EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)


Wafer - Warfare


Wafer See Biscuit; Cooky; Cracker

Waffle, A. E.

Waffle, A. E., quoted GC 447

Wage, Wages

1. Classes of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

afflicted person’s, difference to be made in 2SG 235

duty of the wealthy re 1T 194

Bible workers’, create fund to pay Ev 477

climbing, tendency toward 2SM 204

day laborer’s, should be paid in full 2SG 236; 1T 194

denominational workers’, guiding principles in fixing CH 302-3; GW 449-53; MM 119-35; 2SM 179-89; 5T 374, 551; 7T 206-9

departmental workers’ 7T 216

desired, duty of person who cannot obtain 2SM 181

disabled gospel worker’s, should be sufficient to support him CS 146

editor’s 1T 640

exorbitant: no man should be granted 7T 208

no man should be paid, because of special capabilities and qualifications 7T 208

publishing-house worker should not be paid 2SM 211

extravagant, SDA cannot consent to pay 2SM 201

SDA physicians should not be paid 2SM 201

fixed, persons who desire fixed amount of work to do and MH 499

gospel workers’ AA 340-1; 2BC 1029; PK 65; 5T 551

auditing committees’ duty re GW 449-52

do not copy world’s standard in fixing 2SM 192

do not hold back 5T 374

do not permit narrowness and dishonest dealing in settlement of 5T 567

equity should be maintained in fixing CH 302

inequality in fixing CH 302-3; 2SM 193, 213

justice needed in fixing 4T 600

law of equality should govern fixing of 2SM 192

niggardliness in fixing, displeases God 7T 208

persons of cultivated intellect should be recompensed proportionately to responsibilities they bear as 5T 551

