EGW Index, vols. 1-4 (Topical Index)

Consciousness - Conversation


Consciousness, in death See Death

of rightdoing, is best medicine for diseased body and mind CH 628; MH 257; 1T 502

of sins forgiven, brings peace, joy, and rest MH 267


Conscription, for military service 1T 357

See also Army; Draft; Military service; War


Consecrate, yourselves and children to God each morning 7T 44

Consecrated Christian, Consecrated Christians

Consecrated Christian, Consecrated Christians, consecrated activity by, needed 8T 27

Consecrated Christian life

Consecrated Christian life, characterized by purity, tact, simplicity, and usefulness PP 667

sheds light, comfort, and peace PP 667

unselfish love controls PP 667

Consecrated men

Consecrated men, few really, among God’s people 5T 82

Consecrate yourself

to God in morning SC 70


Consecration GW 111-6; SC 43-8; 1T 287-9

acceptable, Spirit’s office is to reveal 1SM 134

Andrew’s DA 273

believers’, results in unity and Christian service 7T 240; 8T 29

blessed results of, in gospel workers GW 112-3

cannot be: maintained while lustful appetite is indulged Te 148

preserved while indulging appetites and passions CH 69

Christ brought very near by 9T 166

complete, only hope of salvation is 5T 586

complete and entire, God will not accept anything short of 4T 544

daily: call for MYP 301-2

Israel’s, symbolized by daily burnt offerings PP 352

needed each morning SC 70; 7T 44

needed in order to be soul winner 6T 318

of members of family to God ML 35

of yourself and children to God 7T 44

peace and rest brought by 1SM 400

daily renewal of, required of God’s people AA 477; 2T 49

deeper (greater): God’s people need 5T 717; TM 514

times demand of God’s people GW 114; 9T 27

teachers need CT 248-52

earnest, life should constantly manifest MM 204

entire 1T 240-3; 4T 213-21

be satisfied with nothing less than 5BC 1093

Christ accepts nothing less than 5T 42

Christ demands 1SM 107-8; 1T 240

coming crisis demands GW 323

essential to high spiritual attainments 5T 40-1

God accepts nothing less than MM 36; 3T 191

God calls for Ev 16

gospel demands MYP 318

includes thought, voice, spirit, mind, and body 5BC 1093

true idea of SL 7

school and medical workers need CT 522

entire and wholehearted, needed for outpouring of Spirit ChS 253; CS 52; Ev 699

essential qualification of: gospel workers GW 111; 3T 468

ministers GW 111-6

every act of, brings joy ML 174

full and entire, God requires 2T 49, 72; 3T 500

lack of, robs God 5T 116

full and personal, God requires 4T 122-3

genuine, defined 3T 301

high standard of, teachers should reach MYP 319

individual, ministers must impress upon people their need of 5T 619

is daily matter SC 70

lack of: affects self and others MYP 28-9

has kept God’s people in world of sin so many years Ev 696; 1SM 69

weakening effects of 2T 642

lacking in others, is no excuse for you 2T 490

lost by many professed believers TM 449

made wholly to God’s service, no limit to usefulness resulting from ChS 254; CT 409; DA 250-1; FE 346; MH 159-60; 8T 19

Paul’s example of AA 484

made with purity of purpose, results of 7T 101

maintained by Christ’s strength SD 51

mantle of, laid on Elisha by Elijah PK 219-20

Matthew’s DA 273

minister’s lack of full, felt in field GW 341-2

need of CH 633-4

of affections to God CT 50

of all to Christ’s service, is a delight 7T 10

of body and soul, mental and spiritual power brought by FE 227; GW 112; MH 159; 6T 306

