Selected Messages Book 2


Without Sufficient Evidence

I want to say just as little as possible in regard to Anna Phillips. The less this matter is talked over and agitated, the better. There is a “dead fly in the ointment.” Before this reaches you, you will have received a letter giving a more complete statement in regard to what we may expect in the case. I am more sorry than I can express to you that the matter has been handled unwisely. We shall have scores of just such developments, and if our leading brethren shall catch up things of this character and endorse them as they have done in this case, we shall have one of the most sweeping tidal waves of fanaticism that has been seen in our experience. There will be the wildest performances. Satan has already begun his work. To give ready credence to these things, and make loose, unguarded statements endorsing them without sufficient evidence of their genuine character, is one of Satan's devices. The Lord Jesus has certainly given cautions sufficient in regard to this matter, so that none need be deceived. 2SM 92.1

In such cases as these, it is essential that we let our moderation be seen. The Lord is at hand. We cannot afford to work in such a way as those have done who have given the productions of Anna Phillips to our churches without clear and certain evidence that God is speaking to His people through her. For our ministers to rush a thing before the people as bearing the divine credentials, unless they know for a surety that it is of God, will do a work that God has told them not to do. Many things intended to deceive will come, bearing some of the marks of truth. Just as soon as these shall be set forth as the great power of God, Satan is all ready to weave in that which he has prepared to lead souls from the truth for this time.… 2SM 92.2

Error Bears Inscription of Truth

Every conceivable message is coming to counterfeit the work of God, and always bearing the inscription of truth upon its banner.… 2SM 92.3

It is no light matter to substitute for God's revealed will, opinions and assertions, dreams, symbols, and figures from human, finite beings. Our actions, words, spirit, and influence are watched and criticized. Those whom God has chosen to be His ministers are to settle solidly into His Word, and let the Word of God be their authority.… 2SM 93.1

At this time above all others, hasty judgment, opinions formed carelessly, without sufficient evidence, may lead to most disastrous results. When we trace from cause to effect, we shall find that harm has thus been done which in some cases can never be remedied. Oh, what wisdom and fine spiritual perceptions are needed in giving food to the flock of God, that it be pure provender, thoroughly winnowed. The natural, hereditary traits of the character need a firm curb, else earnest zeal, good purposes, will run into evil, and the excess of feeling will produce such impressions upon human hearts that they will be carried away by impulse and will allow impressions to become their guide. 2SM 93.2

A curb must be kept upon the spiritual impulse, that no injudicious words shall be spoken, no overwrought ideas expressed, that shall cause impulsive persons to lose their bearings. There are some whose feelings are quickly stirred by strong assertions, and their imagination magnifies the statement to large dimensions; it all appears real to them, and they become fanatical. The spiritual experience is fevered, diseased. When persons yield their will in perfect submission to the will of God, and the spirit is humble and teachable, the Lord will correct them by His Holy Spirit, and lead them into safe paths.—Letter 66, 1894. 2SM 93.3