principle of equality needed in fixing 2SM 192-4

principle that should never be set aside in fixing GW 450

principles governing 2SM 179-89

reduction of, administrators’ duty re GW 452

should be adequate 2SG 236-7

should enable them to live comfortably 2SM 187

should enable them to make donations to God’s cause 2SM 187

should not be on mercenary basis 7T 208

should not be small remuneration 5T 374

tendency to demand higher 2SM 206

there should be no aristocracy re 2SM 192

thought that should be given to 4T 373

worldling’s standard should not be followed in fixing 2SM 192

high (large): beware of placing great confidence in persons who demand 2SM 199

craving for 2SM 184

excuse given for demanding 2SM 183

experiment of paying, tried in publishing institutions CH 302

for a few is world’s plan 2SM 192

God’s treasury sapped by demand for 2SM 188

gospel workers should not demand 2SM 205

gospel workers who demand 2SM 179, 183-4, 197, 199

how institutions are affected by demand for 2SM 196

Huram’s demand for 2BC 1027-8; PK 64; 2SM 175-6

leading many people to luxury and extravagance PK 64

medical superintendent of sanitarium need not draw 2SM 198

new system of paying, to physicians and surgeons CH 314

nurses receiving offers of CH 282; MM 201

paid for talented minister to entertain people GC 386

parents and inducement of CG 329

problems relating to payment of 2SM 177-8

result of paying, to one branch of departmental workers 7T 216

results of opening door to 2SM 197; 7T 216

sanitarium physicians should not exact 2SM 201

selfishness in demanding 2SM 204

that became a curse 2SM 185-6

true gospel workers do not labor to secure CH 285

value of a man does not depend on his demand for 2SM 193

warning against desire to grasp TM 393

higher (larger): argument that talented workers should be paid CH 299

builders of temple contended for 2BC 1027-8; 2SM 174-6

gospel workers who ask for 2SM 179, 197

gospel workers who demand 2SM 179, 183-4, 197, 199

gospel workers’ tendency to demand 2SM 206

institutional workers who desire 2SM 177

leading pub.-house workers who demand 2SM 194

payment of, to men with superior talent 2SM 186

person who is constantly aspiring to get 2SM 182

pub.-house workers who seek, resignation of 2SM 210

results of coveting 2SM 180

san. nurses lured by offers of, from wealthy patients CH 282; MM 201

san. physicians who demand 2SM 194, 202-4

san. workers who demand 2SM 198

spirit of covetousness that leads to PK 64

striving to secure, warning re TM 320

to secure higher class of institutional workers CH 316

union of gospel workers in demanding 2SM 197

workmen in finer arts who demanded PK 63

highest (largest): Christ wants no workers who seek only 5T 86

master workman on temple demanded 2SM 175

physicians are not to seek MM 76

seeking, is rife in world 2BC 1028; MYP 303; PK 64; 2SM 176

SDA church does not need talent that demands MM 75

spirit of grasping for 2SM 199

workers who give minimum effort for MYP 229

hireling’s 2T 157

extorted by some people through oppression 2SG 234, 247; 2T 159

God keeps record of 2T 157

injustices committed re 1T 351

person guilty of wrong in payment of, duty of 2T 157

wealth obtained by oppressing 2SG 247

withheld by oppression should be restored 2T 159

injured gospel worker’s MM 171-2

institutional workers’ 2BC 1028; CH 316; 2SM 176-8; 7T 207-9

do not cut, in order to enlarge plant 8T 143

fixing of 2SM 194; 5T 551

in early days of SDA Church 2BC 1028

reduction of 7T 206

restitution of withheld, should be made MM 183

should be fair 7T 207

should be proportionate to responsibilities they bear 2SM 190

when, should be proportionate to amount of work done CS 269

just, God’s law requires payment of PP 309

gospel workers should not be begrudged 2SM 189

kept back by fraud by professedly good Christians CS 123

leading to luxury and extravagance 2BC 1027-8

lucrative, do not be diverted from gospel work by Ev 477

meager, do not talk about your 2SM 188

med. institution workers’ 3T 177-8

should be suitable 3T 177-8

ministers’ GW 449-52; 2SM 199; 1T 194-5; 7T 208

close dealing re 2SM 193

compared with that of college teachers 5T 85

great wrong is done in auditing GW 452

physicians’ and, more equality needed between 2SM 201

should be such that they can make donations to God’s cause 2SM 201

should be sufficient to support themselves and families AA 340-1; GW 449; 2SM 187; 7T 250