of child to God before its birth AH 255

of entire being, to Spirit’s control 3T 84

of every power and ability, needed 8T 55

of every power of being, to worthy pursuits 7T 64

of heart, needed before coming to conference meetings 2T 55

required of businessmen 7T 249

of life and all to interests of God’s work, need of PK 221

of ministers, call for 2T 521

gives power to their preaching 9T 123

of self and possessions, to Christ CS 55

of soul to God, is committing keeping of soul to Him TM 241

of young ministers, exerts powerful influence for good 5T 20-1

of youth’s mind and heart, to God’s service MYP 199

personal, is necessary ML 6; MM 333

more effective than display 6T 116

Peter’s DA 273

preached by some people who do not know what it is 1T 336

preservation of, hard place for 2T 263

priest’s, to sacred office PP 359

privilege of deepening your MM 255

Samuel’s, Hannah’s regard for PP 571

self-denying and self-sacrificing, God’s work calls for 1SM 117

self-exaltation prevented by, of all your powers to God 8T 63

spirit of, in 1843-4 is not seen now 1T 128

thorough, needed in gospel work Ev 150

SDA need LS 438; 1SM 56; 2SM 407

to Christ, influence for blessing others is proportionate to MB 37

to God’s service, does not make men weak-minded MYP 190

faith that leads to unreserved DA 431

true, Harlan Page’s example of TM 172-3

unreserved: Christ calls for PP 188

God calls for COL 393; CS 53; 4T 543; 7T 217

God’s people need 1SM 166; Te 168

gospel workers need GW 25

vows of, should be renewed morning by morning AA 56

whole-souled, God calls for ML 6

work requiring, truly converted persons are called to 6T 447

youth connected with Fountain of wisdom by MYP 190, 329

See also Reconsecration; Self-surrender; Surrender; Unconsecration


agents for God develop from all believers with PM 273:1

appetite indulgence prevents Con 62:0

call to,

greater, made in Testimonies 3SM 84:4

work for God not seen as requirement without TDG 244:2

calls to, in sermons by Ellen White 3SM 268

communication of Christianity fails without VSS 302:3

complete/entire/total/unreserved, HP 155:5; LYL 44:3; OHC 55:4; UL 367

because whole treasury of heaven given OHC 12:4, 28:5

claims of God require HP 184:3

enemy gains victories without HP 140:2

God wants for us, more than we want Him HP 155:5

in seeking salvation OHC 308:5

inspired by Christ’s death TDG 315:3

means entire life glorified HP 66:5

needed to do work for God TMK 349:4

of all we have and are TDG 145:6

perception increased with 1MCP 103:4

required HP 33:5; TMK 63:3

skepticism ended by UL 251:6

those with, made strong for the battle HP 314:3

throwing self over from doubt to faith FW 17:1

to purposes that constrained Paul TDG 374:5

to the service of the Lord UL 86:5

work of UL 266:3

conversation shows, VSS 21:2

daily, OHC 21:4, 124:3; TDG 261:2

bright side of religion shown by RC 284:3

needed HP 213:4

prepared to witness wonderful events TDG 238:5

renewal of, makes it fresh and acceptable TMK 155:5

deeper, needed or many will be lost UL 351:4

desire of Ellen White for, RC 350:5

looking forward to heaven RC 351:4

elevates and separates from the world HP 169:5

every church member to pray for, in God’s temple UL 38:2

example of, where we are UL 274:2

experimental knowledge of godliness in service and 2MCP 737:4


demands, of parents; schools lack success TDG 293:4

guides those who have TDG 252:2

is shown in worker with TMK 88:4

values life of RC 251:8

heart, soul and voice are to have, for God TDG 71:5

Holy Spirit given in proportion to, in His work OHC 306:6

impossible while willfully injuring health 2MCP 380:3; OHC 270:2

influence for good on unbelievers requires HP 168:2

intellect quickened by TMK 8:5

knowing truth makes, important HP 167:2

knowledge by, greater than by trusting to an experience UL 237:2

lack of,

brings darkness on the church TMK 153:3

joining those with, makes loyalty to God impossible TDG 240:4


of, individually developed 2MCP 426:2

sacred by total HP 58:5

lust in the body prevents TSB 100:1

managers for Review and Herald office to have PM 111:1

need for workers with, even if uneducated SW 16:4

personal, necessity of RC 102:4

Powers of heaven work with person with complete HP 176:5

praising God is not just words but HP 222:3

principle of,

daily experience, not a theory OHC 243:4

interwoven with the life FLB 221:6

required, seems to make the heart bleed TMK 280:4

sacrifice that does not deepen in, not required 3SM 331:1

self hidden by TMK 37:4

self-denial results from HP 169:5

self-exaltation prevented by entire 2MCP 737:4

talents useless without LHU 333:3

thoughts must be underlain with HP 169:5

truth carried by those with, in power of Elijah PM 92:4


for God increased a thousand times if all had PM 313:1

requiring, and money TDG 303:2

workers in institutions need PM 53

See also Affections; Christ, commitment to; Earnestness; Life, consecrated


Consent, Christ will blend man’s heart and mind to His will by his DA 668

Christ will identify Himself with man’s thoughts and aims by his DA 668

co-operation and, God cannot help us without our AA 482

devils cannot harm man without his AH 405

God cannot work in man without his MB 142

God does not control man’s mind without his MH 93

God works for man by his ML 340

mind’s, must first be gained before man can transgress God’s law 5T 177

Satan cannot control man’s words, thoughts, and actions without his AH 402

Satan cannot overcome man without his GC 510; 2T 294; 4T 623

Spirit cannot cleanse man’s heart without his 3BC 1157; SD 99

Spirit expels sin from man’s soul by his ML 43

See also Choice; Will

Consequence, Consequences

Consequence, Consequences, choose the right and leave, with God GC 460

follow God’s word regardless of MM 255-6

leave, with the Lord UL 376:2

of doing their duty, Christ’s ambassadors have nothing to do with GC 609-10

without coldly calculating, God’s people will give final warnings GC 608-9

See also Results


Conservatism, that grieves Spirit 1SM 260


concessions to enemy as opposite of being too 3SM 397:2

See also Liberality


See Compromise

Consideration, Considerations

Consideration, Considerations, allow no earthly, to come between you and God CS 343

