PP 411

solid: how to place your feet on 5T 514

stand on, of God’s promises 2SM 240

teach lessons that all should heed CT 190

threatening to destroy faith in God’s messages, keep continual lookout for 1SM 169

thrown out in time of trouble EW 285; LS 102; PP 110; 1SM 75

thrown up by Flood AA 572; PP 99; 3SG 69, 78-9; SL 72; SR 66-7

whirlwind and tempest move, out of position 2SM 316

wild and desolate, John could read important lessons in SL 72

wild and rugged, on Isle of Patmos AA 572

See also Fossil; Geology; Stone


and mountains cannot screen those who have turned from light Mar 290:5

build on, for a firm foundation UL 18:3

building on, obedience to words of Christ is TDG 215:3

Christ’s lessons taught by HP 114

contain treasures of wisdom and knowledge OHC 252:2

description of, in Switzerland TMK 146

destruction of wicked by flood confirmed by OHC 252:2

eternal, riveted to, to avoid being borne away HP 184:4

house on, people understood, seeing ravines while Jesus spoke TDG 215:2

humans to rivet their buildings to UL 81:4


point the mind to God OHC 250:2

speak of One on throne of universe OHC 251:3

striking, wrong UL 299:3

truth must bring people to the, to be broken OHC 37:5

victory in falling on Christ as TMK 304:3

water from, ceremony in Feast of Tabernacles commemorating TMK 105:2

“Rock of Ages,”

“Rock of Ages,” hymn by Augustus M. Toplady, quoted DA 317; MH 65; SD 12; 1SM 224, 332-3

Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages, Christ as See Christ

church was founded on PK 595-6


God would establish the feet on UL 95:3

Rocky framework

Rocky framework, earth’s, when created PP 44; 3SG 33; SR 20

Rocky Hill, Conn.

Rocky Hill, Conn. EW 36; LS 108, 116, 123, 141; 2SG 91-3, 113-4; 1T 85, 87-8

Rod, Rods

Rod, Rods, Aaron’s: budding of EW 32; GC 411; LS 100; PP 403; 4aSG 35-8

miracles wrought before Pharaoh by PP 263; 1T 292; 5T 696-8

that budded was preserved in sanctuary for future generations PP 403; 4aSG 35-6

turned to serpent PP 263; 5T 696-7

disciplining children by See Whipping

Egyptian magicians’, Aaron’s rod swallowed up PP 263-4; 3SG 205-6; 1T 292; 5T 696-7

did not really become serpents PP 264; 3SG 205-6; 5T 696-7

iron, man who ruled his family with 2T 259

Moses’: held aloft during battle with Amalekites PP 299

Red Sea opened and closed for Israel by PP 287

rock smitten at Horeb by PP 298

symbol of divine power PP 251, 396

turned into serpent PP 253; SR 116

of affliction, Christian may do most good under AA 481

of authority, Moses exchanged shepherd’s crook for CT 408; FE 343

of God’s anger, Assyrians as PK 349

of 12 tribes of Israel, laid up in sanctuary PP 403; 4aSG 35

two long golden, seen by EGW in vision 1SM 65-6

Rodman, P. C.

Rodman, P. C. 1T 658-60


Roll, of Israel, Christ’s name inscribed in DA 52

Roll, Rolls

Roll, Rolls, burned by Jehoiakim, rewritten by Jeremiah and Baruch PK 436-7

Jeremiah’s, written at dictation of God 4T 180

read by Baruch and burned by Jehoiakim PK 433-4, 436; 4T 177-8

of prophecy, priests and scribes consulted DA 62

papal, purported to have fallen from heaven and found in Jerusalem GC 576

parchment, Jeremiah’s messages written on PK 433

See also Parchment

Roll, Rolls

Roll, Rolls, fresh, made of wheaten meal without yeast or leaven MH 301

wholesome and palatable MH 301

good brown, prepared in simple manner are healthful CD 108, 319-20

how to make CD 108, 320

unleavened, sold on holiday occasions CD 472; WM 285

See also Bread; Gem

Rollin, Charles

Rollin, Charles, Ancient History by GC 364

Roman, Romans

Roman, Romans, Christ accused before, as guilty of sedition DA 699

exaction of tribute by, Pharisees chafed under DA 601

heathen, Christians persecuted by AA 487, 489-90, 509-13, 537-8, 569-71, 581; EW 210; GC 39-49, 438; SR 315-22