should not be deducted for physical labor in leisure time Ev 660

teachers’ and, inequality between 5T 85

Negro ministers’ 9T 223

no stated sum offered as, by Christ to apostles CH 317; GW 113; PK 65

nurses’ CH 303

of employed wives of: gospel workers Ev 491-2

ministers GW 452-3

of sin: course which brings dreaded 2T 473

is death PP 61, 341; 4T 363

slavery, ruin, and death GC 668

office workers’ 1T 520

physicians’ MM 128

in God’s cause 2SM 199

ministers’ and, need of more equality between 2SM 201

should not be extravagant 2SM 201

why should they be more than that of editor or minister? 1T 640

pub.-house workers’ 2SM 185; 7T 207-9

difference to be made in 7T 207

fixing of 2SM 194; 5T 550-1

increased as pub. work prospered 2SM 191

of Review and Herald 2SM 185

reduction of 7T 206

should not be higher than that of gospel workers in other lines 7T 208

when, was limited to $12.00 a week 2SM 192

reasonable, gospel worker should be willing to labor for 2SM 197

reasonable amount of labor should be paid CH 314

san. physicians’ 2SM 198-9, 202-3; 1T 640

fixing of 2SM 194

method that is not to be followed in paying 2SM 200

new system of paying CH 314

question re 2SM 202-3

EGW interviewed re 2SM 202-6

san. physician in chief’s 8T 142

san. surgeons’: new system of paying CH 314

question re 2SM 202

EGW interviewed re 2SM 202-6

san. workers’ CH 314; 8T 142-3

fixing of 2SM 194

should be according to value of their work 8T 143

school cooks’ CS 270

school workers’, should be according to hours of labor given 2SM 181-2

skilled workers’ 2SM 190-1, 202-4

should be higher than that of unskilled workers 2SM 190-1

small: family that would be advantaged by 3T 30

gospel worker should not be required to work for 5T 374

multitudes compelled to labor hard for MH 158; PK 650; 9T 90

persons having too much dignity to work for 2SM 181

some people may offer to work at sanitariums for CH 292

stipulated, let none say I will engage in God’s work for CH 320; 2SM 180

Matthew did not demand, when called by Christ GW 113

teachers’, inequality between ministers’ and 5T 85

unskilled workers’, should be lower than those of skilled workers 2SM 190-1

JW’s: $4.09 per week in 1855 2SG 205

$6.00 per week 2SM 189, 191

widow’s, difference to be made in 2SG 235

duty of the wealthy re 1T 194

women gospel workers’ Ev 491-3; GW 452-3

should be estimated according to work’s value 7T 207

women physicians’, should be proportionate to services CH 365

worthy poor person’s, difference to be made in 2SG 235

duty of the wealthy re 1T 194

2. Miscellaneous

Christ has paid, for man’s willing service COL 330-1

Christ worked for, as carpenter Ev 132; 2SM 164

Christ’s first disciples did not work merely for CH 317

do not feel that you must receive, for every duty COL 398

do not labor for God merely for PK 65

do not present, as inducement to secure ability and talent 2SM 192

economical use of, learn to make 2T 431, 435-6

economy in paying, that results in loss 2SM 191

gospel worker faithful in labor is not influenced by AA 355-6

gospel worker should not: be motivated by 9T 27

labor merely for 5T 551

stipulate amount of, he is to receive 2SM 205-6

gospel workers are not laborers together with God for 2SM 179, 205

gospel workers defrauded of 5T 374

gospel workers laboring merely for, reproved 2T 518

gospel workers must accept less, when means for God’s work are scarce 2SM 207

gospel workers need, to support their families 2SM 205-6

gospel workers should learn to live within their 2T 431

gospel workers should not labor merely for, they receive 2SM 190-1

gospel workers who are paid money above their 2SM 199-200

gospel workers who murmur re their 2SM 182

gospel workers who refuse to labor for their 2SM 185

grasping for, too much eager 2SM 183

warning against 2BC 1028-9; 2SM 192, 199; TM 393

house-to-house miss. work that should be done without MM 247

idea of making a difference in, for mental labor and physical work CH 302

increase of: brings corresponding increase of self-gratification and needless extravagance 2SM 192

brings corresponding increase of selfishness and pride 2SM 192

covetousness that comes with 2BC 1028; 2SM 177

institutional workers employed at smaller MM 174

institutional workers who grasp for 2BC 1028-9; 2SM 177

laborer should be promptly paid his PP 532

live within your 2SM 200; 2T 431

man who worked merely for 2T 545

Matthew did not demand, equal to amount received in his former occupation MH 479-80

minister of talent paid, to entertain people GC 386

minister receiving limited, may contrive to add to his little fund by work in his garden, etc. Ev 661

minister who labors merely for, cares only for himself 3SG 124

ministers are not to labor merely for AA 361; GW 15

ministers serving as Bible teachers in schools should be paid, from tithe CT 431; 6T 135

ministers who labor chiefly for 4BC 1180

Paul worked for souls and not merely for 6BC 1088

Paul worked without, at Corinth AA 349-50; 6BC 1088

payment of: inequality in CH 302-3; 2SM 193, 202-4, 213

injustice in 2SM 192

to secure men of ability for important positions CH 302

worldly principle of 2SM 192

person whose highest motive is to labor for 3BC 1162

persons helping in home work should be paid just Ev 468

persons who labor with God do not look for MM 133

persons working for, should put in good time CS 270

physicians who collect money in addition to their regular MM 127; 2SM 199-200

physicians who feel they do not receive sufficient MM 128

privilege of working for God as compared to 2SM 182

promise of increase in, to worker should be kept by business manager MM 183

pub.-house workers should not labor merely for 1T 589

question of, should not be uppermost in minds of gospel workers GW 113-4

reasoning re, that is not in harmony with God’s plan CH 316

reduction in: all workers should share in, and not a few 7T 208

need for voluntary 2BC 1029

when institutional workers will consent to 7T 206

when pub.-house workers will consent to 7T 206

san. physicians should not exact 2SM 201

save part of your: for charities to others 2SM 330

for emergencies 2SM 329-30

for time of adversity 3T 30

for time of need AH 396

sentiment re, that is language of world CH 302

sower and reaper both receive DA 192

stimulus of, working without 2SM 191

stipulation re, Christ made with His disciples no GW 24, 113; MH 479-80; MYP 303

wealth obtained by oppressing hireling in 1T 175

JW and EGW worked for years without 2SM 189

withholding of, that is criminal 5T 374

women Bible workers should receive Ev 493-4

women gospel workers are worthy of their Ev 493

women workers in sanitariums should be paid just CH 314-5

work for, that will prove utter failure MM 181

workmen should be paid just 2SG 247

worldly business pays, according to work accomplished COL 397

See also earnings; Income


call of Christ without promise of TDG 41:3

canvassers needed who hold service as more important than PM 302:1

confederacy regarding, in publishing house PM 147

disparity in PM 248:4

disputes for, wrong spirit of both workers and leaders in PM 149


benefit does not come from accepting PM 243:3

grasping for; money spent shows sanctification needed PM 111:3

hindering proclamation of message by taking PM 105:1

influence for, displeased God; robbing treasury PM 148:3

movement for, contrary to principles; discourages giving PM 243:2

paid to a few, against principles of institution PM 248:3


decision to take, in starting the work PM 27:3

necessities reduced and, to advance the work PM 28:1

unjust without laborers’ consent PM 244:1

refusing job on basis of; preferring idleness TDG 161

service of unfaithful manager not worthy of PM 247:2

setting, by impulse of one man without checking needs PM 149:2


needed who do not expect, in this world TMK 330:2

to have a voice in changing PM 244:1

working only for PM 70:2

Wage question

Wage question, response to duty’s call should not be hindered by 2SM 205

Waggoner, E. J.