Christian, exerts influence for good Te 131

due, gospel workers should manifest TM 210-1

due to gospel workers by administrators 9T 277-80

first, make God’s requirements 1SM 277

for gospel workers struggling with difficulties 7T 277-9

for other people 7T 265-6

essence of true politeness is Ed 241

have words and deeds of tender 3T 539

truly refined persons always have 2T 243

higher, earthly and temporal considerations must be subordinate to CS 300

mutual, must be cultivated in home AH 427

thoughtful, is essential 5T 593

See also Importance; Respect


Consistency, beautiful, in message of truth Ev 68

Christ manifested, without obstinacy CT 262; Ev 636

enforce, by lovely and consistent example CG 271

false ideas of, lead to neglect of duty MM 150

holy, walk with Ev 612; 2SM 36

is jewel Ev 542; 2SM 82; 5T 95

minister should be man of GW 144

minister’s, makes impressions where sermons cannot GW 204

of religion, daily show 7T 70

requires that Christian’s works should correspond with his faith 1T 416

worldling and infidel admire 1T 416


aim at, in all works TMK 290:2

between works and profession of faith TMK 352:5

faith gives sound judgment and PM 303:1

Consistent life

Consistent life, alone, can command respect CH 559-60

most conclusive argument is MH 494


Consolation, Christ’s ministry of, Christians may share in MB 13

Christians can impart, because Comforter is with them WM 26

found by prayer and trusting in God PP 687

human hearts everywhere need DA 640

ministry of, through suffering Christ obtained MB 13

must be received from Christ 2SM 266

re true state of the dead AA 258

See also Comfort


Christ’s footprints followed in bringing HP 225:3

Ellen White

little; J. N. Andrews knew Source TDG 348:2

received, from God not from friendship of world TDG 302:7

heavenly, dearth of, in suffering of worldlings TDG 264:4

looking at self prevents seeing, in the cross 2MCP 811:1

mother offered words of TDG 39:2

pointing another to Christ brings OHC 64:5

truth a OHC 33:4

See also Comfort


Consolidation, human wisdom tends to MH 147

not God’s plan for His institutions 7T 174

of denominational interests, spirit behind TM 291-2

under one control is forbidden 8T 217

policy of, tends to exalt the human in place of the divine 7T 172

See also Centralization; Colonization


Christ (not brethren) to be partner in PM 142:3

God forbids, of publishing work PM 151, 153:3, 155:3

periodicals not to be combined in PM 228

unwise when managers already overloaded PM 152:0

work of God marred by; branches to be independent PM 144:1


Conspiracy, against God’s people, by rulers, ministers, and church members PK 605-6

against priestly authority, Peter and John accused of AA 80

deep-laid, by Korah and companions PP 395

See also Plot

Constance, Council of

Constance, Council of GC 95-6, 104-15; SR 337-8


Constancy, develop, in children CG 174

essential to success 4T 439

See also Firmness; Steadfastness

Constantine I (Roman emperor)

Constantine I (Roman emperor), Eusebius a friend and flatterer of GC 574

nominal conversion of GC 49-50; SR 327

church ill affected by GC 50, 297

religious policy of GC 53

Sunday laws issued by GC 53, 574; SR 329


Constipation, fine-flour bread causes MH 300

olive oil relieves CD 360; 7T 134

See also Laxative

Constitution, Constitutions

Constitution, Constitutions, children’s shattered 3T 454

firm, parents should see that children have 3T 151

healthy, essentials to 3T 151

wide difference in people’s CD 494

Constitutional sin, Constitutional sins

Constitutional sin, Constitutional sins, men’s, Satan carefully studies 5T 97

Constitution of United States of America

amendment to, making God’s law void 3SM 386:3

change in, would bind consciences of Sabbath keepers 3SM 166:2

See United States Constitution


missionary work in the South for those knowing SW 81:3

Consumer, Consumers

Consumer, Consumers, be producer as well as AA 353; COL 304

slothful person is MYP 211

thousands of people exist merely as MYP 210


be producers as well as UL 360:3

preaching without whole heart is by, not producers VSS 230:4


Consumption, institution’s, must not exceed production MM 176


Consumption, dropsical, EGW declared victim of 2SG 30

Harmon (Robert, Jr.) died from 2SG 174

healed by prayer 7BC 939; 2SM 347

hemorrhage caused by 2SG 30

in infants, poisonous drugs cause 2SM 468

in women, dressing improperly causes MH 293

lack of fresh air causes 2SM 291

lung complaints which generally end in 2SM 463

person dying of, chicken broth given to CD 292

precautions re, attendants and nurses should take CH 56; 2SM 456-7

quick, death from 2SG 188

Ralph (T.) died from 2SG 91-2

sleeping in damp rooms and beds causes CH 58; 4aSG 144; 2SM 463

sour cider causes 5T 357; Te 95

symptom of, hectic flush on cheek as LS 147; 2SG 173

speaking improperly may cause CT 239; 4T 404

White (Anna) died of 2SG 195

White (Nathaniel) died from LS 147; 2SG 195

See also Phthisic; Tuberculosis

Consumptive, Consumptives

Consumptive, Consumptives, dying, diet of CD 292; MH 298

flesh food requested by, may be granted CD 410

olive oil beneficial to MH 298; 7T 134

JW as 1T 96

Contact, Contacts

Contact, Contacts, casual, difference between touch of faith and 5T 228


Christ to be represented in; use tact PM 306:4

principles of heaven to be revealed in HP 154:4

with others MH 483-96

See also Association; Friendships; Messenger; Ministry

Contagious disease

Contagious disease See Disease


See Defilement


Contemplate, men are changed in accord with what they MYP 262


Contemplation, Christ as subject for SC 70-1

Christ went into wilderness of temptation for, of His work and mission DA 114, 118