Jewish priests denounced DA 61

helped to rebuild and embellish Jewish temple DA 706

Jerusalem destroyed by COL 295-6; DA 534, 577; GC 17-35, 412; PK 713; PP 467

Jews hated, as oppressors MB 56

Jews heavily taxed by DA 30

Jews hoped Christ would deliver them from DA 30

Jews perpetrated crimes that excited horror and indignation of GC 33

Jews uttered hard denunciations against DA 310

Jewish hatred against, Pharisees fostered DA 405

Jewish hatred of, led them to adhere rigorously to forms of worship DA 30

Jewish revolts dealt with vigorously by DA 725

Moses shown destruction of Jerusalem by PP 467

oracles of, famous Ev 603; PP 684

payment of tribute to, Christ questioned re DA 601-3

Pharisees tried to excite, against Christ DA 538

right to appoint and remove Jewish high priest was claimed by DA 30

Sadducees feared to jeopardize their high standing before DA 539

scribes and Pharisees looked for day when they should have dominion over hated DA 299

second Jewish temple destroyed by COL 295-6; DA 534; GC 21-6, 29, 33-5; PK 713; PP 467

in A.D. 70 GC 412

slavery among MH 63

stubborn Jewish resistance met by, in besieging Jerusalem GC 31

subjugation of Jews by, Christ accused of preparing way for complete DA 205

thronged streets of Corinth AA 243

wrath of, Jewish nation brought upon itself PK 712-3

Roman arms

Roman arms, powerless to confine Christ within tomb DA 778

Roman army, Roman armies

Roman army, Roman armies, approach of, sign of Jerusalem’s impending destruction 5T 451

Jerusalem besieged by, under Cestius GC 30-1

under Titus GC 21, 29-35; PP 467

legion in, numbered from 3,000 to 5,000 men GC 514

Roman Catholic, Roman Catholics

Roman Catholic, Roman Catholics, allegiance given to pope by, of every country GC 580

boast of miracles GC 588

bodily austerities resorted to by GC 569

change of Sabbath by papacy is acknowledged by GC 447-8

conciliatory course taken by, in countries where Romanism is not dominant GC 563

conscientious Christians among, are many 9T 243

living up to light they have better than some SDA do Ev 144

crosses used by GC 568

deceived readily by Satan’s wonderworking power GC 588

decided thrusts against, make no CW 64

do not feel that, are beyond reach of truth Ev 577

duty of writers and editors re CW 65

Ethiopia banished GC 578

evangelist whom many, came to hear Ev 577

gospel work for Ev 573-7

hard thrusts at, do not go out of your way to make 9T 243

looking with interest to SDA, many Ev 574

many honest, will accept truth CW 65

many people among, will be saved Ev 574

ministers cautioned not to denounce Ev 574

oath of loyalty as given to state by GC 580

papal authority regarded by, as above authority of nation or government GC 580

priest’s power over, is great Ev 574

professed Christians and the worldly uniting with, to make void God’s law Ev 226-7

Protestant compromises and concessions surprise GC 566

Protestants and worldlings and, will accept form of godliness without power GC 588-9

Protestants will unite with: to deal with people who reject their dogmas GC 574

to exalt Sunday GC 578

to secure aid of civil power GC 607

raid upon, make no Ev 144, 574

scathing remarks re, make no CW 65

scourge used by GC 569

SDA and, build up no unnecessary barriers between Ev 144, 573-4

separated from true church GC 51

think that: certain individuals are sole guardians of truth TM 105

men have no right to search Scriptures for themselves TM 105

men must accept explanations given by church fathers TM 105

threefold union of, Protestants, and worldlings GC 588-9

Roman Catholic archbishop

Roman Catholic archbishop of St. Louis declared heresy and unbelief to be crimes GC 565