Waggoner, E. J. 1SM 234-5; TM 91-8


attitude of (Christian gentleman), to be followed 3SM 174:2

church paper needed more people than PM 103:2

Ellen White heard views of, but she knew them before hearing 3SM 172:1

justification and righteousness related to law presented by 3SM 168:1

Waggoner, J. H.

Waggoner, J. H. LS 221-3, 264; 2SG 273; 1T 572, 688; 3T 505; 4T 456

Wagon, Wagons

Wagon, Wagons, gospel, disappointing results of Ev 583

heavily loaded, dream re God’s people traveling in 2T 594

Israel used, in wilderness PP 377

Wahroonga Sanitarium and Hospital

Wahroonga Sanitarium and Hospital MM 324

Wail, Wails

Wail, Wails, of world’s sorrow, heard everywhere CS 166; 6T 115


Wailing, bitter, heard in dream 2T 595

Waist, Waists

Waist, Waists, babies’ bodies should not be girded with 2SM 466

compressive: blood ill-affected by MH 292

heart ill-affected by MH 292, 382; 2SM 473; Te 291-2

it is sin for women to wear 2SM 473

lifelong invalids made by, in violation of laws of being 1T 461

liver ill-affected by 2SM 473; Te 291-2

lungs ill-affected by MH 292, 382; 2SM 473; Te 291-2

vital organs ill-affected by Te 291-2

dress that compresses, ill effects of MH 292

of girls’ dresses, should be perfectly loose 2SM 471

tiny, women who girdle themselves until they have Te 291-2

See also Band; Corset; Tight lacing


Waiting, watching and, need of combined quiet 2SM 242


responsibility when clouds hide the light OHC 318:4

righteousness of Christ claimed without FW 64:3

Scriptural promises received by OHC 134:2

Waiting time

Waiting time, for second advent may seem long PK 387

God’s people are in 4T 123

seems long 2T 195

Waitsfield, Vermont

Waitsfield, Vermont 2SG 146-7


Wakefulness, tea drinking causes 2T 65


Waldenses GC 61-78

among first people of Europe to obtain translation of Scriptures GC 65

ancient church of, in Alps GC 119

Bible commentaries prepared by GC 68

children of, education of GC 67-8, 70

churches of, purity and simplicity of GC 68

contributed material to foundation of Christian church AA 598

corresponded with United Brethren in Bohemia GC 119

declared Roman Church to be Babylon GC 65

delivered to slaughter by papal bull GC 77

died as martyrs in mountains of Piedmont GC 271

doctrine of, re priesthood of Christ GC 74

faith of, based on God’s written word GC 64

farming by, in mountains GC 67

foremost in resisting papal encroachment GC 64

fruitage of teachings of, in Netherlands GC 239

had Scriptures in their native tongue GC 79

hundreds of years before Reformation GC 65

hardships and suffering endured for Christ by 7T 254

hoped for second advent GC 303

inquisitors put on track of GC 76

light brought by, to Bohemia GC 97

light of truth kept burning by, in Middle Ages GC 66

lived up to light shining on them 1T 371

ministers of: learned trade or profession GC 71

required to serve three years in mission field GC 70-1

trained as missionaries GC 70-1

training of GC 70-1; 5T 584

miss. work of GC 69-76

missionaries of: churches sprang up in path of GC 72

history of, gospel workers should study 5T 400

many, suffered martyrdom GC 75-6

papal leaders’ hatred for GC 76

passed through great cities GC 72

penetrated into distant lands GC 72

penetrated into Netherlands GC 238

Scripture manuscripts circulated by GC 71-4

sent forth two and two GC 71

spread gospel everywhere GC 238

witnessed for truth as martyrs GC 72

worked as merchants or peddlers GC 71

noted places of, visited by EGW in 1885 LS 290

papacy’s effort to blot, from earth GC 76-8

papal bull condemned, as heretics GC 77

papal doctrines rejected by GC 72-3

pastors of, labors of GC 68

persecuted terribly by papacy GC 76-8, 577; 1T 371-2

persecution drove many, from France and Italy to Bohemia GC 97

plans devised by, to let light shine to others 5T 406

planted seeds of Reformation GC 78

poor, Scriptures opened in Piedmont valleys by CS 303-4

protested against Rome’s idolatrous corruptions GC 119

refuge found by, in rocky fastnesses of mountains GC 64-6; 1T 371-2

regard of, for Scriptures GC 64-9, 72

sacrifice and self-denial practiced by 5T 400

schools conducted by, in mountains GC 70

Scripture manuscripts copied by GC 68-9, 73-4

Scriptures circulated by GC 70-4

Scriptures of, translated into verse in Dutch GC 238

Scriptures regarded by, as infallible rule of faith and practice GC 249

Scriptures used by GC 65-6, 68-74, 79, 238, 249

singing by GC 66

some, denied supremacy of popes GC 65