heavenly bodies worthy of SD 110

of Christ’s amazing sacrifice for us, need of SC 21

periods of, Christian needs AH 494

results of, of Christ’s sacrifice on cross DA 661

spend hour each day in, of Christ’s life DA 83; 4T 374

take time for ChS 249

themes for: beauties of nature are SD 110

Christ crucified as SC 21, 103-4; 4T 462

future home and reward of the redeemed as 1T 504

See also Meditation


Contemporary, impartial history of, it is humanly impossible to give 4T 9


Contempt, beware of most distant approach to 2T 52

expressions of, do not utter TM 156

for God’s claims, folly of CT 53

for one another, safeguard against CT 315

for Spirit’s manifestation, beware of TM 90

painful to human nature 3BC 1137; ChS 174

regard no one with CSW 85

SDA who will reap MM 171

shown to God, by ignoring church’s authority 5T 243

silent, errors and falsehoods that die under 3T 37

words of, God holds men accountable for MB 57

See also Disdain; Scorn


Contemptuously, no man given liberty to speak, of another MB 56

Contemptuous spirit

Contemptuous spirit, Satan’s, toward his victims TM 504

Contented spirit

Contented spirit, importance of PK 219

Contention, Contentions

Contention, Contentions, among believers: do not throw door open for CW 79-80

not after God’s order Ev 369

Satan seeks to create Ev 359

Spirit will not abide where there is 4T 221

be careful not to preach truth from 3T 66

between brethren, cause of truth disgraced by 5T 242

childish, by gospel worker 4T 344

Christians have no time for CW 15; 7T 240-1

do your appointed work without ML 335; 9T 184

gospel workers have no time for 8T 29

ideas leading to, do not bring into church or school GW 395

in SDA ranks, let there be no 1SM 168

man whose element was 4T 237

not work given SDA to do 2SM 381

over little things not worth while, trouble results from 4T 502

over matters of minor importance CW 78

over words and ideas 7BC 917

shun 5T 340

spirit of, do not indulge 2T 163

opposed to principles of heaven 2T 163-4

wearisome, John did not enter into AA 555

with unbelievers, Christian will not pursue course of 2T 163

why, is not seen in church TM 162

See also Argument; Controversy; Debate; Difference; Strife; Variance


Contentment, faith in God’s love and overruling providence fills heart with PP 600

