Relationship of Evangelist and Pastor

Evangelists and Pastors Needed—God calls for evangelists. A true evangelist is a lover of souls. He hunts and fishes for men. Pastors are needed [See also pp. 345-351, “Pastoral Evangelism.”]—faithful shepherds—who will not flatter God's people or treat them harshly, but who will feed them with the bread of life. Ev 116.1

The work of every faithful laborer lies close to the heart of Him who gave Himself for the redemption of the race.—Letter 21, 1903. Ev 116.2

Evangelist-Pastor—One man usually performs the labor which should be shared by two; for the work of the evangelist is necessarily combined with that of the pastor, bringing a double burden upon the worker in the field.—Testimonies For The Church 4:260 (1876). Ev 116.3

Confidence in the New Laborer—Let not the laborer be fearful that because a new laborer is introduced to the people the interest will be interrupted and the work in which he is engaged will be marred. Ev 116.4

Keep your hands off the ark; God will take care of His work. Additional light will flash forth from the men who are sent of God, who are laborers together with God, and the original workers should receive God's messengers cordially, treat them respectfully, and invite them to unite with them and speak to the people.—Manuscript 21, 1894. Ev 116.5