Roman Catholic Church

Roman Catholic Church, abuses of, denounced by Duke George of Saxony before Diet of Worms GC 149-50

accession of, to power marked beginning of Dark Ages GC 55; SR 331

adoration of Virgin Mary established by GC 58; SR 333

aims of GC 563-81

Protestant churches in great darkness re GC 565

to re-establish her power GC 581

America will help 6T 18

anti-Christian power TM 37

as Babylon the Great GC 382-3 See also Babylon

authority of, change of Sabbath as sign or mark of GC 448

Babylon the Great of Revelation 17 symbolizes GC 382-3

banner of, Sunday enforcement will bring Protestant world under GC 448

Bible withheld from people by GC 340, 388, 596

blind faith required by, in her dogmas GC 281

boast of, that she never changes GC 57, 564, 581

ceremonial of, impressive GC 566

character of, men are closing their eyes to real GC 566

Scriptures reveal real GC 572

church controlling power of state GC 443

church leaders following in track of TM 362

churches of Africa forced by, to exalt Sunday instead of Sabbath GC 577-8

churches of Piedmont subjected to GC 64

civil and religious liberty’s most dangerous foe GC 566

claim to infallibility will never be relinquished by GC 564

claim to supremacy has not been relinquished by GC 448

claims of, re pope GC 50-1

clothed in Christlike garments, remains unchanged GC 571

collaboration with, Protestants little understand results of GC 581

confederacy of infidelity and Protestantism with 4BC 1141

corrupted by seeking support of worldly powers GC 382

corruptions of, Luther (Martin) chosen by God to expose 1T 372-3

cross reverenced by GC 568

cruel and revolting practices of GC 569

customs and ceremonies of, Church of England adopted GC 289

day of great enlightenment is favorable to GC 572-3

deadly wound of, received in 1798 GC 439, 579

will be healed GC 579

destroyed records of her cruelty to dissenters GC 61-2

determined to: destroy Luther (Martin) SR 343

re-establish persecution GC 565-6

regain control of world GC 565-6

undo all that Protestantism has done GC 565-6

dissenters’ writings destroyed by GC 61

doctrine of eternally burning hell was received from GC 536

doctrine of indulgences fabricated and used by GC 59; SR 333-4

ecclesiastical body clothed with civil power SR 381

employs every device to extend her influence GC 565

encroachments of, Waldenses foremost in resisting GC 64

enmity of, toward Sabbath and its defenders GC 578

error of, in interpreting Bible by opinions of “fathers” FE 308

errors and sins of, Luther (Martin) raised voice against EW 223

errors of, one of most deeply rooted GC 293

established firmly in sixth century GC 54; SR 330-1

establishment (rise of): apostasy that led to GC 49-60

Daniel foretold AA 266

Paul foretold AA 265-6; GC 49

prophecy foretold GC 65, 571; SR 326

resulted from great apostasy SR 326

exalts itself above God by attempt to change His law GC 446, 591; SR 382

excommunication from, terrors of GC 141

existing sins of, God raised up men to cry against EW 225

fair front presented to world by GC 571

faith of, pagan doctrines incorporated into GC 58

false science prepares way for acceptance of GC 573

falsehoods and delusions of, USA will provide for propagation of 5T 451

far-reaching in her plans and modes of operation GC 565

fateful policy of, dire results of GC 277

force used by, to compel conscience FE 308; 6T 18

forms of, retained in England GC 251, 289

formation of, plan of compromise that led to GC 298; SR 354

things that led to GC 443

France arrayed by, against Reformation GC 277, 282