how to find, in this life 4T 227

in path of duty and obedience CT 98

inconvenience should be cheerfully endured rather than part with 4T 622

sweet and satisfied, needed 5T 568

should reign in home AH 154

when, safeguards against covetousness and dishonesty 4T 574

See also Happiness; Peace


advised for older couple; missionary work at home first RY 68f

Christ offers, to disappointed and unbelieving TMK 225:3

conditions for TMK 85:3

difficulties not to prevent; God has special love SW 12:0

driven from home by irritability OHC 179:5

gift worth more than gold HP 186:3

meditation on Word of God brings HP 161:5

meekness brings OHC 98:6

only through inheritance as sons of God HP 305:3

poor in spirit have, with their surroundings RC 61:4

pure religion brings OHC 333:5

religion of Jesus brings TSB 160:0

value of RC 107:5

words controlled by controlling thoughts brings 2MCP 656:3

See also Discontent; Peace; Satisfaction

Contest, Contests

Contest, Contests, athletic, Christian race as AA 311-5

athletic, of Greeks AA 309-11

continued and sharp, to close of time TM 470

last great, prophecy of Gen. 3:15 fulfilled in PK 701-2

on Satan’s part, will wax more fierce TM 407

verbal, class who delight in 2T 557

See also Conflict; Struggle


Continent, every, three angels’ messages must go to Ev 19; GW 470; 6T 133

of heaven, earth cut off by sin from 1BC 1085; SD 244

Continual offering

Continual offering See Offering

Contortion, Contortions

Contortion, Contortions, bodily, of false religionists 2SM 22

Contract, Contracts

Contract, Contracts, Christ made with Father a, to save man SD 296

Father ratified, with Christ when He ascended to heaven 5BC 1150

for term of years, gospel workers should not be bound by 8T 233; 9T 170

made with His people, God calls us to be true to CS 75

made with His people through Christ, God has put His signature on CS 91

of plan of redemption embraces whole world 4BC 1180

special, between Christ and followers Ev 249-50

Satan endeavored to make, with Christ 1SM 287

time, signed by Battle Creek Sanitarium workers CH 282-3, 303

with unbelievers, believers are not to bind themselves up by 7T 108

See also Agreement; Covenant; Pledge; Vow


binding ourselves up in, with those not of our faith TDG 196:2

dependence on 3SM 303:3

letter about signing HP 247

salvation by entering into, with heart, mind and soul HP 19:2

See also Business; Confederacy; Covenant

Contradiction, Contradictions

children of Satan have continual RC 300:2

different minds may express same thought without, yet in different way 1SM 22

in Bible, Satan suggests there are 1T 378

seeming, between two prophetic declarations GC 46-7

Contrast, Contrasts

Contrast, Contrasts, sharp and striking, abundant in God’s word PK 676

Contribution, Contributions

discouraged by high wages paid to workers PM 243:2

giving up control over personal PM 233:1

individual responsibility for distributing PM 234

Israelite, for religious and charitable purposes PP 526

amounted to one fourth of income PP 527

preachers in cities need support of PM 308:2

See also Gifts; Offering

Contrite soul

Contrite soul, cry of, God hears 5T 173

precious in God’s sight DA 437


Contrition, grace of, comes through Christ 1SM 391

true, not presumptuous MB 130



gives love and grace to ones with TMK 77:3

provides the grace of TMK 109:3

come to Christ in, sensing finite weakness TDG 148:4

deficiency that leads to, prompted by Christ’s Spirit RC 63:3


hears when we come in, as Daniel TMK 271:4

receives all with, and purpose to forsake wrong TMK 290:4

God’s care for us demands our TMK 127:5

needed daily UL 270:5

prayer of, heard CC 256:5

See also Humility


Control, absolute, over another person’s talents dishonors God 7T 177-8

Christ holds 1SM 83-5

consecrated man does not seek PK 31

God’s material world is under MM 7

lines of, gospel workers who gather to themselves TM 461

of another power, soul refusing to give himself to God is under DA 466

of erring mortals, God places no one under TM 347

of one of two great powers, all men are under DA 324

over fellow men: disposition of one man to exercise TM 78, 208-16, 301-4, 347-8, 491-502

many men in danger of exercising 6T 397

warning against TM 78

over God’s human agents: evil results of TM 366

offensive to Him TM 253, 347, 491, 495

usurps His authority TM 293

over God’s work during loud cry, some men will seek TM 300

over gospel work, men who seek TM 300, 304

over men, Satan uses organizations and institutions to obtain TM 366

over thoughts and words, essential to happiness 4T 344

perfect, needed in presenting truth 2SM 17

reason must hold reins of, in Christians AA 311

Satan’s, men have no power to free themselves from DA 466

youth are naturally impatient of GC 584

See also Authority; Mind; Self-control


lost by David in seeking revenge on Nabal RC 333:4


kept in, as compass is to the pole TDG 66:2

of one person not for, of others RC 319:2

selfish interest takes, if given room 1MCP 271:2

spirit that rules in heaven to have HP 113:6

See also Self-control

Controlling power

Controlling power, in God’s work, no person is to be TM 216

one man’s voice or influence should never become MM 165

over other people, danger of trying to exercise 6T 397

Controversial attitude, Controversial attitudes

Controversial attitude, Controversial attitudes, do not be too ready to take a 6T 62; TM 118

Controversial discussion, Controversial discussions

Controversial discussion, Controversial discussions, what to do when men try to provoke 6T 69

Controversial question, Controversial questions

Controversial question, Controversial questions, among SDA, how to handle CW 76-7

should not be aired in Gen. Conf. sessions CW 76-7

entire body of Christians not called to vote on AA 196

on matters of minor importance CW 77

referred to general church council for decision AA 190-1

Review and Herald should not agitate CW 105-6

that was settled by Spirit AA 192-4, 196

Controversial subject

Controversial subject, presentation of truth as 1SM 405

Controversy (universal, between Christ and Satan)