kept true Sabbath GC 65, 577

rejected image worship as idolatry GC 65

some Scripture manuscripts of, contained whole Bible GC 68

Spirit used, during Dark Ages AA 53

to prepare way for Reformation AA 53

strong young men sent by, to world’s higher colleges 5T 583-4

students among, Scripture manuscripts circulated by GC 70

sufferings of, for religion 1T 371

teachers and ministers of, training of 5T 584

witnessed centuries before Wycliffe (John) and Luther (Martin) GC 78

witnessed for truth during Dark Ages GC 61-78

youth among: converts won by, in schools of France and Italy GC 70

method used in education of 5T 584

Scripture portions memorized by GC 68

sent to educational institutions in France and Italy GC 70

Waldensian language

Waldensian language, Scriptures translated into GC 65, 79, 238


schools of world attended by; witnessing done 3SM 233:2


Walk, carefully if you would walk safely 4T 568

Christian must, softly before God 2SG 215

with head erect and shoulders back CD 104


Walk the slip 1T 656

Walk, Walks

Walk, Walks, daily, beneficial in both summer and winter 2T 529

short, after meal is beneficial CD 104; MH 240; 2T 530

See also Walking

Walk, Walks (vocation)

Walk, Walks (vocation), many toilers in life’s common, who could be among world’s leaders Ed 85


1. Physical

2. Spiritual


1. Physical

after meal, benefit of CD 104; MH 240; 2T 530

all organs of body are used in 3T 78

beneficial exercise MH 240; 3T 75-6

for persons feeble and indolent 3T 78

preferable to driving MH 240

preferable to riding MH 240; 2T 529

better for health than all medicine doctors may prescribe 2T 529

blood circulation improved by 3T 78

habit of talking with Christ while, cultivate 2SM 316

hold head erect and shoulders back while MH 240; 2T 530

in winter beneficial to health 2T 529

lungs forced into healthy action by MH 240

lungs given needful action by 2T 529

more muscles brought into exercise by, than by riding or driving MH 240

morning exercise and, sure safeguard against colds ML 136

muscles enabled by, to do better work 2T 529

no exercise can take place of 3T 78

physical strength gained by 3T 75

practice principles of health reform by MM 212

veins enabled by, to do better work 2T 529

vitality increased by 2T 529

when possible, best remedy for diseased bodies 3T 78

woman whose imagination kept her from 2T 523

See also Gait; Walk

2. Spiritual

in light, means moving onward 3T 436

man who was, with Satan TM 429

with God, as Enoch did PP 84-5; 5T 596; 8T 329-31

proper manner of 5T 535


Bible may be read and memorized while HP 138:4

Christ followed in, to enter heaven RC 347:6

outdoors on the Sabbath HP 152:4

prayer while TMK 252:3, 277:1

prayerfully, resisting Satan TDG 260:6

worthily with head high LHU 284:4

Wall, Walls

1. Of partition (separation)

2. Miscellaneous

1. Of partition (separation)

between Jews and Gentiles: broken down by Christ’s death AA 135-6, 403; DA 402-3; EW 209; SR 285, 303-4

broken down by message of salvation in Christ AA 161; DA 622

Christ broke down AA 19-20; DA 193

between souls and God, Christ came to demolish COL 386

build no: between believers of different nationalities 9T 181, 197-8

between God’s people and world PP 368; TM 202

between man and fellow man FE 479

Christ came to break down every PK 370; MH 25

Christianity builds no, between man and fellow man GW 140

dark, that light of heaven could not penetrate 3T 535

dividing prejudice of nationality as, Christ tears away DA 823

flattering to pride and exclusiveness of rabbis, Christ tore down MB 47

Gentiles excluded by, from inner court of temple DA 622

God did not design that Israel should build up, between themselves and fellow men PP 368

God has established, between His people and world 1T 283

Israel perverted God’s restrictions against intermarriage with heathen so as to build up, between themselves and other peoples PK 708

Israelites built up, between themselves and other nations AA 14; MB 42

Israelites used God’s restrictions on association with idolaters as, between themselves and other nations DA 29

Jewish pride erected, that shut Christ’s disciples from sympathy with heathen world DA 400

opinion that God placed, between Hebrews and outside world PP 368

pride and prejudice have built up, between different classes of men DA 403

Sabbath as, between Israel and unbelievers EW 33, 85; LS 101

strong and high, built up between Jews and other nations by selfishness, pride, and prejudice MB 42

