EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Gospel worker, Gospel workers (Part 1 of 2)

Gospel worker, Gospel workers

Gospel worker, Gospel workers 7BC 969; 5T 721-9

1. Aged

2. Classes of

3. Need(s) of

4. Need(s) or ought to

5. Need(s) or ought to be

6. Ought not to

7. Ought not to be

8. Young

9. Miscellaneous

1. Aged 7T 286-9; 2SM 406

afternoon sun of life of 2SM 221

care of, provision should be made for 7T 290-8

comfortable homes should be provided for 7T 291-2

experience of, is needed GW 103

faithful AA 572-4

give honored place to, in councils AA 574

God does not lay aside AA 573

honor and respect AA 573-4

faithful veteran, encouragement for ChS 274-5

God honors His 7BC 954-5

have experience of great value for church 7BC 954-5

help of, God’s cause needs 7T 286-7

how God can use, example of 7BC 947

striking illustration of AA 572-3

respect due to 4T 340

should not work in cities Ev 71-2

2. Classes of

able, God’s cause loses much by defective labors of GW 78

all, should labor in harmony AA 92

all real, should receive good wages 5T 403

all who would be efficient, must give much time to prayer GW 76

always busy but producing little results Ev 649

applying their powers most diligently, God rewards fidelity of MH 150

assisting minister, duty of FE 108

attending camp meeting, should become acquainted with people 6T 45

backsliding under trial TM 169

becoming more useful, Satan will not let alone 3T 469

beginners as, barren and unworked fields must be entered by 7T 271

beginning evangelistic work and failing to carry it through, reproof for 3T 555

better qualified to devise and execute plans for advancement of God’s cause, how to have 5T 721-2

blaming circumstances for lack of success TM 169

blundering, ministers’ duty to FE 365

bowed by affliction and worn with toil, what should be remembered by ChS 274-5

brought into controversy must meet Satan and his agents DA 353

careful and energetic, Christ needs DA 525

cherishing true humility, God can work most effectually through PP 553

children will be impelled by Spirit to go forth as 7T 27

Christ’s true, never laid aside AA 465

church members should: be organized into small companies as 7T 19-22

do all they can as 8T 246

consecrated: faith of, must stand every test brought to bear upon it AA 242

God speaks to hearts through CT 509

men and women needed to qualify themselves as LS 212

promises of God to AA 242

consecrated and talented, needed in large cities AA 158

constantly living a lie TM 159

co-operating with Him, power and grace is pledged by Christ to 7T 31

courageous and successful SD 206

critical and faultfinding, can well be spared from God’s work 5T 224

deceased, young workers needed to replace AA 507

deficient in school education sometimes have been wonderfully successful MH 151

desiring: fixed amount to do and fixed salary, God cannot pour out abundant blessings on MH 499

wisdom more than wealth, power, or fame will not be discouraged PK 31

devoted and pure, God calls for 5T 580

dictatorial, not needed in God’s work LS 275

disabled, funds should be raised to provide care for 7T 294-6

sanitarium’s duty to 7T 292-4

discontented, what to do re 7T 280

discouraged, whom God regards with tenderest pity PK 172

dissatisfied with his work SD 97

dry and formal, too much education in minutiae makes 4T 601

dwarfed in intellect TM 303

earnest and humble, needed to carry gospel to higher class AA 140

earnest and zealous, needed to minister to spiritual wants of people 2T 649

educated: advancement of God’s cause is hindered by dearth of FE 217

can accomplish more for Christ than the uneducated can COL 333; MH 150

dearth of GW 93

give character to present truth in new fields 6T 137

need of many CT 204

SDA must devise ways and means to bring forth corps of CT 42

should be multiplied FE 257

educated and fitted for positions of trust, God’s work needs CT 204

efficient: all of God’s people could become 6T 423

must be able to adapt his abilities to any place of need 3T 496

things that have sometimes delayed and hindered MM 302

engaged in one branch of work should not lose sight of importance of every other 5T 726