by one angel TDG 128:3

in heaven was to be continued on the earth RC 58:2

believers face, because Satan opposes God 1MCP 22:4

close of, is near HP 350:4

concerns each individual TMK 192:2

false substituted for true, last act in Mar 262:5

increasing UL 20:2

intense interests at stake in, when Christ came TDG 14:2

issues in, deception of Satan about 3SM 397:1

not ended OHC 110:5

questions of the universe answered in RC 58:3

renewed for every soul that leaves Satan TMK 115:4

scenes of, presented anew to Ellen White (1911) 3SM 112:1

two opposing powers in 1MCP 29:2

See also God, government of; Great Controversy, The

Controversy, Controversies

Controversy, Controversies, avoid: in presenting doctrines Ev 399

whenever possible DA 434

in work for souls Ev 356

between Christ and Satan EW 145-7; GC 492-504; PP 33-43; 3SG 36-8; SR 13-9

forever settled in heaven 1SM 348

EGW instructed to portray GC 11

EGW viewed GC 10

will soon be forever decided on earth 7T 141

between good and evil: soon to end LS 329; TM 470

why God permitted Ed 308

will increase in intensity to close of time GC 9, 144

Christ defeated keenest and most highly cultured minds in MH 52

Christ refused to be drawn into COL 379; DA 434, 498; LS 93; MM 97

Christ’s work was not to settle COL 254

colporteur work needs less CM 42

danger of bringing in theories creating 1SM 174

darkness and discouragement brought to soul by LS 433

discussion of SS lessons must not be controlled by CSW 27

diverting minds from present truth 1SM 170

do not preach Christ in Ev 187

doctors of law voiced anger in MH 32

doubter is put on self-defense by DA 808

every point of, ministers should candidly investigate GW 300

far less, needed Ev 172

fierce, over very little matter 5T 244

financial, warning against TM 331

God has, with all who practice least injustice TM 373

God’s, with His people TM 374-86

God’s means of: awakening minds MB 33

provoking inquiry about truth 5T 453

good and evil angels in, re king of Persia PK 571-2

gospel workers should avoid Ev 119; GW 312

great: angels did not understand all involved in DA 761, 764

Cain’s life spared as lesson re PP 78

close of, God’s character revealed DA 764

closing events of, lessons from sanctuary re PK 684-5

closing scenes of, universe intently watches PK 148

closing struggle of, just before God’s people 5T 746

end of GC 678

enters every phase of human experience Ed 190

final struggle of, concerns God’s law GC 582

going on upon earth, universe beholds TM 119

in opening of, Satan declared God’s law could not be obeyed DA 761

in progress 6,000 years GC 656

nearing its end 8T 252

not alone with Satan, but also with men GC 656

real issues at stake in GC 569

Satan’s purpose in, to overthrow God’s law Ed 154-5; GC 582

students need knowledge of rise of CT 462; Ed 190

trace out, in Bible study CT 462; Ed 190

will wax stronger GC 144; TM 407

have nothing to do with LS 433

hoary with age, how to deal with GW 468-9

in Gen. Conf. session, warning against TM 331

in schools when once-stated opinions are crossed FE 469

into which apostles were not to enter DA 350

is: sum of religion for some people 1SM 170

unprofitable LS 93; MM 97

John did not enter into AA 555

lack of, among SDA is not conclusive evidence they hold fast to sound doctrine 5T 707

last work in, class who may be enlightened in 6T 122

let not persons desiring, divert you from God’s work 3T 574

love of, leads many to criticize GC 526

ministers should keep out of Ev 155

ministers should lay down their 9T 211

ministers too often show aptness and sharpness in TM 153

new, will arise 5T 753

of ages, rapidly closing PK 722

old, will be revived 2SM 109; TM 116

on side issues, avoid CW 47-8

on unsettled questions, do not publicly handle Ev 183

open, silent influence does more good than 3T 167

over: “daily,” warning against 1SM 164, 167

killing of insects, no time for CW 47; 1SM 170-1

political or other questions, gospel workers should avoid 6T 122

rebaptism Ev 373

spiritualistic theories only confuses minds Ev 624

the 144,000, warning against 1SM 174

trifles, let there be no GW 468-9

past, will be revived 2SM 109; 5T 753; TM 116

religious, re matters not vital DA 396; TM 71

self strives for supremacy in TM 71

repeated over every soul rescued from evil PK 585; 5T 470

ruining souls, do not be enticed into DA 396

SS is not place for CSW 117

sacrifice not one principle of truth to avoid DA 434

Satan seeks to keep Christians occupied in, among themselves 9T 216

Satan’s purpose in provoking Ev 155

Scriptures are to be the end of all COL 39-40

since Adam’s time, concerns obedience to God’s law PP 69, 73

some people always seek to engage in 1SM 170

speak no word of, at bedside of the sick MH 120

spirit of: do not cherish Ev 304

in gospel work there must be no Ev 142

ministers cautioned against Ev 163

Satan’s device to stir up combativeness Ev 163

should cease at home and in church 5T 335

soul is not enlightened through DA 175

study of points of, by pioneer SDA GW 302

subjects that arouse, caution re presentation of 6T 58

that would cause loss of many souls among SDA CW 79-80

unbelief seldom overcome by DA 808

unnecessary, no time for CW 106; 1SM 93

while not seeking, present truth clearly and decidedly 2SM 371

with: advocates of false theories, avoid LS 93

ministers of other churches, do not get into Ev 562

opponents, do not enter into TM 249

persons holding false theories, do not enter LS 93

Satan is unsafe 3T 483

Satan when Moses was resurrected, Christ refused to engage in PP 478-9

world, God has TM 39

See also Argument; Contention; Debate; Difference; Discussion; Opposition; Quarreling; Strife; Variance