France’s submission to, French Revolution was result of GC 282

gaining favor in Protestant world GC 563

gigantic system of false religion GC 50

God will interpose when legislators countenance 5T 525

God’s word forsaken by, for human tradition GC 81

growing silently into power GC 581

has not repudiated any of her principles of former ages GC 571

hatred of, toward Sabbath caused separation GC 65

haughty see of, magnificence and kingly pomp affected by GC 382

heresy of eternal torment of the wicked adopted by SR 333

heyday of, world’s condition in GC 60

history of, policy of deception marked GC 591

Satan’s cruelty revealed by GC 570

homage to: Protestant churches by Sunday observance pay GC 448-9, 580

Sunday observance as GC 449; SR 383

USA will enforce observance that will be GC 442

USA will not be alone in giving GC 579

will be paid in both Old and New World GC 579

in Scotland, four centuries of oppression by GC 249

Knox (John) was used to strike death knell of GC 250

incentives offered to people by, to destroy Waldenses GC 77

infallibility claimed by GC 50, 57, 564

influence of, far from destroyed in countries she once dominated GC 579

Inquisition established by, in thirteenth century GC 59

insinuation of, into national affairs GC 580

inspiration of pope claimed by GC 193

institution of, significance of enforcement of 5T 713

invocation of saints established by GC 58; SR 333

attracts minds from Christ GC 568

inward corruption of, evidence of GC 566

is fallen church EW 222; GC 383

legislature of USA will support, in limiting religious liberty TM 206

leopardlike beast of Rev. 13:1-10 symbolizes GC 439, 443, 445, 578; SR 381-2

little horn of Daniel 7 symbolizes GC 439, 446; SR 328, 382

lofty and massive structures erected by, persecutions will be repeated in GC 581; 5T 449-50

logic adopted by GC 51; SR 328

lost supremacy of, efforts to regain GC 581

will be regained 2SM 367-8

Luther (Martin) chosen by God to tear garb of hypocrisy from 1T 372

Luther (Martin) excommunicated from GC 143

man of sin of 2 Thess. 2:3-7 is GC 50, 446; SR 382; TM 140 See also Man of sin

mass is one of falsehoods of 7BC 913

massacres instigated by GC 569

masterpiece of: Satan’s power GC 50

world’s wisdom COL 78

merchandise made of God’s grace by GC 127

monument of Satan’s efforts to rule world GC 50

movement in favor of religious legislation is act of concession to 5T 711

not true church of Christ GC 64

opinions of “fathers” regarded by, as infallible FE 308

ordinance of confession in GC 567-8

outward splendor, pomp, and ceremony of GC 566

pagan belief in: man’s consciousness in death was adopted by SR 333

man’s natural immortality was adopted by SR 333

pagan invention of purgatory adopted by SR 333

paganism gave place to, in sixth century GC 54; SR 330-1

Paul styled, as man of sin SR 382

perfection of, proclaimed by Gregory VII in eleventh century GC 57

perfidious cruelty of, death of Huss (John) instigated by GC 110; SR 338

persecution by: Christians in Bohemia suffered GC 98

Christians in Dark Ages suffered SR 331-2

Christians in England suffered GC 94-6

Protestants in Paris suffered, under Francis I GC 225-30

Satan instigated TM 473

Waldenses suffered GC 76-8, 577

persons seeking to control men’s minds follow in track of 7T 181

persons who are proof against influence of GC 567

personal thrusts at, make no Ev 576

Peter invested with authority by SR 287

pope of See Pope

power and prosperity of, frauds and forgeries used to advance GC 576

power of: people will unite under, to oppose God in person of His witnesses 7T 182