engaging heartily in work of saving souls become savor of life unto life PK 234

entering new fields Ev 226

envious and jealous, can well be spared from God’s work 5T 224

erring, how to deal with TM 300

should be willing to confess it thoroughly EW 103

exalting themselves, God causes to be set aside DA 436

experienced: counsel of, is needed 5T 724

young men should work with 9T 120

younger workers should be trained by, to help bear burdens AA 368

experienced and faithful, how to develop 5T 721

urgent need of more 5T 721

facing obstacles, encouragement for AA 23

failing in work because they do not come close to those needing help GW 190

failing to give undivided interest to work do not succeed GW 381-3

faithful: angels co-operate with MH 150

assured of Christ’s care for them DA 811

constantly enjoy Christ’s companionship CM 81

does not measure his work by hours AA 355

does not seek ease or pleasure 3T 49

duties of AA 362-71

glorious prize awaits 4T 76

God does not forsake 8T 175

God will sustain His AA 357

highest aim of 2SM 160

hope of, who lie down in last sleep Ed 306

need not fear defeat at hand of enemy AA 167-8

need sympathies of church 1SM 84

not exempt from temptation AA 356

not influenced by wages in his labor AA 355-6

not turned from duty because of unfavorable condition AA 355-6

warning against criticizing 4T 195

warning is to be proclaimed to world by GC 312

will resume labor for Christ in His kingdom 7T 17

faithful and disabled, entitled to wages sufficient to support him CS 146

faithful and true, God will not forget 7BC 954

false, order and organization essential to protect church against EW 97-102

falsehearted, do not be surprised or discouraged by MH 493

feeble, should not work in crowded cities Ev 71-2

feeling need of further study after laboring for a time in field are many CT 203

fellow, need encouragement, strength, and cheer MH 492

few, have fought and conquered in battle with self 5T 82-3

fighting among themselves, Satan exults over 7T 239

firm in principle, God’s cause needs 8T 294

from the ranks 7T 25-8

fulfilling His purpose, are very precious in Christ’s sight 6T 419

full of earnestness and zeal, church needs AA 507

full of self-esteem TM 171

full-time, should receive more wages than part-time 7T 208

giving final warning, will be threatened with destruction GC 609

God does for, doing the best they can what they cannot do themselves 5T 400

God wants thoughtful, kind, affectionate, earnest 4T 411

going out by faith, God opens way before EW 63-4

good, will ever be Bible students 5T 581

greatest burden of SDA is to prepare, to enter opening fields LS 375-6

having: clear understanding of truth are needed 8T 294

gift of song are needed MYP 217

had long experience should be regarded as tried counselors TM 497

perverted ideas as to what is true honesty CM 96

twilight perception of Christ’s excellence are many 8T 318

heeding God’s instructions, success will crown efforts of AA 275

honored unduly, tempted to cherish self-confidence DA 182

hugging shore are many FE 121

humble: God calls for 5T 580

God’s choice of DA 436

God’s work needs Ev 629

who are really representatives of Christ ChS 244 See also Common people

who will stand nearest to Christ in courts of heaven 7T 26

humble and uneducated, respect due to 7T 27

humblest, co-operating with Christ may touch chords whose vibrations will ring to ends of earth MH 159

ill and needing rest and restoration, provision should be made for care of 7T 290

