Counsels on Sabbath School Work


What the Cause Needs Most

What is the character of the religious experience of those who take part in the Sabbath school work? The light of truth has been shining in the minds and hearts of teachers and scholars, that they may diffuse it to those who are out of Christ. The saving message is to be given to those who have not yet opened their hearts to receive the heavenly gift. The truth must be urged upon the attention of those who seem indifferent. If all felt a burden for the souls for whom Christ died, how intense would be the interest in every agency employed for the salvation of souls! How little our thoughts would be upon the indulgence of self, upon display in dress, and upon seeking for amusement. How little money would be expended for entertainments and pleasure if we realized the importance of investing our means in the cause of God, which demands every penny not needed for actual wants. CSW 67.1

Pray that the Holy Spirit may come to your hearts, and then you will wear Christ's yoke, and bear His burden, and grow into complete union with Jesus. Our views are too narrow; we need a more extended vision, that we may take in the wants of the cause. CSW 67.2

What the cause most needs is consecrated young men and women, who feel a personal responsibility for the advance of the work, and who will cooperate with divine agencies to shed light into the moral darkness of the world.—Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, 57. CSW 67.3