2. Miscellaneous

covered with pictures MH 367

of cloud, hid Israel from Pharaoh’s army PP 284-7; SR 123; 4T 27

illuminated camp of Israel at night PP 284-7; SR 123; 4T 23

of darkness, between Israel and Pharaoh’s army PP 284-7; SR 123; 4T 23

of fire: angels about the faithful as SL 13

Christ’s grace around soul as MM 143

gift of Spirit is to be to church as TM 18

of protection, children who are surrounded by AH 17

God’s law as 1BC 1105

of seclusion, Christ found domain of religion fenced in by high DA 86

of traditional requirements, Christ sought to break through DA 307; MB 47

of water, Egyptian army hemmed in on each side through Red Sea by beetling 4T 24

prison’s gloomy, lighted by angels in time of trouble GC 627

Walled town, Walled towns

Walled town, Walled towns, why people dwelt chiefly in, in Christ’s time COL 36

Walling, May

Walling, May Ev 453-5

Walling’s Mills, Colorado

Walling’s Mills, Colorado 4T 297-8


Waltz, no frivolous, in schools of prophets FE 97

Waltzer, Waltzers

Waltzer, Waltzers, gay, true Christian will not unite with AH 515; MYP 398

Wanderer, Wanderers

Wanderer, Wanderers, flowers as, from Eden Ed 119

God’s plea to PK 319-20

Wandering, Wanderings

Wandering, Wanderings, God calls to men in all their 5T 177

Israel’s, in wilderness is not chargeable to God PP 464


call of Jesus to one who is OHC 14:2

concern for reaching those who are TDG 218:3

Want, Wants

Want, Wants, anticipated, warnings re SR 128

better to restrict your, than to use God’s money 9T 247

blessing for persons in time of, who help people more needy than they PK 131

do not be always thinking of your SC 103

fears of coming to, increase with riches CS 150

future, warning re PP 294

God will provide for His people’s, if they do their part CS 227

if they love and obey Him SD 16

greatest, of world today is want of men Ed 57

His children’s, God is not indifferent to SC 100

imaginary 5T 151

in world: constantly appeals to Christian’s compassion and sympathy CS 161

shall increase more and more CD 271

keep your, before God SC 100

no need to fear that liberality would bring you to MH 187

offspring of pride and fashion AH 151

people who are continually fearful lest they come to 3SG 251

persons who rob God for fear they may come to 2T 199

physical, should be secondary to God’s requirements 1SM 278

pinching, believers who will feel 4T 620

man who could feel 2T 76

pressure of, because God’s law is not respected or obeyed 6T 385

represent SDA faith by restricting your 6T 452

restrict your, when money is scarce 7T 206

safeguards against extremes of, in Israel MH 185

SDA will have to bind about their TM 217

suffering humanity’s, results of showing interest in WM 192-3

supposed, do not spend time and money in gratifying 8T 51

there always will be WM 177


God recognizes,

and provides for; then why not trust Him? TMK 224:3

of the soul UL 333:5

limit, to relieve needs of others OHC 198:5

look and live instead of spending energy mourning over TMK 112:4

powers not to be all used in presenting; look and live 3SM 152:2

satisfied when the Holy Spirit is in the soul HP 113:4

simpler, if laboring with God in sacrifice PM 111:3

spiritual, supplied through Christ’s personal contact OHC 209:7

supplied by the Holy Spirit UL 353:6

See also Desires; Needs


“Wanting,” written opposite names in ledger of heaven 5T 116


Wantonness, God does not approve AH 379

See also Waste

War, Wars

1. Civil (in U.S.A.)

2. In heaven

3. Miscellaneous

1. Civil (in U.S.A.) 1T 253-60, 355-68, 716

advantage of Southern States in 1T 253, 266

antislavery men sacrificed during 1T 255

attitude of other nations to 1T 259-60, 268, 367

battle of Manassas, Va., during 1T 266-7

angel’s intervention in 1T 267

draft of men for, fanatical attitude toward 1T 356-7

devils played part in 1T 363-4, 366

dilatory movements of US Government during 1T 259-60

England studied whether to attack USA during 1T 259

few SDA sympathized with slaveholders during 1T 358

God’s people counseled not to engage in 1T 361

how God overruled in 1T 267, 359, 365

not fought at first (1862) to abolish slavery but to preserve it 1T 254, 258

officers and leaders in, motives of 1T 365-6

rebellion causing, God had no sympathy for 1T 534

sacrifice of life and money during, enormous 1T 254-5, 363, 366-7

Satan acquainted with transactions of 1T 364

SDA problems during 1T 356-62

slavery and 1T 264-8

slavery lay at foundation of 1T 254

soldiers’ disappointment in 1862 in 1T 254-6

Southern and Northern States punished during 1T 264, 359, 365, 368

state of nation during 1T 355-6

Union army in: promise re 1T 365

reverses of 1T 363

treachery in 1T 363, 367

Union army officers in, disloyalty of some 1T 255

sympathy of some, with rebels 1T 256, 367, 363

vision re 1T 253

why, was protracted 1T 366-7

2. In heaven

Satan and his angels were expelled because of EW 146; GC 497-9; PP 38-42; 3SG 37-8; SR 16-9 See also Satan

when Satan and angels were expelled 7BC 972-3; EW 146; GC 497-9; PP 41-2; 3SG 38; SR 19