incapacitated: care of 7T 290-7

employing organization should aid sanitarium in care of 7T 293

med. fraternity’s duty to 7T 293

provide home for 7T 291-2

should not be ranked with the poor 7T 291

sustentation fund needed for care of 7T 294-5

inclined to be much in company of women, be afraid of 5T 593

inclined to be slow and moderate, Satan outgenerals Ev 646-7

indolent and fearful and unbelieving, no call for MYP 35

inexperienced, danger that threatens FE 109

should not be sent out alone Ev 684

intelligent re disease and its causes 7T 136

intensely in earnest, Christ will teach 9T 32

laboring as Christ did for the suffering and sinful, world needs 6T 254

laboring: for higher classes need strong faith AA 242

to save the poor should not be ranked with the poor 7T 291

laboring in: cities should frequently meet for counsel and prayer MM 300

home field and distant lands in 1913, God was with 2SM 406

large cities need special advantages MM 309

new territory CD 465

Southern States of USA should be cautious re color line 9T 213

laboring two and two, advantages of Ev 73-4

Christ’s plan for LS 302

laboring in Southern States of USA 7T 235-9

must reach highest spiritual attainments 7T 239

laboring untiringly for conversion of souls, angels prepare way before AA 357-8

means needed to carry forward God’s work will be provided for AA 357-8

laboring wholeheartedly: do not measure with exactness every hour’s work 7T 209

do not set highest estimate on their own services 7T 209

do not swell with pride and self-importance 7T 209

laboring with wholehearted devotion, angels co-operate with DA 297

lacking: firmness of character are of little practical use in world MH 498

respect for sacred things should be separated from work 4T 590

thorough education in school, God will use 9T 259

largehearted and broad-minded, God calls for 5T 580

laying his hand familiarly upon young or married women, be afraid of 5T 593

letting their earnestness die down to listlessness and carelessness do not succeed 2T 520-1

like apostles, needed now GW 25

like Paul, church needs army of AA 507

like quarrelsome children are many 4T 223

limp and fiberless, God’s work does not need 3T 496

living extravagantly EW 93-4

longing for deeper comprehension of eternal realities are needed now MYP 34

loving God, does not measure his work by eight-hour system 9T 45

works at all hours and is never off duty 9T 45

loyal, mistakes of 7T 278-9

loyal and experienced, warning against forwardness in reproving EW 118-9

lukewarm, Christ cannot use 9T 26

making: God their trust will not be put to shame MH 511

God’s work tenfold harder than it really is Ev 635

great parade to call attention to self often interpose between people and God MH 477

haste slowly Ev 415

mistakes should be given chance to correct their errors TM 300

self-glorification his aim will find himself destitute of grace COL 402

their work hard and toilsome TM 190-1

men, cannot be too circumspect when working together 5T 594

men from common people will be used by God as, in closing work of gospel Ed 269-70; 7T 270-2 See also Common people

men having limited school education are often chosen by God as MH 150

men whom God does not call to be EW 98

manifesting: energy, integrity, and diligence are needed MH 499

lack of courtesy may close door to hearts MH 157

no reverence for age or office, offended when counseled or reproved LS 275

manufacturing home difficulties Ev 655

many Christian, in world have not heard wonderful truths received by SDA TM 416-7

many uneducated persons will proclaim God’s word as 7T 27

married, must carefully maintain loyalty to marriage vows 5T 594-5

married man as, should be so reserved and guarded that no evil may truthfully be said of him 5T 594

martyrdom of, did not stop gospel work GC 41

more competent, should receive higher compensation than less skillful workmen 5T 551

more intent on doing duty than on receiving reward, God wants MH 476-7

more solicitous for principle than for promotion, God wants MH 476-7

most brilliant, do not produce greatest and most lasting results MH 150; 6T 443

most effective: men best educated in sciences are not always FE 132

respond to invitation in Matt. 11:29 MH 150

most efficient, are most childlike DA 436

respond to invitation in Matt. 11:29 6T 443

most successful, humble men who trust in God will be MM 158

unpromising souls who will become CM 154

most talented, do not produce greatest and most lasting results MH 150; 6T 443

needing care and treatment, sanitariums should give special consideration to 7T 292-3

needing to be supported and carried by older workers, SDA have had enough Ev 634

needing to be watched and told everything to do MH 499

neglecting his work in order to stay at home Ev 654-5

Negro See Negro gospel worker

new, constant effort needed to enlist 5T 722

respect due to aged workers by 2SM 224

show confidence in Ev 116

not feeling importance of advancement and self-improvement 5T 573

not laboring for wages they receive, need of 9T 27

not ordained, God works through many TM 187-8

not self-sufficient, need of Ev 634

not specially qualified to do certain work should not stand in way of others 5T 722

not steeped in selfishness, need of Ev 634

not wholly consecrated to His service, God has no use for MM 207

obedient to Spirit’s promptings, warning is to be proclaimed to world by GC 312

obedient to teachings of God’s word, warning is to be proclaimed to world by GC 312

