Counsels on Stewardship


Forfeiting Peace of Conscience

When we deal unjustly with our fellow men or with our God, we despise the authority of God, and ignore the fact that Christ has purchased us with His own life. The world is robbing God upon the wholesale plan. The more He imparts of wealth, the more thoroughly do men claim it as their own, to be used as they shall please. But shall the professed followers of Christ follow the customs of the world? Shall we forfeit peace of conscience, communion with God, and fellowship with our brethren, because we fail to devote to His cause the portion He has claimed as His own? CS 78.1

Let those who claim to be Christians, bear in mind that they are trading on the capital entrusted them of God, and that they are required to faithfully follow the directions of the Scriptures in regard to its disposal. If your heart is right with God, you will not embezzle your Lord's goods, and invest them in your own selfish enterprises.... CS 78.2

Brethren and sisters, if the Lord has blessed you with means, do not look upon it as your own. Regard it as yours in trust for God, and be true and honest in paying tithes and offerings. When a pledge is made by you, be sure that God expects you to pay as promptly as possible. Do not promise a portion to the Lord, and then appropriate it to your own use, lest your prayers become an abomination unto Him. It is the neglect of these plainly revealed duties that brings darkness upon the church.—The Review and Herald, December 17, 1889. CS 78.3