Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


A Call for Burden Bearers

While God has given us our work to do in bearing our testimony to the people by pen and voice, others must come to bear burdens in connection with the cause. They should not become discouraged, but should endeavor to learn by every apparent failure how to make a success of the next effort. And if they connect with the Source of wisdom, they will surely succeed. LS 245.1

God is putting burdens upon more inexperienced shoulders. He is fitting them to be care-taking, to venture, to run risks. LS 245.2

All who have responsible positions must realize that they must first have power with God, in order that they may have power with the people. Those who devise and execute plans for our institutions must connect with heaven, if they would have wisdom, foresight, discernment, and keen perception. The Lord is left out of the question altogether too much, when everything depends upon His blessing. God listens to the appeals of His self-denying workers who labor to advance His cause. He has even condescended to talk with feeble mortals, face to face. LS 245.3

The close intercourse which Moses had with God, and the glorious manifestation vouchsafed to him, caused his face to shine so brightly with heavenly luster that the people of Israel could not look upon him. He appeared like a bright angel from heaven. This personal experience of the knowledge of God was of more value to him as a man bearing responsibilities as a leader than all his former education in the learning of the Egyptians. The most brilliant intellect, the most earnest study, the highest eloquence, can never be substituted for the wisdom and power of God in those who are bearing the responsibilities connected with His cause. Nothing can be substituted for the grace of Christ and the knowledge of God's will. LS 245.4

God has made every provision for man to have help which He alone can give him. If he allows his work to hurry, drive, and confuse, so that he has no time for devotional thought or for prayer, he will make mistakes. If a standard is not lifted up by Jesus Christ against Satan, the enemy will overcome those who are engaged in the important work for this time. LS 246.1

It is the privilege of every one connected with our denominational institutions to be connected in close relationship with God; and if they fail to do this, they show themselves unfitted for their work of trust. The provision made for us all through Christ was a full and perfect sacrifice,—a sinless offering. His blood can cleanse the foulest stain. Had He been but a man, we would be excusable for our lack of faith and obedience. He came to save that which was lost. We are not qualified for the great work for this time, except when we labor in God, when our prayers, earnest and fervent, are continually ascending to the throne of grace. LS 246.2

God is fitting up men to bear burdens, to plan and execute, and my husband must not stand in the way. He cannot encircle the cause of God in his arms; it is too broad. Many heads and many hands are needed to plan and labor, not saving themselves. For want of experience, mistakes will be made; but if the workers connect with God, He will give them an increase of wisdom. Never since the creation of the world were such important interests at stake as now depend upon the action of men who believe and are giving the last message of warning to the world. LS 246.3