occupying positions of trust, should educate associates by precept and example 5T 554

of different nationalities 9T 187

of spiritual power who become discouraged PK 173

of understanding and mental power, God’s cause suffers for lack of LS 275

older: may not always see greatness of God’s work 5T 723

may not be inclined to keep pace with opening providence of God 5T 723

need to educate youth for God’s service CT 536

ought to help to train young men in evangelism 9T 119

responsibility of, in preparation of new workers 5T 585

should be educators GW 101

should not hinder faithful helpers or circumscribe their work 5T 722

should train young and inexperienced laborers PK 223

should train youth for service in God’s cause 5T 585; 7T 15

why weighty responsibilities should not rest wholly upon 5T 723

100 earnest and faithful, needed in home and foreign mission fields where now there is one FE 488; GW 488; 8T 229

one trained, can accomplish more than 10 deficient ones Ev 474

one-idea GW 383

overtaxed, should be cherished as counselors 5T 393

should encourage and bless those who strike heaviest blows for God 5T 393

persecuted, what should be done by DA 355

pioneer: aged 7T 286-9

be careful not to discourage 2SM 406

church needs helpful testimony of 2SM 406

discouragements and labor endured by 2SG 286

great searching of heart among 5T 88

labored for foreigners in USA and Canada Ev 571-2

sacrifices of 2SG 248

should recount experiences of the past GW 103

spirit of self-sacrifice manifest by 7T 216-7

trials and labors of 2SG 286

united in humble and fervent prayer for divine guidance 5T 88

were to counsel together 5T 88

pioneer SDA, carefulness needed in choosing EW 100-1

set apart by laying on of hands EW 100-1

pioneering in new places, need special consideration 7T 277-9

possessing varied capabilities, are needed 5BC 1148

prayerful and faithful, needed to sow beside all waters 4T 76

praying much and beholding Christ will cease to exalt self 6T 48

pure and holy, God calls for 5T 224

pushing ahead in dark as well as in light, need of LS 213

putting self aside, no limit to usefulness of ChS 254; CT 409; DA 250-1; FE 346; MH 159; 8T 19

putting selfishness aside, will see eye to eye 9T 33

qualified by unction of Spirit, final proclamation of third angel’s message by GC 606

qualified for higher position, God’s plan for promotion of MH 477

real and earnest and self-denying, accomplish something 3T 558

really consecrated, are few 5T 82-3

receiving and imparting life and light and grace, God’s work needs 9T 26

receiving training need benefits of camp meetings 6T 48

refusing to: heed divine counsel choose way best pleasing to themselves TM 402-3

move forward until every step is plainly marked out, never accomplishes much FE 344-5

work for wages he receives 2SM 185

regarding themselves as perfect whole, SDA do not need Ev 634

relying continually on God, do not sink into discouragement CM 114

do not worry CM 114

rendering wholehearted service, God makes up deficiencies of MH 150

restless, not needed in God’s work LS 275

rough places need, who can feel for the ignorant and those out of the way 7T 271-2

sanctified and self-sacrificing, need of AA 507

schools needed to train, to enter opening fields LS 375-8

sedentary, warned against overeating and lack of exercise 3T 489-90

seeing His work in its greatness, God needs 7T 209

seeking: higher wages 2SM 179

only highest wages, Christ does not want 5T 86

to save the lost, all resources of heaven are at command of COL 197

self-deceived GW 382

self-denying: accused as deceived or deceivers GC 519

Christ calls for 8T 28

God listens to appeals of LS 245

self-sacrificing and, God marks lives of Ev 332

self-important, too many LS 275

selfish, Christ wants no 5T 86

selfish and self-glorifying, God’s frown rests upon TM 161

self-made, God’s cause needs 7T 280

self-sacrificing, adequate wage should be paid 2SG 236-7

who should be free from unnecessary anxiety AA 356

self-sent EW 98-9

are curse to God’s cause EW 99

self-sufficient, cannot conceal their weakness TM 169

can well be spared from God’s work 5T 224

self-supporting AA 355

church members should labor as 8T 246

encourage MM 321-2

large field open before AA 355

Paul labored at times as AA 395-6

Priscilla and Aquila as AA 355

serving in foreign countries, support must be given to GW 454

serving self, God takes no pleasure in 3T 468

severe and critical and dictatorial Ev 168

showing impatience at ignorance or waywardness of others may close door to hearts MH 157

