Counsels on Stewardship


Progress Despite Poverty

There were but very few of us to carry forward the work at first, and it was very necessary for us to be of one mind in order to have the work advance with order and uniformity. When we saw the importance of being in the unity of faith, our prayers were answered, and Christ's prayer was answered that we should be one as He was one with the Father. We were as destitute of means as you are here in these kingdoms, [Written in Europe.] and we frequently went hungry, and suffered from cold for want of proper clothing. But we saw that the truth must advance, and we must have means to carry it forward. We then sought the Lord most earnestly that he would open ways that we might reach the people in the different cities and towns, and my husband and myself would have to work with our hands to get means to carry us from place to place, to open the treasures of faith to others. We could see that the Lord of heaven was preparing the way before us in the work. CS 303.1

My husband has worked at handling stone till the skin was worn from his fingers, and the blood started from the wounds, that he might get means to carry him from place to place to speak to the people the words of truth. This is the way the work went in the beginning, and our petitions must now ascend to the God of heaven as they did then, that He will open the way, and the truth find access to hearts. The gold and the silver are the Lord's. The cattle upon the thousand hills are His; but He wants you to move forward in faith just as far and as fast as you can. The Lord's blessing will rest upon those who do to the very best of their ability.... CS 303.2

When the Scriptures were opened in the Piedmont Valleys, the truth was carried forward by those who were very poor in this world's goods. Those who had Bible truth were not allowed to bring it before the people; they could not get Bibles into families; so they went as merchants selling goods, and carried parts of the Bible with them, and when they saw that it would do, they would read from the Scriptures; and those who were hungering for truth could in this way obtain light. With bare and bleeding feet, these men traveled over the hard rocks of the mountains in order that they might reach souls, and open to them the words of life. I wish the very same spirit that animated them was in the heart of everyone who professes the truth at the present time. CS 303.3

We can every one of us do something, if we will only take the position that God would have us. Every move that you make to enlighten others, brings you nearer in harmony with the God of heaven. If you sit down and look at yourself and say, “I can barely support my family,” you will never do anything; but if you say, “I will do something for the truth, I will see it advance, I will do what I can,” God will open ways so that you can do something. You should invest in the cause of truth so that you will feel that you are a part of it. CS 304.1

God does not require of the man to whom He has given one talent, the interest of ten. Remember that it was the man who had one talent that wrapped it in a napkin and hid it in the earth. You should use the talent, influence, and means which God has given you that you may act a part in this work.—The Review and Herald, July 8, 1890. CS 304.2