Importance of Prayerful Counseling

Meeting the Issues With Counsel and Prayer—There must be something ventured, and some risks run by those on the field of battle. They must not in every movement feel that they must receive orders from headquarters. They must do the best they can under all circumstances, all counseling together with much earnest prayer to God for His wisdom. There must be union of effort.—Letter 14, 1887. Ev 97.1

Frequent Councils—In connection with the proclamation of the message in large cities, there are many kinds of work to be done by laborers with varied gifts. Some are to labor in one way, some in another.... As laborers together with God, they should seek to be in harmony with one another. There should be frequent councils, and earnest, whole-hearted co-operation. Yet all are to look to Jesus for wisdom, not depending upon men alone for direction.—Testimonies For The Church 9:109 (1909). Ev 97.2

Brother Consult With Brother—As workers we need to counsel together over difficult matters. It is right that brother should consult with brother. And it is our privilege after we have done this, to bow together in prayer and ask for divine wisdom and counsel. But for one human voice to be a controlling power is a sad mistake.—Letter 186, 1907. Ev 97.3

Defects Revealed—In the work of the laborers there should be a counseling together. No one is to strike out on his own independent judgment, and work according to his own mind, unless he has a treasury of his own from which to draw.... I have been shown that the management of the work must not be trusted to inexperienced hands. Those who have not had breadth of experience are not the ones to take large responsibilities, although they may think themselves qualified to do so. Their brethren may see defects where they themselves see only perfection.—The Review and Herald, December 8, 1885. Ev 97.4

Ministers to Take Time to Pray—I am drawn out to call upon our people to make every effort to save souls. We need increased faith. The hearts of our church members should be drawn out in prayer for those who are preaching the gospel. And ministers must take time to pray for themselves and for the people of God, whom they are appointed to serve.—Letter 49, 1903. Ev 98.1

Prayer Seasons Bring Encouragement—As workers, let us seek the Lord together. Of our own selves we can do nothing; but through Christ we can do all things. God intends that we shall be a help and blessing to one another, and that we shall be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.... God lives and reigns; and He will give us all the help we need. It is our privilege at all times to draw strength and encouragement from His blessed promise, “My grace is sufficient for you.”—Historical Sketches, p. 129. (1886). Ev 98.2