showing undue familiarity, God will withdraw Spirit from 5T 594

sick, care of 7T 290-7

sick and incapacitated, med. care should be provided for 7T 292

speaking hastily or acting thoughtlessly may close door to hearts MH 157

spiritually sharp and clear-sighted, God needs 6T 150

spiritually minded, God’s cause needs 8T 294

standing steadfast in integrity, God wants 4T 448

steadfast and faithful, encouragement for ChS 274-5

stereotyped in wrong course of action, lack of determination to take themselves in hand and reform results in MH 477

straining at gnat and swallowing camel 4T 323

strengthened for duty and braced for trial 5T 577

submitting to be guided by His wisdom, God will work with 7T 213

succeeding where learned and intellectually wise men fail DA 436

successful: characteristics essential to FE 343

dangers to be shunned by DA 362

hard study and hard work are required to make CT 539

have tact, perception, and good ability Ev 479

how to become ChS 258

many women may become Ev 466

must know Christ and His life AA 551

must labor divested of self TM 168

persons having knowledge of God’s will should learn to become 4T 358

spasmodic efforts will not make CSW 13

young men of ordinary ability may become MYP 22

surrendering all to Him, God works mightily for CM 155

talkative, not needed in God’s work LS 275

taught by unction of Spirit, God will raise up 5T 82

thinking his judgment and ability can comprehend every branch of God’s work, will fail 4T 609

thorough and experienced, should be liberally supported 2T 649

too careless or indolent to become efficient and well-informed, displease God COL 333; 4T 545

touched by human suffering, God’s work needs 9T 26

trained, needed FE 212-9

trained and educated, can do more than ten deficient in knowledge Ev 109

trained and experienced, should work in new fields 6T 292

trained properly first, accomplish more FE 108-9

transferred, carry their objectionable characteristics and methods with them Ev 691

treading over and over same ground while neglected world lies around them 7T 103

true: are men of prayer, faith, and self-denial GW 80

are not frightened by poverty LS 302

are ready to spend and to be spent COL 402-3; 1SM 86; 9T 56

carries fragrance with him wherever he goes 9T 45

do not call attention to their smartness and aptness 4T 448

do not go forth self-inflated 4T 448

do not regard their labor as drudgery COL 402

does his best for God MH 502

does not measure his work by eight-hour system 9T 45

endeavors to improve his faculties MH 502

knowledge of God is essential education sought by CT 510

restrain their natural appetites and passions GW 80

rich reward awaits Ev 333

self-sacrifice is seen at every step of 4T 448

walk and work by faith 7T 245

wholesome atmosphere surrounds 9T 45

will not be bribed by wealth LS 302

work cheerfully and with glad heart COL 402-3

true and faithful, God calls for 5T 224

true and self-sacrificing, is willing to spend and be spent for sake of others MYP 302; 9T 56

