Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Visit to Battle Creek—March, 1867

It was decided that we should return to Battle Creek, and there remain while the roads were in a muddy, broken-up condition, and that I should there complete Testimony No. 12. My husband was very anxious to see his brethren at Battle Creek, and speak to them, and rejoice with them in the work which God was doing for him. LS 175.1

In a few days we found ourselves again at Battle Creek, after an absence of about three months. On the Sabbath, March 16, my husband spoke with clearness and power, and I also bore my testimony with usual freedom. LS 175.2

I came home to Battle Creek like a weary child, who needed comforting words and encouragement. But on our return we met reports having no foundation in truth. We were humbled into the very dust, and distressed beyond expression. LS 175.3

In this state of things we started to fill an appointment at Monterey. On the journey I tried to explain to myself why it was that our brethren did not understand in regard to our work. I had felt quite sure that when we should meet them, they would know what spirit we were of, and that the Spirit of God in them would answer to the same in us, His humble servants, and there would be union of feeling and sentiment. Instead of this, we were distrusted and suspiciously watched, which was a cause of the greatest perplexity I ever experienced. LS 175.4