Controversy, Controversies (on the human plane; conflict)


agitation on reform dress 3SM 252:1

work in ways that are open TDG 221:4

Christ would not enter into, with Satan HP 255:3

created by hereditary and cultivated tendencies 2MCP 504:1

delight in, disqualifies for heaven FLB 370:4

desire for, to be laid aside 1MCP 40:2

ended by

stopping ears to the Word of God 3SM 204:1

true conversion RC 112:3

every, settled by “It is written” OHC 207:3

final conflict will have old and new 3SM 419:3

hearts bound by, do not have love and grace 2MCP 498:4

John did not enter into; testified in simplicity VSS 364:3

prayer not to be long, with God OHC 131:5

resolved in heaven, for God’s eternal mysteries TMK 365:5

Satan diverts minds by 1MCP 23:1

seventy were not to enter into, over nonessentials TDG 113:5

side issues discussed in, is like killing insects TDG 205:6

tests which create 1MCP 42:1

theological, avoid; confirm what the Bible says 1MCP 41:3

See also Conflict; Strife; Misunderstandings

Controverted point, Controverted points

Controverted point, Controverted points, danger of taking sides on 1SM 414; TM 158

do not advocate, in SDA papers when ministers hold different views 5T 534-5

of doctrine, meetings not appointed for 6T 69

Controverted subject

Controverted subject, sound position on, produce strong reasons for CSW 29

Convalescent, Convalescents

Convalescent, Convalescents, pleased to know he is kindly remembered MH 222


Convenience, Christians are not to seek their own 5T 182

do not consult, in matter of obeying God 3T 457

do not study, because others do 2T 488

erroneously termed pride and love of world 2T 258

few men of unswerving fidelity who do not study 5T 456

of life, may lead to indulgence of ease or appetite 4T 108

path of, fate of persons who forsake Christ to follow PP 558

present, soul truly converted does not consider 5T 569

sacrifice of, for Christ’s sake 3T 481


Christ did not consult,

but kept the commandments TDG 207:4

or He would not have left heaven HP 170:4

when He came to earth to die TDG 162:3

following God’s orders rather than TMK 92:2

money spent for, which belongs to God TDG 97:4

obedience to truth, not to be a matter of RC 54:6

thinking only of, is sowing to the flesh TMK 92:3

See also Difficulties

Convention, Conventions

Convention, Conventions, ministers should teach health reform and temperance at Te 169

Conventionality, Conventionalities

Conventionality, Conventionalities, mere, danger of overestimating value of GW 334