true missionary, will not colonize 8T 215

truehearted, ministering angels unite in service with MH 174

truly converted and willing-minded, can do most in mission field 4T 602

unconcerned and well-satisfied, too many 8T 248

unconsecrated, things will sometimes go wrong because of ChS 243; 7T 298

unconsecrated and unconverted, spoil God’s work MM 207

undaunted, turn apparent defeat into glorious victory PK 263

undaunted by circumstances, God wants 4T 448

understanding meaning of unselfish effort to save souls, God’s cause needs 9T 26

understanding reasons of SDA faith, need of Ev 472

uneducated, can be used by God if he is consecrated COL 333

whose defects will be forgiven and forgotten CT 510; FE 243

unlearned, how God can use 7T 25-6

often reach a class to whom others cannot obtain access 7T 25

unselfish and devoted, need of 3T 48

unsuccessful, excuses given by Ev 646-7

untiring, Christ was 9T 45

unwilling to deny self for Christ’s sake, no call for MYP 35

various, needed in unwarned cities MM 248-9

weak, whom God makes strong MH 150

weaving self into their work incur God’s displeasure TM 260

well-trained and educated, SDA churches need CT 45

whose ruling motive is self-interest MH 499

willing to be used, God uses MH 150

willing to be worked, Spirit works with GW 274

willing to do anything needing to be done, need of MH 499

wise and unselfish, God’s work needs 9T 26

wishing to present Christianity in learned terms and propositions 8T 307-8

with hearts true as steel, God wants 4T 448

women as 6T 114-8

can reach persons whom minister cannot 1T 452

cannot be too circumspect when working together 5T 594

essential qualifications of 6T 118

working in different countries, should not be bound by contracts 8T 233

working in new fields, encouragement for GW 267-8

working in southern California 9T 270-80

working together two and two, need of Ev 74

working under Christ will reveal Him in spirit, word, and deed 8T 211

would-be, who wounded and bruised 2T 221

young and inexperienced, should be trained by actual labor with older workers PK 223

zealous and disinterested, great need for 5T 114

zealous in politics, credentials must be taken from FE 477; GW 393

3. Need(s) of

ability to perform useful and practical labor CT 313-4

cheering words EW 106

Christianlike meekness and love Ev 632

clean hands and pure heart in order for God to use them 5T 508-9

constant effort in self-improvement 5T 576-7

continual and earnest prayer 5T 596

daily baptism of love 8T 191

deep Christian experience GW 273

determination that will not fail or become discouraged 6T 418

divine wisdom in order that their utterances may be guarded 6T 396

education and training 5T 724

experience much higher, deeper, and broader than many have thought of having MH 503

funds for their support 1SM 84

God’s omnipotence will supply 7T 14

humility EW 102-3

kind and courteous spirit EW 102-3

knowledge of practical things essential to uses of everyday life FE 132

means to support their families 5T 374

more cultivation, refinement, and nobility of soul 5T 584

more than mere argument EW 98

periods of rest DA 362; ML 133

for preservation of health 1T 622

periods of recreation ML 133

prayers and sympathy of awakened church 8T 29

prayers of faith EW 106

pure hearts FE 109-10

purity in every thought GW 125

refinement and true courteousness which savors of heaven 4T 358

room to exercise their own judgment and discretion TM 302

sanctification 5T 227

sanctified zeal 6T 396

seal of identification GW 116

secret prayer in order to be God’s mouthpiece 6T 52

self-reliance 3T 493-4

strong faith GW 262

strong purpose for right 3T 23

sufficient food and clothing Ev 90

time for communion with God MH 58

training for: God’s work GW 75

positions of trust in God’s cause 5T 554

unction of Spirit 5T 82

varied experience in order to grow 2T 642

4. Need(s) or ought to

abide in Christ 8T 170

acquire mental and spiritual power 5T 721

adapt: their labors to condition of people Ev 57

themselves to circumstances GW 381

adopt health reform in all its branches 3T 58

aim: at perfection in God’s service CT 470

high GW 73

appreciate work others are doing in God’s vineyard 8T 171

arm themselves with watchfulness and prayer AA 230

ask and receive power from on high CT 284

ask wisdom of God 5T 724

attain to deeper, fuller, clearer knowledge of God AA 205

avoid: bringing up minor theoretical differences GW 312

questions of no vital importance GW 311-2

bear a decided message 8T 9

become acquainted with: God’s purposes and dealings 5T 721

people as they come in and go out of meetings 6T 46

begin: at lowest round of ladder GW 79

to work where he is DA 822

beware of: indulging Satan’s attributes TM 89-90

pouring contempt on manifestation of Spirit TM 89-90

seeking to control fellow men TM 76

self-pity MH 476

taking place assigned to Spirit TM 76

beware when young or married persons would open family secrets to them 5T 596

blend in harmony, with diversity of gifts AA 275

bring: exactitude and skill into their work MYP 303

God’s blessing into people’s homes 5T 558

call things by right name 8T 211

cease: efforts to do what God alone can accomplish 7T 298

to find fault, for this is sin 8T 170

cherish constant sense of Christ’s love, efficiency, watchfulness, and tenderness CT 284