prophecy foretells restoration of GC 579

secret of GC 572-3

used to compel men to obey her 7BC 976

power of state used by, to further her ends GC 443

to punish “heresy” GC 443

preparing for time to strike GC 581

pride and arrogant assumption of, not renounced GC 571

prince of evil uses GC 570

principle separating Protestants from GC 448

principle that would assure triumph of, in USA GC 581

principles of, Gregory VII’s principles still are GC 581

Innocent III’s principles still are GC 581

professes to act as God’s vicegerent GC 591

Protestant churches allied with worldly powers imitate GC 443

Protestant churches have followed in steps of GC 443

Protestants changing their attitude toward GC 563

Protestants have tampered with and patronized GC 566

Protestants of USA will clasp hands with GC 588

Protestants will be aided by, in enforcement of Sunday GC 580

Protestant world making concessions to 5T 716

Protestant world treads in footsteps of 2SM 359

Protestant world worshiping institution of 1T 223

purpose of, soon will be seen and felt GC 581

records of horrible cruelties of, covered with apologies GC 571

regarded as gate of heaven GC 567

religious denominations will unite with, to oppress God’s people 6T 478

religious services of, gorgeous display and solemn rites of GC 566-7

right arm of Satan’s strength TM 473

right to interpret Scriptures reserved to clergy by GC 596

right to pardon sin claimed by GC 567-8

rule of, God’s servants denounced as evildoers under GC 591

Sabbath observed by, before her complete apostasy GC 578

Sabbathkeepers in Old World will be persecuted by GC 616

Sabbathkeepers will be oppressed by 2SM 380

Satan wrought through, to produce French Revolution GC 285

schism in, rival popes caused GC 86-7, 103-4

seal taken from God’s law by, in attempt to change Sabbath GC 452

seat of, fixed in Rome in sixth century GC 54; SR 330-1

second commandment expunged from Decalogue by GC 52, 446

SDA may have less to say re, in some lines CW 65; TM 112

shrewdness and cunningness of, marvelous GC 580

similarity between, and Jewish church when Christ was born GC 568

sin licensed by, and made source of revenue GC 178

stealthy but rapid progress of, unmasked during final warning GC 606

Sunday exalted by, in place of Sabbath Ev 225

Sunday is child of 4BC 1168-9, 1172; FE 288; 6T 193; 9T 235; TM 140

Sunday is false sabbath received from GC 536

Sunday is institution of Ev 235; 1T 354; 9T 16

Sunday observance as mark of authority of Ev 234; GC 573

Sunday observance handed down by EW 255-6

Sunday observance is custom that originated with GC 573

Sunday observance is institution of 1T 223; 5T 137

Sunday observance rests solely on authority of GC 579

supremacy of: Christ foretold church’s great tribulation under GC 393

danger to be apprehended from GC 566

how Protestant churches acknowledge GC 448

iniquity and spiritual darkness prevailed under GC 586

lost in Old World, will be regained in Protestant America GC 573

Luther’s (Martin) words struck at foundation of SR 342

mark of beast distinguishes people acknowledging 8T 117 See also Mark of beast

persecution against Christians under GC 54

prophecy foretold GC 356

Sabbathkeepers hidden in secret places during GC 453

Sunday observance as special acknowledgment of GC 579

1260 years of, from A.D. 538 to 1798 GC 54-5, 266-7, 439

Swedish people under rule of GC 243

tampering of, with fourth commandment of Decalogue GC 51-3; SR 328, 382-3

with Ten Commandments SR 328-9

tenth commandment of Decalogue divided by GC 52; SR 328

theory of eternal torment received from GC 536

theory of immortality of soul was borrowed from paganism by GC 549

1,000-year record of, written in blood of saints GC 571

1,000 years of teaching of, results of GC 265-6

torture used by, to compel assent to her doctrines GC 569

true Christians in Ev 234; GC 449, 565; 9T 243

truth cast down to ground by GC 65

1260 years of oppression by: began in sixth century GC 54

began in A.D. 538 GC 266, 439

ended in 1798 GC 266-7, 439

two classes for which, is well adapted GC 572

tyranny and persecution by, revival of GC 564

union of, with Protestant churches and world against commandment keepers 5T 449

union with, results of 4BC 1169

USA will follow, in trampling on rights of conscience GC 588

use of force by, Pius IX’s statements re GC 564-5

vast organization under pope’s control GC 580

vice among leaders of, in Dark Ages GC 56

victory of Luther (Martin) at Worms weakened 1T 375

Waldensian opposition to GC 64

Waldenses regarded, as Babylon GC 65

warred against liberty of conscience 5T 711-2

work of deception carried forward by, to close of time GC 579

worship of images and relics in, mind is attracted from Christ by GC 568

See also Papacy; Popery

Roman Catholic Church buildings

Roman Catholic Church buildings, architecture and furnishings of, beautiful GC 566

increasing in number in Protestant countries GC 566

Roman Catholic clergy

Roman Catholic clergy, woes of, during Reign of Terror in France GC 283

Roman Catholic college, Roman Catholic colleges

Roman Catholic college, Roman Catholic colleges, Protestants patronize GC 566

Roman Catholic confessional

Roman Catholic confessional, evils of GC 567-8

Roman Catholic darkness

Roman Catholic darkness, ages of, false interpretations of Scripture adopted during 5T 710

