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Christ Within the Source of Happiness, June 2

Christians Are Truly Happy

Glory ye in his holy name: let the heart of them rejoice that seek the Lord. 1 Chronicles 16:10. ML 157.1

Multitudes ... crave something which they do not have. They are spending their money for that which is not bread and their labor for that which satisfieth not. The hungering, thirsting soul will continue to hunger and thirst as long as it partakes of these unsatisfying pleasures. O that every such one would listen to the voice of Jesus, “If any man thirst, let him come unto Me, and drink.” Those who drink of the living water will thirst no more.... Christ, the wellspring of life, is the fountain of peace and happiness.... ML 157.2

Let the youth magnify the name of the Lord for His great goodness, His loving mercy, His tender compassion. They can magnify His name by revealing His grace through a well-ordered life and a godly conversation. And as they do this the disposition is sweetened; irritability passes away.4The Youth's Instructor, November 6, 1902. ML 157.3

That heart is the happiest that has Christ as an abiding guest. That home is the most blessed where godliness is a controlling principle.... In the workshop where the peace and heavenly presence of Christ dwells, the workers will be the most trustworthy, the most faithful, and the most efficient. The fear and love of God are seen.5Letter 48, 1897. ML 157.4

In this world there is neither comfort nor happiness without Jesus. Let us acknowledge Him as our Friend and Saviour.... In Him are matchless charms. O may we all so live during this brief period of probationary time that we shall reign with Him throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity! 6The Youth's Instructor, February 12, 1903. ML 157.5


If Christ abides in the heart by faith, ... you will be happy, full of praise and joy.7The Youth's Instructor, October 13, 1892. ML 157.6