come: as close to one another as possible GW 460; 3T 435

close to the people 7T 272

to Christ for orders 7T 298

compare their efforts with Christ’s 7T 209

confess their errors EW 103

constantly improve 7T 281

consult and pray together Ev 104

consult with believers re his work 1T 709

co-operate with angels 6T 52

counsel together Ev 73; TM 315, 485

as brethren TM 477

before advocating new points of doctrine that are important EW 61-2

over difficult matters Ev 97

with much prayer LS 303

counsel with brethren TM 500

experienced in God’s work 3T 66

cultivate: compassion and sympathy 5T 567

his mind and manners GW 77

love 5T 567

practical self-denial and cherish spirit of sacrifice 3T 256

spirit of Christian courtesy 5T 31

tact and sharp discernment CSW 159

their ability to fullest extent 5T 721

their talents with persevering earnestness LS 275

develop talent of church members for gospel work 9T 117-20

discipline their minds for work FE 108

do: all in his power to attain success in God’s work PK 263

appointed work without contention or criticizing others 9T 184

good to all with whom they are brought in contact 5T 573

their duty and leave results with God GC 609-10

do house-to-house work 9T 123

in cities 7T 38

earnestly desire to obtain wisdom from God PP 248

eat nourishing and strengthening food 1T 206

educate: others for God’s work 5T 554

people as pupils in school GW 190

elevate church’s spiritual life and activity 5T 723

encourage one another to press forward in closing work of gospel 8T 211

endeavor to reach highest moral and spiritual excellence in Christ’s work 5T 574

exercise sufficiently to keep body and mind vigorous AA 356

expect God to work in and by and through him MH 499

faithfully safeguard interests of church AA 361

feed on precious truths of God’s word day by day 5T 577

feel need of: Christ’s atoning blood 5T 224

Spirit’s sanctifying grace 5T 224

find power and efficiency in accepting responsibilities PP 255

gain far deeper experience CM 155

give: attention to work for the rich 6T 255-6

authors knowledge of temperance principles 6T 256

Christ their heart’s best and holiest affections 8T 318

due credit to fellow workers Ev 332

gospel invitation to teachers and leaders among men COL 229-33

his own branch of work special effort 7T 174

instruction on healthful living MH 147

give Bible studies in: cities 7T 38

families 9T 141

give up slow methods of work Ev 650

go: steadily forward with their work AA 220

wherever God calls GW 26

go out two and two in: laboring in new places EW 103-4

visiting families Ev 437

grasp Christ with one hand and draw sinners to Him with the other 7T 241

have hearts nerved with holy fervor 3T 23

help and strengthen each other Ev 98

help one another 8T 12

hold duties to family as secondary to cause of God 3T 500

hold up: bravely under discouragements LS 213; WM 266

principles of health reform 7T 136

hunger and thirst after righteousness 5T 592

imitate Christ’s manner of labor Ev 168

improve themselves as they think their fellow workers should 8T 170

increase in efficiency GW 95

instruct people re need of temperance MH 335

keep: barriers of reserve up between sexes 5T 594

high standard before them 7T 137

know: how to give simple treatments to relieve pain and remove disease CH 389

when to speak and when to keep silent GW 189

labor for the poor and needy DA 350

lay off pugilistic armor Ev 166

learn: from Christ’s life how He lived and worked 6T 416

one from another 9T 180

wisdom from mistakes of predecessors PK 228

learn how to work: economically 5T 566-7

in simplicity of Christ 5T 566-7

learn to: be prompt Ev 650-1

do things on time Ev 650-1

give simple treatments MH 146

keep accounts GW 460

live within their means 2T 431

present truth in clear and connected manner Ev 648-9

train others 5T 109

learn to economize CG 135-6

in home expenses GW 459-60

in their work GW 459

limit their expenses as far as possible 5T 400

live out light they already have TM 439

look to God for guidance 5T 463

make: Christ their constant study 9T 32

constant advancement and improvement LS 303

God’s word his constant companion GW 99

opportunities Ev 647

special effort to turn youth from all exciting stories to sure word of prophecy 5T 519

