Selected Messages Book 2


Privilege of Working Versus Wages

Those who think more of their wages than of the privilege of being honored as a servant of the Lord, who take up their work in a self-congratulatory spirit because they are to receive wages, do not bring self-denial and self-sacrifice into their work. The last men hired believed the word of the householder, “Whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive” (Matthew 20:7). They knew that they would receive all that they deserved, and they were placed first because they brought faith into their work. If those who had labored during the whole day had brought a loving, trusting spirit into their work, they would have continued to be first. 2SM 182.1

The Lord Jesus estimates the work done by the spirit in which it is done. At a late hour He will accept penitent sinners who come to Him in humble faith and are obedient to His commandments. 2SM 182.2

Christ warns those in His service that they are not to bargain for a stipulated sum, as though their Master would not deal truly with them. He gave this parable that murmurers would not receive sympathy on account of their supposed grievances.—Manuscript 87, 1899. 2SM 182.3

True prosperity can never come to the soul that is constantly aspiring to get higher wages, and who yields to the temptation that leads him away from the work that God has appointed him. There never can be prosperity for any man, or any family, or any firm or institution, unless the wisdom of God presides.—Letter 2, 1898 (Tract To the Leading Men of Our Churches, 4.). 2SM 182.4