3. Miscellaneous

Abraham waged, by God’s counsel PP 135-6

Abraham was brave and skillful in PP 134

absorbs men’s minds 6T 31

and rumors of wars: before destruction of Jerusalem DA 628

powers of earth shaken by EW 41

there will be Ev 241

angels as men of, protect God’s people in time of trouble EW 283; GC 631

antediluvians engaged in 1BC 1090

as judgment of God upon the wicked FE 356; LS 413; PK 278, 309; 9T 97

books on, Satan stands beside readers of MYP 277

bows and slings used by Israel in PP 616

deadly instruments of, will be invented 7BC 967

earthly governments maintain dominion by COL 77

evil spirits consulted in 1T 363-4

famine caused by 1T 268

greatest, of David’s reign PP 713

in last days 1BC 1090

in OT times 4aSG 49-52; 2SM 332-4

indicate that time of trouble is near WM 136

instruments of, found buried in earth PP 112; 3SG 92-3

constructed by the wicked at end of millennium EW 293; GC 664

Israel was not to occupy Canaan by PP 392

Israel was tested and proved by 3T 342

Israel’s See Israel

Israel’s conquest of Canaan by PP 433-7, 451, 456, 487-98, 507-10

Israel’s failure to conquer Canaan completely by PP 393

little time of peace between scenes of 1T 268

men’s minds absorbed by, in last days 6T 31

Moses conducted, for Egypt 3 3SG 183

Moses planned to deliver Israel by PP 247; 3SG 183, 189-90; SR 109

nations are preparing for 7BC 968; 1SM 221; 9T 26

nations claiming to be Christian wage 7BC 974

of conquest, God’s law forbids PP 309

of nations, prompt action important in 3T 499

pestilence caused by 1T 268

portentous alarms of 9T 11

proclaimed by trumpet in ancient Israel PP 616-7

Revolutionary, for American independence 1T 364

Roman Church used, to conquer British Christians GC 63

Roman emperor who exiled John was man of 7BC 955

Satan delights in GC 589; 1T 366

Satan’s object in inciting nations to GC 589

SDA periodicals should not quote long reports of CW 20

SDA stand re 1T 356-62

sign of times Ev 219; 6T 14

soldiers hardened and demoralized by PP 737

soul’s worst passions are excited by GC 589

spirit of: stirs nations 2SM 55; 9T 17; WM 136

woman who possessed too much 2T 437

world is stirred with 9T 14

spoils of, belonged to conqueror in ancient times PP 135

symbolized by four winds GC 440

terrible scenes of, seen by EGW in vision 1T 260

time of, God showed favor to Hezekiah in PK 359

unnatural, after Flood 1BC 1091

weapons of, Israel forbidden by Philistines to make PP 616

why God commanded Israel to make, against other nations COL 290; PK 19; PP 434-5, 629; 4aSG 50-2; 2SM 333-4

why God permitted Israel’s enemies to make, upon her PK 309; SR 133-4

world in its perversity is being visited by FE 356

world is stirred by 7T 182; 8T 249; 9T 14, 17; WM 136

See also Battle; Bloodshed; Sword; Warfare

War council

War council, savage in, missionary’s life saved by SD 364

Wardrobe, Wardrobes

Wardrobe, Wardrobes, baby’s 2SM 465-6, 469

preparation of MH 381-2

See also Baby

Christian’s, desire of eye and pride of life must be banished from 3T 239

message that should be written on MH 206


Warfare, against appetite and passion, many people lack moral courage needed to continue MH 173

against appetite and worldly lusts, crown of life given to victors in Te 150

against besetting sins, you may come off victor in 3T 43

is stern and involves self-denial and cross bearing 3T 43

against dangerous habits, young men should institute ML 315

against enemy: be willing to be or to do anything in 7T 30

triumph always follows decided effort in 7T 30

unceasingly continue 7T 30

against evil: must be waged till every wrong is overcome CT 448-9

we have only a little while to urge for Christ ChS 84

who will not succeed in CT 237-8

will not end so long as life lasts AA 314

against evil in world, Bible is armory where we may equip for AA 502

God has provided abundant means for successful AA 502

against flesh and blood, Christ’s followers are not to wage DA 352; PK 111

against God’s commandments, powers of earth will unite in GC 604

against powers of evil, secret of victory in PK 111

Spirit is to direct battle in DA 352

against Satan, how to obtain moral power for 4T 36; Te 150

open to all who will engage in it 4T 36

against self, greatest battle ever fought is SC 43; 3T 106

against sin, faith brings Spirit’s aid to men in AA 56

will soon be over and victory won 5T 309

against sin and Satan, professed Christian soldiers who gain no experience in 3T 316