manage his affairs in way not to incur debt CM 93

manifest: Christ’s tender sympathy toward the poor GW 189

love for souls for whom Christ died 5T 224-5

tact and wisdom in their work MYP 303

tender and compassionate spirit 4T 185

master difficulties Ev 647

meet and overcome difficulties with strong faith and intrepid purpose GW 189

meet people where they are MH 198

minister on right hand and on left MM 237

move forward with faith and courage AA 230

obey religiously that which reason tells them is truth CH 566

obtain: individual experience in following Christ AA 401

thorough knowledge of his own weakness and dangers 3T 66

overcome his exacting ways 5T 558

perform God’s work with unswerving fidelity PP 324

plan ways to reach hearts most successfully 5T 566-7

point sin-sick souls to Christ MH 144

possess: courtesy and grace 5T 419

gentleness, goodness, long-suffering FE 343

practice: economy 7T 207

self-denial by limiting their expenses as much as possible 5T 400

self-discipline COL 335

strict economy Ev 126

pray together often for wisdom from God Ev 73; TM 499

present sound doctrine GW 311-5

preserve: order in their families EW 100-1

their health CH 563-6; Ev 657-8

press together in unity 6T 293

proclaim truth with lips touched with live coals from altar 8T 37

profit by experience and mistakes of predecessors PK 228

prove their calling by labor in new fields 3T 203

push ahead in dark as well as light days Ev 63; WM 266

put: criticisms away 5T 558

self in background CH 560

put forth highest mental and moral energies he has CT 537-8

rally God’s people to carry truth into new places 8T 147-8

reach men where they are MH 511

read best authors on health preservation CH 566

refrain from censuring and disparaging remarks 6T 293

rely firmly on God for wisdom and power 5T 721

remember he is not to labor in his own strength COL 232

renew efforts continually to redeem time 5T 574

represent Christ as great Missionary Worker 9T 241

respect, love, and encourage each other AA 276

respect rights of each other 7T 209

rest body and mind from wearing labor when possible 1T 206

restrict their personal wants 6T 440-1

reveal: healthy and influential spirituality 8T 210-1

loyalty to God by proclaiming truth in all its saving and sanctifying power 8T 118

seek constantly to improve 5T 573

seek out humble souls who seek to minister to others COL 234

seek to: elevate and ennoble themselves 5T 552

make God’s work a perfect whole 9T 26

seize opportunities by prompt and vigorous action Ev 647

select and train worthy young men as co-laborers 7T 15

set right example for flock CH 559-62

show: animation and determination in work of winning souls 6T 418

kind and generous spirit to the poor GW 335

tender regard for souls 6T 46

unwavering and humble faith in God’s power and willingness to save 8T 12

utmost courtesy and kindness to people 6T 46

speak: guardedly at all times and under all circumstances 6T 395

pleasant and sympathetic words Ev 636

with same earnestness to few hearers as to many DA 194

speed swiftly in search for souls EW 50

spend much time in prayer TM 169

stand: firm in defense of truth 8T 211

in his God-given personality MH 499

strengthen weak points in his character 3T 66

strive: each day to live life of Christ 6T 416

for unity TM 502

study: again and again Christ’s saving power 6T 60

Bible daily 5T 723-80

Christ’s life and manner of working MM 85

Christ’s life of self-sacrifice 7T 254

Christ’s methods PK 73

from cause to effect CH 566

God’s word GW 113; 8T 210

history of Waldensian missionaries 5T 400

how to become more intelligent in work 5T 552

laws of health Ev 439

take: humble views of themselves 5T 574

time for meditation, prayer, and Bible study DA 362

time to open mind to Spirit’s impressions 7T 251

time to think, pray, and wait on God for renewal of power Ed 260-1

take heed: lest they hinder advancement of God’s work 8T 186

to their ways 5T 592

take truth to: great men of earth 6T 82-3; 7T 112

higher classes 5T 580-1; 6T 255-6