respectable, children should not be educated for life of Ed 264

things that give little place for Ed 241

true courtesy requires no sacrifice of principle to Ed 240

Convent vault, Convent vaults

Convent vault, Convent vaults, voices crying from 5T 451


“Conversation,” term referring to disposition and habits MM 184


1. Classes of

2. Miscellaneous

1. Classes of

at feast, Christ controlled ML 190

at fireside, agent in formation of character ML 267

at mealtime, should be cheerful and pleasant Ed 206

should leave fragrant influence on children’s minds AH 440

at social gatherings, tenor of MYP 388

boastful and proud, avoid 4T 331

careless, detrimental to camp meeting 2T 597

censurable 2T 185

chaste, ministers should be examples in 3T 490-1

cheap, misleads TM 129

work constantly away from MM 144

cheap and profitless, of professed Christians FE 133

children’s 1T 392

consecrated believers’, described 1T 509

corrupt, dispels serious and religious impressions 3T 125-6

remove institutional workers inclined to CH 295

daily, praise God in 9T 276

debasing mind and tainting morals, warning against CH 413

defiling to soul CT 367

displeasing to God 2T 95

empty and vain, of SDA youth 1T 496

evil, John shunned 4T 109

exerting baneful influence 2T 186-7

exerting right influence 4T 118

frivolous: disgusting 2T 180

dishonors God and Christian faith 1T 506

do not waste golden moments in 5T 596

springing from lovesick sentimentalism 5T 600

unbecoming to minister 3T 238

youth warned against 2T 180

See also Frivolous conversation

frivolous and empty, do not engage lovers of world in 1T 269

true Christians cannot enjoy CT 328

gay and thoughtless 1T 128

gentle, children’s hearts bound to parents by AH 426

good, accompanies good conscience 4T 347

idle, at church services 4T 73

in home, poisoned with criticism of God’s workers 7T 183

in social visiting 2SM 414

judicious, minister must engage in 2T 705-6

light, angels grieved by EW 111

light and frivolous, of minister given to 3T 228, 238

light and trifling: disqualifies a person for exerting good influence 2T 322

gives lie to Christian profession EW 111

improper on Sabbath 2T 703

put away 5T 19

low: avoid MYP 349; 2T 315

pollutes mind FE 195

unbecoming to Christian 2T 316; 3T 246, 316; 4T 589

low and vulgar, warning against 2T 95

making mind gloomy, sour, and disagreeable 6T 62

ministers’: in pulpit 2T 612

joking unbecoming in 3T 241

should be chaste 3T 490-1

should be elevated 2T 568

should be free from slang phrases Ev 644

should be guarded 1T 445

should be on subject of truth 4T 526

should not be tedious GW 169

sometimes unprofitable 2T 504

minister’s wife’s, as blessing to others 4T 347-8

on Christ and His life, effects of 1T 574

on trifling things, avoid 2T 290

ordinary, teach students to talk properly in CT 207

parents’, children repeat CSW 51

should be such as children may imitate 2T 461

physician’s, all commonness should be avoided in CH 363

re unimportant things, too much 2T 435

re worldly matters, love of 1T 159

religious, growing disrelish for 5T 387

Sabbath 2T 584-5, 703-4

students’, cautions re 6T 173-4

should confess Christ CT 554

teachers’, let there be no folly in CT 151

should confess Christ CT 554

trifling: avoid GW 125; 3T 233

class whose favorite occupation was 2T 554

do not descend to CH 294

have no taste for MM 145

in worldly gatherings for pleasure CT 336-7

rebuked 2T 385

study of God’s word crowded out by MYP 66

unbecoming to Christians 2T 177, 585

unbecoming to ministers GW 125; 3T 233

worldlings engage in AH 512

See also Trifling conversation

trifling and common, do not indulge in AH 443

trifling and foolish, God forbids FE 458

turning only to evil 2T 185

unchaste, Sermon on Mount condemns MB 69

unimportant, golden moments wasted in TM 194

workmen waste time in 3T 25

unnecessary, time wasted in Ev 649; 4T 450

unprofitable, youth cautioned against 1T 392

unprofitable and evil 2T 185

useless, time wasted in EW 119

vain, devote less time to 2T 144

youth should not waste time in 2T 144

vain and empty, warning against 2SG 228; 1T 189-90

vain and frivolous, youth warned against 1T 505

vile, of Sodomites PP 168

worldly, believers who lower standard of religion by 5T 114

belongs to world 3T 241

covetous and, things that would check EW 108-9

Christ denied by 5T 437

nothing exerts more subtle and dangerous influence on mind than 3T 42-3

youth’s: often reckless MYP 367; 1T 499

principal subject of 2T 460

should be modest and retiring CG 144

young gospel workers’, that is improper 3T 473-4

2. Miscellaneous FE 458; SD 166; 2T 317; 4T 135, 259

be Christian in MYP 346

bear living testimony by 4T 580

character accurately estimated by SD 180

children of light are not vain or frivolous in 4T 580

Christian should be: chaste in 1T 425; 2T 304, 315; 1T 413

circumspect in 2T 700, 705

elevated in MYP 349; 1T 413; 2T 304; 4T 456

guarded in 2SG 256

holy in 3T 570

modest in 1T 413

exaggeration in, warning against 1T 201

gatherings for, opportunities youth have in 1T 513

girl who made boys the theme of 2T 562

God’s name wrongly used in PP 306-7

habit of talking in, re only what interests you 2T 672

Harlan Page used, to win souls TM 172

heart’s thoughts flow out in 1T 500

how Christ is denied in 1T 408

idle hours spent in, will be brought into judgment 3T 189

in harmony with God’s word when heart is right ML 265

influence of, on fellow believers 1T 509

let your: be on heavenly things 5T 600

dwell on God’s goodness and mercy 4T 259

exemplify Christ’s character ML 51

not weary listener 2T 671

praise God ML 91

preach Christ formed within SD 352

reveal connection with Christ CT 443

show principles SDA stand for Ev 542

show that religion is not merely profession AA 314

testify of consecration to God 5T 189

little difficulties should not engross AH 430

love of God in mind and heart is revealed in COL 338

mind should not run in channel of impurity in 5T 146

modesty and simplicity required in MYP 354

opportunities to confess Christ in, watch for CT 554; 1SM 265

parents should be careful in CG 216

re their salvation, children can be interested in CG 532-3

recklessness in, rebuked 3T 247; 4T 440

SDA should be patterns in 2T 451

should be: elevating 1T 416; 3T 239

expressive of meekness 4T 331

free from deceit and malice 5T 175

free from impurity and pride 5T 175

free from levity and pride 5T 175

heavenly 1T 425; 2T 122-3; 3T 239

holy 2T 318

in strict accordance with peculiar faith 5T 128-9

real and visible expression of grace and truth within 3T 332

spiritual and encouraging 6T 93

truthful, chaste 1T 416

shows what occupies mind and affections MYP 355

silence that is golden in SD 166

speaker’s heart revealed by CT 340; 1T 500; 5T 188; TM 84

subject of: be guarded in 2T 186

Christ and heaven as FE 133-4

Christ and Him crucified should be SC 103-4; 4T 462

Christ’s preciousness should be CT 338; SC 119; 1T 574; TM 81

Christ’s words and character should be MYP 114; SL 92

plan of redemption should be MYP 200

questions at issue in world should not be FE 479

self as, is improper 3T 235

when it is your duty to change COL 337

wisdom needed in selecting 2T 186

too little among Christians re precious experiences MYP 424

weed out of, everything harsh and severe TM 225

women should be chaste in AA 523

written in book of heaven 1T 158

youth should not be forward in CG 144

See also Jesting; Joking; Language; Life; Speech; Talk; Tongue; Word