Roman Catholic dignitary, Roman Catholic dignitaries

Roman Catholic dignitary, Roman Catholic dignitaries, assume prerogative of making people believe as they do FE 308

declare that persons who do not agree with them are heretics FE 308

luxury and sensual pleasure of GC 57, 568

studied under Satan GC 569

Roman Catholic doctrine, Roman Catholic doctrines

Roman Catholic doctrine, Roman Catholic doctrines, devised in darkest ages, still held GC 571

erroneous, various GC 50-60; 7BC 913; SR 327-34

error in SR 332-3

influence exerted by, in legislative halls GC 581

re indulgences GC 59; SR 333-4

that Peter was head of church AA 194-5

that pope is visible head of universal church GC 50-1; SR 327

that Roman Church has never erred GC 57, 564, 581

Roman Catholic hierarchy

Roman Catholic hierarchy, attitude of, re freedom of conscience GC 564

frauds and forgeries used by GC 576

image of, Protestant America will form GC 445

Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism, Abyssinian revolt against domination by GC 578

adapted to people who would be saved: by their merits GC 572

in their sins GC 572

apostasy of latter times GC 571

arrogant claims of, first asserted in behalf of Sunday GC 446-7

as world’s despot GC 60

atheism completed in French Revolution that which had been started by GC 276-7

attempt of: to change day of rest GC 446, 448, 452-3; TM 140

to change God’s law GC 446, 591; SR 382; TM 140

to change times and laws GC 51-2

to convert heathen Saxons in sixth century GC 62-3

to exalt herself above God GC 591; SR 382

to set aside fourth precept of Decalogue GC 446; SR 382

based on deception GC 566

began by enjoining what God had not forbidden GC 290

breach made in God’s law by Ev 225

in attempt to change Sabbath GC 453

despised as priestcraft in France GC 281

development of, apostasy prepared way for GC 443

compromise between paganism and Christianity resulted in GC 50

differs less widely from Protestantism now than in former times GC 571

ended by forbidding what God had explicitly enjoined GC 290

English Reformers retained many forms of GC 289

errors preparing way for, creeping into church in Paul’s time SR 326

forms of paganism and Christianity united by GC 569

fruits of, French Revolution revealed GC 265

fundamental principles of, enforcement of Sunday observance is virtual recognition of 5T 712

God’s character misrepresented by GC 281, 569

how, gained power over men’s minds GC 523

idolatrous symbols of, removed from churches in England GC 94

ignorance re Scriptures favors SR 328

let no man deceive himself re GC 571

literature setting forth soul-destroying theories of, do not print or sell 7T 166

lost supremacy of, will be regained 7BC 975

mammoth system of deception GC 570

men will be compelled by America and, to observe false sabbath 6T 18

noontide of, world’s midnight was GC 60; SR 334

not coarse and clumsy imposture GC 566

of Middle Ages, apologies made re GC 572

policy of: infidels and revolutionists made by outworking of GC 281

striking illustration of outworking of GC 265-6

USA threatened by success of GC 564

prepared to embrace nearly whole world GC 572

Protestants regard, with greater favor than ever GC 563

Protestantism joins hands with, when USA enacts Sunday law 5T 712

results of legislating principles of, again into power 5T 712

same today as in time of Protestant Reformation GC 571

Satan controlled nations through GC 268-9

Scriptures are most powerful weapon against GC 88

soul-destroying theories of: among mysteries of iniquity 8T 91

do not print or sell 7T 166

Review and Herald publishing house at Battle Creek printed 8T 91

success of, time of great intellectual darkness favors GC 572

system of, not in harmony with Christ’s gospel GC 565

threefold union of, with Protestantism and spiritualism 5T 451

true spirit of, displayed against German Protestants GC 134

tyranny of, Christ will be His people’s refuge during TM 206

See also Papacy; Popery