Selected Messages Book 1


Statement on the Day and Hour of Christ's Coming

Dear Sister,

You state that “some claim among other things that there is dishonesty in suppressing your former writings.” Will those who say these things please give proof of their statements? I know that this has been often repeated but not proved. “Claiming that in your original testimonies, volume 1, which they have preserved, you distinctly declare that you were shown the day and hour of Christ's second coming. Their argument is that this statement of yours will not stand the Bible test; as Christ Himself declares that no man knoweth the day or the hour, no not even the angels of God.” 1SM 75.1

In my first book you will find the only statement in regard to the day and hour of Christ's coming that I have made since the passing of the time in 1844. It is found in Early Writings, 11, 27, 145, 146 [15, 34, and 285, present edition]. All refer to the announcement that will be made just before the second coming of Christ. 1SM 75.2

By turning to page 145 [page 285, present edition] and reading from the commencement of the chapter you will see that the statements made refer to the deliverance of the saints from the time of trouble by the voice of God. Please obtain this book if you do not have it, and read the statements therein. They are just as printed from the first article published. “The sky opened and shut, and was in commotion.” “The mountains shook like a reed in the wind, and cast out ragged rocks all around. The sea boiled like a pot, and cast out stones upon the ground. And as God spoke the day and hour of Jesus’ coming, and delivered the everlasting covenant to His people, He spoke one sentence and then paused while the words were rolling through the earth.” 1SM 75.3

This is a portion of the paragraph. The statements in pages 11 and 27 [pages 15 and 34, present edition] refer to the same time. They contain all that I have ever been shown in regard to the definite time of the Lord's coming. I have not the slightest knowledge as to the time spoken by the voice of God. I heard the hour proclaimed, but had no remembrance of that hour after I came out of vision. Scenes of such thrilling, solemn interest passed before me as no language is adequate to describe. It was all a living reality to me, for close upon this scene appeared the great white cloud, upon which was seated the Son of man.—Letter 38, 1888. 1SM 75.4

An Early View of Jets of Light

In my very girlhood the Lord saw fit to open before me the glories of heaven. I was in vision taken to heaven, and the angel said to me, “Look!” I looked to the world as it was in dense darkness. The agony that came over me was indescribable as I saw this darkness. 1SM 76.1

Again the word came, “Look ye.” And again I looked intensely over the world, and I began to see jets of light like stars dotted all through this darkness; and then I saw another and another added light, and so all through this moral darkness the star-like lights were increasing. And the angel said, “These are they that believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and are obeying the words of Christ. These are the light of the world; and if it were not for these lights, the judgments of God would immediately fall upon the transgressors of God's law.” I saw then these little jets of light growing brighter, shining forth from the east and the west, from the north and the south, and lighting the whole world. 1SM 76.2

Occasionally one of these lights would begin to grow dim, and others would go out, and every time this occurred there was sadness and weeping in heaven. And some of the lights would grow brighter and brighter, and their brightness was far-reaching, and many more lights were added to it. Then there was rejoicing in heaven. I saw that the rays of light came directly from Jesus, to form these precious jets of light in the world.—Gospel Workers, 378-379 (1892 edition). 1SM 76.3