we must venture something in 3T 316

against spiritual wickedness in high places, God’s people fight PK 111

against temptation, God’s word as our weapon of AA 307

against temptations without and within must be waged 5T 47

against truth: does not increase spirituality and devotion 2T 110

like Saul’s kicking against pricks 2T 110

against world rulers of darkness, Christ’s followers are to wage DA 352

aggressive: advance by God’s people must be 6T 22

against world, flesh, and devil has not been maintained 1SM 127

church is to conduct 5T 395

God’s people wage Ev 297; 6T 61, 394

gospel work is to be DA 678; Ev 297; 6T 22, 61, 394; 9T 45-6; TM 230; WM 259

gospel work must be carried forward by DA 678

ministers are commissioned to make, constantly TM 230

put on armor and make WM 259

weapons for, found in plain “Thus saith the Lord” 6T 394

work of saving souls is to be carried forward by 9T 45-6

be willing to do and dare with God in LS 474

between good and evil is still fierce MYP 56

between higher and lower attributes of man Te 149

bravely and cheerfully enter, against natural inclinations and selfish desires MYP 74

Christian: all may be sure of victory and immortal honor in 4T 34

all may win MH 129

all powers of soul, body, and spirit must be engaged in MYP 115; SL 93

comparison of foot races held near Corinth with AA 309, 311

discipline and order necessary to successful 1T 649

essentials to victory in AA 311-5

eternal interests at stake in 1T 649; ChS 72-3

game of life is 4T 34

lines of poetry that portray 8T 212

temperance in all things is essential to victory in Te 145

Christian life is MYP 55; 1SM 182; 5T 183, 222

in which all must engage for themselves MH 453; 8T 313-4

in which there is no release MH 453; 8T 313

in which there is no rest 3T 253

in which we are individually responsible for its outcome MH 453; 8T 313-4

church is engaged in, that will increase in intensity MM 96

church members who go for Christ on, at their own charges 8T 246

constant: between flesh and Spirit MYP 114; SL 92

Christian life is 3T 253; 5T 183

maintain, against carnal mind 2T 479

do not lay off armor or leave battlefield in, until victory is gained ML 105; MYP 104

extensive, should be maintained against powers of darkness 3T 388

for Christ against enemy, no release in 5T 279

for conquest over self is lifelong struggle 8T 313

good fight of faith as, no release in ML 313

great, going on over every soul 2BC 994; SD 160

Israel was not to gain land of Canaan by PP 392

hearts of many believers are at, against God 1SM 239

heavenly, something must be ventured in 5T 372

in dark, no manliness in keeping up CSW 29

lifelong, good fight of faith is ML 313

lifelong conflict with Satan is, before us ML 105; MYP 104

lustful indulgence wages, against health and peace Te 149

many believers will have to go a, at own charges 1T 147-8

ministers should discipline themselves for 1T 647

Moses conducted, for Egypt 3SG 183

must be waged against pride, ambition, deceit, hatred, and selfishness 5T 175

no one is excused from, to overcome as Christ overcame SD 371

no right to rest from, to make virtue desirable and vice hated 5T 597

of earthly governments against God’s law and His people 7BC 972

Satan’s methods of, do not learn TM 248-9

spiritual: Christian warriors’ duty in 9T 219-20

essentials to victory in PP 554; 1T 649

illustrated by ancient athletic games AA 309; 4T 33

obedience to God’s will is essential in PP 554

trust in God is essential in PP 554

unceasing, waged by forces of evil against spread of gospel AA 167

waged by God’s people, good fight of faith is to be MB 143-4

waged by unreasonable men, do not be moved or disconcerted by unjust 3T 36

waging, against fleshly lusts Te 148-50

weapons for our, God’s word contains AA 307, 502; Ev 489; 6T 394

weapons of, some easily excited persons are always ready to take up Ev 173

wearing of armor in good, develops greater ability 7T 281

with conflicting spirits, Satan’s pleasing story about easier way than to be in constant 1T 427

world may never know soul’s, for control of self GW 323

wounds and scars of our, as trophies of victory ML 326

See also Battle; Conflict; Conquest; Struggle